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Spots of our lawn would not grow, the ground was too hard. A couple treatments of this and our lawn looks great!

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I got the Gypsum Fertilizer on time, I used it on my front lawn and the lawn is looking again, great buy for the price, love it.

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Jobe's Organics Compost Starter, 4 lb

This works great my lawn is now green and healthy thanks

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Very effective on fleas, bees, and whiteflies on my lawn.

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It works on my lawn!

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Works great on lawn

Spots of our lawn would not grow, the ground was too hard. A couple treatments of this and our lawn looks great!

Works great!

…Next year I'm buying enough for the lawn and can't wait to see the difference!…

Works great

…Update four months later, in late February of a hard winter: I used this to plant in hard clay soil which had previously only been used for a grass lawn.…

How long after spreading this on my lawn can I place fertilzer?

Gypsum can be sure in combination with dry fertilizer.I always spread the gypsum on my lawn ,in order to let it work for about two weeks and then spread the fertilizer.The gypsum loosens the soil this way and the fertilizer penetrates better,after the gypsum loosens the soil

My lawn slightly acidic, compact kindof clay. soil test showed slightly acidic and very low npk, applied 3-18-18. are good gypsum and lime together?

Yes - Use Both together They can’t Harm your lawn. I use gypsum every year along with lime Lots of Clay in my soil Use fast acting

I just used a tiller on my lawn to aerate it. Should I use this stuff too?

If your soil is clay or doesn`t absorb and drain water, use this product. It can` hurt and it sure has helped mine. My soil was hard and cracked, it would not absorb water at all. I could not even dig a hole in it. And needless to say, grass would not take root, it just washed away. We tilled a lot of my yard but not all of it.....I spread this product out everywhere. In 2 weeks my yard was great in even the areas we did not till... my yard was a diiferent everything.....grass grew and the water was being absorbed. ..the cracks dissappeared. I used it a couple weeks ago even tho my yard is fine this spring. It will not hurt and it is not expensive. I used it last August for the first time......I will continue to use it at least once a year!

What time of year is best to apply gypsum to my yard and also my garden?

I think anytime is fine as it does not burn the lawn, unlike Lime, that can in too warm of weather or over-applied. If I remember correctly you’d want to combine with core aeration for lawn. I have only used for lawn. For lawn, best to test to see whether you soil needs prior to applying. It really doesn’t do much if just applied to surface, or raked in. And core aeration addresses compact soil, helps with overseeding, and combining with gypsum, or other soil amendments based on soil test can maximize aeration. Good luck.

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great buy for the price

I got the Gypsum Fertilizer on time, I used it on my front lawn and the lawn is looking again, great buy for the price, love it.

Highly Recommended

…If you have a compacted lawn, which I did, this loosens it up beautifully.

Hello, Can i use this on my lawn? I have Bremuda Grass.

Yes you can use Garden Gypsum on any turf grass or garden.

How do you add this to soil? I have a compacted lawn - does this need to be filled into the soil?

After adding gypsum to my soil I later decided I'd created more problems. This article will give a clear picture of what gypsum does but how it can also negatively impact your soil depending on the existing amount of salt and calcium. www.gardeningknowhow.com/garden-how-to/soil-fertilizers/using-gypsum-in-garden.htm I have no complaints about the product itself. I just didn't have my soil analyzed first. The article recommends using compost for lawns and using gypsum only for commercial purposes. Good luck whatever you decide to do.

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Easiest way to aerate lawn

We used your liquid aeration product and there already seems to be a difference in soil density (we have very hard clay), as we are already seeing that the grass is starting to fill in quite a bit more versus prior years.  We are very happy with the product.

Improve your lawn

We’ve been in our home now for 2 years now and this is the first time I’ve made a strong effort to improve the lawn. I consider myself a lawn care nut after watching many podcasts and doing a lot of research and your product was recommended. I used the product about 2 weeks ago as part of the lawn care program I’m working with, and it has done wonders.…Lawn looks amazing and I am considering using the product in flower beds.

Is this safe to use on an existing lawn? tall turf fescue and buffolo?

Safe on all my lawns. Once you apply it ,early in the morning or after sundown,water it in well.

Can i use on bermuda lawn?

I think it can be used for any types of grass but you may need to ask the seller or the manufacturer. It makes the soil soft and hold water so the grass will grow better.

It works! Saved my lawn!

It works! I thought I was going to have to rake up the old grass and reseed but this stuff did the trick! Our backyard had really hard soil so the roots were shallow and the grass didn't holdup to dry spells well--even with regular watering. 30 days after one treatment, the ground is much softer and the grass has come back. It's worth a try! You'll need some sort of sprayer to apply it.…

Lawn is green

Easy to apply and really works.

Healthy lawn

Product is best I've found so far

Is there soil nutrients included or only for loosening compacted lawns

It helps loosen your soil so nutrients can be absorbed properly. Great product

Can this be applied after the lawn has already been top seeded?



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Healthy lawn

This works great my lawn is now green and healthy thanks

Works well

Can't wait to spread it on the lawn.…

Easy Gardewner 09327 Jobes Organic Blood Meal, 3 Pounds

…I could not find a product link but it is located in the Lawn and Garden section of Amazons catagories.

Seems to work

…I sprinkled some of this into my compost (which is mainly comprised of lawn clippings, kitchen scraps, and cardboard), and it seems to be doing the trick.…

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A safe way (I have dogs) to protect your environment).

Very effective on fleas, bees, and whiteflies on my lawn.

What’s the difference between the food grade and the insect grade?

Food grade means it is not the heat-treated kind of DE used in swimming pool filters (which can cause real damage if ingested). If you want diatomaceous earth you can spread to get rid of insects, you need food grade. Safe to use on the lawn, garden, or in the home, as long as you are careful not to breath in clouds of it (wear a particulate mask if spreading large quantities outdoors).

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Need patient

It works on my lawn!

Good value

It's efficient and worked my lawn

Five Stars

Great lawn product, great on time delivery

How soon can I use this fast acting lime after overseeding my lawn?

Same time I you want. I do every year, works great.

How good is it at decomposing bodies? I'm asking for a friend.

I use for the lawn only! Lol

Works great in coop, garden & lawn.

Oregon Coast where we get a lot of wind, rain and moisture. Most brands just wash or blow away in the wind. This one seems to stay where I put it better and works in to neutralize manure type odors and improve the soil significantly. I will be purchasing more of this asap.


A great nutrient to add to the lawn.…

Great stuff

Worked great the lawn Was greener in a few days

Is this good for flowers?

I use it on flower gardens and lawn. Great stuff

Is this good to keep pests away

I have never thought of fast acting lime as a pest preventive. It is good for the soil and feeds the lawn

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