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This works great with my smart tv.

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Apple TV 4K (64GB, Latest Model)
$199.00 & FREE Shipping. Details

Easy to use interface for all stations including streaming services

10 others also recommend for tv
10 others also recommend for tv

Easy to setup and good for dumb tvs

10 others also recommend for tv
Roku Premiere+ 4K HDR Streaming Player
$114.90 & FREE Shipping

It works great, it is a roku

10 others also recommend for tv

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This works great with my smart tv.

ROKU is the best!

Only way we watch TV now. So many options to stream TV and this setup is the best so far!

Great buy

Amazing, no more cable box, sets itself to your TV. Now only 1 control for cable, Roku and TV Will buy 1 more for the living room, next paycheck

Will this work with lg smart tv?

This Roku works with my LG smart tv. The remote turns my tv off and on and controls the volume of the sound on my tv. This is the best Roku I have used so far. I have had 6 Rokus so far. Each is better than the last.

Does it support Apple TV app?

Yes, the Apple TV app is now available.

A must for HD TVs!

…Perfect for my new Samsung Q tv!!

Works on my not smart tv.

…The remote is much nicer than the one that came with my roku tv.

Goodbye expensive cable TV! Yay, Roku Ultra!

We finally were able to “cut the cord” with this affordable Roku Ultra 2019 model. PROS: Great price from #1 streaming player Amazing HD/4K/HDR display Easy set up Remote INCLUDED! Voice capable Lost Remote Finder Mobile app can ALSO be used as a remote control (Even includes JBL headphones for Private listening while viewing) CONS: None really, other than why did we wait so long? Make sure your model is 4670R or you won’t have the latest player for 2019 Researched all the others. (Apple was just too expensive for the price.…

Do i have to have a 4k tv

No. It will deliver the highest quality of resolution your TV is capable of. For example, if your TV is 1080p, that is what you will see.

Getting a new samsung smart tv but it isnt a roku smart tv. Which roku produvt do i need for my new tv

Any ROKU product will work as they plug into an HDMI port on the TV. Choose the ROKU based on features and capabilities.


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Apple TV

Easy to use interface for all stations including streaming services

Love this tv

Amazing picture and sound and it now supports live tv for charter spectrum for freee as long as you have their tv service or only pay $7.50 monthly

Apple TV is the best

…Apple TV is awesome

Is the Apple TV physically connected to the tv

It is connected with an HDMI cable from Apple TV to the TV. By far he way the Apple TV is the beat thing since sliced bread. DD

Can one apple tv 4k work for 2 tvs? the tvs are located on separate floors. or do i need to purchase an apple tv for each tv?

You need one for each TV.

Tv at its best

Love this. So many options and fining new features all the time.

Apple TV

Works great, easy to install.

Is my sanyo tv compatible with apple tv??

Any TV with HDMI ports will work.

Is there a benefit to the 4k a-tv if your tv is not 4k?

In my opinion you get the best resolution when your a-tv & TV both are 4K.

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TV streaming

Good for streaming on TV

Roku tv

Product is as advertised, works outstanding I have it set up in my garage

Roku is just for smart tv only ?

No, it makes your tv smart.

Can roku premier work on a non-smart tv?

Yes. It made my TV a smart TV

British TV

Love being able to get Acorn and Britbox

TV Content

Product worked very well

Free TV

Got this for my mom to watch YouTube and Netflix and wish I got one sooner. So much to watch for free and easy to use. Life long customer now

Does this have the Apple TV app?

You can get Apple TV on this

can i use this for smart tv ?

Yes it makes compatible TVs into smart TVs essentially I will ship to you quickly thank you for the purchase

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Great tv

Easy to set up

Great product- turned my tv into a smart tv

Great option if you want to cut cable.

Made my 'not smart tv' into a smart TV.

Works as promised!

does your tv have to be a roku tv?

Roku connects to your TV as well as Roku TVs - Roku is a more convenient and cost effective way to watch TV. Hope this answers your question!

Does this support utube tv?

It supports Youtube TV.

Great TV is Internet TV by Roku

Internet TV is great, my Roku and You Tubt TV have saved me a lot of CASH!

Free TV

I now have 3 ROKU dreaming units, They save me over $300.00 a year on Xfinity TV. …I would recommend it to anyone watching TV.…

Great tv

…One for each tv. I download apps I like and experience some great tv and videos.

Will this work with youtube tv?

YES. It will work with YouTube Tv

Will this work with sling tv

Yes, it works with a sling TV account.

See what customers said about tv

Good product for dumb TVs

Easy to setup and good for dumb tvs

Turns an older tv into a smartv

I bought this for an older not smartv. It was easy to install and setup. Works great!

Good for a non smart tv.

Works well to stream services good for non smart tv.

Will it work with Sling TV?

Yes, Sling TV works on 4 of mine.

will this work for a 2014 sony tv?

Yes it should. My tv is a few years older.

Great Addition to our TV

We’ve only had the device a short time, but we love it. One of the main reasons for purchasing it was to stream BritBox. It was easy to set up, easy to add programs to, and easy to use.

Lots of TV choices

Easy to set up

Great additive for your TV

Great price, has all the apps on a smart tv without having to buy a smart tv.

Will it wo5k for Hulu live tv

yes, i got it specifically for hulu tv live and it works great.

Can you use on multiple tvs? or would you have to get several plug ins for each tv?

as long as you can hard wire from roku stick to the tvs you are fine. I have 2 tvs connected to the same stick, keep in mind you will be watching the same program on both tvs tho.

See what customers said about tv

It works great, but not an apple TV

It works great, it is a roku

No need to continue satellite TV!

…Works well and ordered a second one today for another TV!

THE Roku with remote volume control!!!

This Worked perfectly with my LG UHD TV. …Now I don’t need the LG TV remote nearby for volume.…

Does this work on an older Samsung tv?

Not sure, but I have an old Sony and it works fine. I had to get an hdmi to component converter cable for it though

Can it get the Apple TV app?

Yes it's there from day one

Good value, great content

…Definitely worth the money specially if you own a budget TV like mine without a good smart OS to run all the apps.… Remember to run 4K Prime or Netflix you need HDCP2.2 HDMI port on your TV.

Better remote, has everything that I needed

…My TV is only 1080p but the menus are very sharp.

Roku is good and intuitive

…You can use the roku remote to control the tv as well which is a big plus

what is the difference between the roku premier plus and the roku ultra - other than the ethernet port?

The Ultra has a better remote. It offers a couple customizable quick launch buttons and has a head phone jack for private listening. I have the Premier+. It comes with an HDMI cable for 4K. No head phone jack or extra buttons on the remote. And like you mentioned, the ethernet port. We have 2 Premier+, a Roku 3, a Roku stick, and some TV with Roku built in. They're all pretty solid. I do wish I had the extra 2 programmable buttons though.

Is there a DVR available for roku ?

This is what I could find on the internet, I hope this helps. Roku device hardware does have DVR functionality, but several streaming services on the Roku platform offer a cloud DVR, allowing you to record movies and TV shows and watch them on-demand. ... The YouTubeTV DVR is included in your standard subscription with no add-on fee.Mar 12, 2019

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