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…Cost was very fair compared to other indoor antennas and much better than the cost of cable.

10 others also recommend for indoors

The antenna seems to work very well. It's definitely works better than the previous HD antenna I had. It actually found more channels (air). Although it's tricky finding a good location to mount the antenna.

10 others also recommend for indoors

We decided to cut the cable and went with this antenna for getting local channels. Works great and we pickled up about 25 channels in a 35 mile radius, this along with our Prime TV is all we need.

10 others also recommend for indoors

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looking for indoor antenna - this is the one you need to buy

fantastic antenna

The best indoor TV antenna we have tried!!

We have tried many of the flat antennas that you stick on or near a window and this beats all of them. So nice we can just place it on a flat service where it stands without looking weird like the big flat antennas. All our channels have come in so well.

Awesome product at a great value

I purchased this indoor HDTV Antenna with built-in high-quality signal amplifier, plugged it into my TV and it worked.…

Works well

…Just as good as a large bulky wire indoor antenna.

Small but powerful

…I had another indoor TV antenna, rectangular shape about 16 x 12.…

I am impressed by the quality.

…Bothering by the garbled pictures, I decided to try this indoor antennae.…


…I could only get two channels with my old indoor antenna.…

I've tried 3 different indoor antennas. This one is the best and I reordered it for a 2nd TV.

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Great Cable Alternative

…Cost was very fair compared to other indoor antennas and much better than the cost of cable.

Excellent product!

This product works really well considering that it is an indoor antenna, that weighs almost nothing, comes with everything you need, and costs very little.

Indoor antenna

Good value

Will this work in a house with a metal roof?

Is an indoor antenna you will be fine. Just attach the antenna close to a window.

what do they mean by 'connecting to a converter box" my tv is not an hd.

You will need a digital tuner to convert digital signals to your television if it does not have a built in digital tuner (such as ROKU tv's) or other smart type televisions. One of many examples is Zinwell ZAT-970A Digital to Analog TV Converter Box (for Antenna Use) . I have purchased several of these when digital signals replaced the old analogue television broadcast signals. Even though we stream television, we never had cable. I was allowed all of the antennae combinations I wanted, as long as it wasn't on the roof! With a converter box, this antennae is very good. It is without question the best indoor antennae that I have purchased. It replaced a very good winegard antennae that I moved to the roku TV in the living room. This antennae is also much better than the 4 other flat antennae's that I have owned as well. In my area, all of the broadcast signals come from South of the city and I live north of the city. The distance from the signal is probably 40 miles, but the long range option on this antennae works extremely well. I get all of the local broadcasts and I haven't even seen weather disruptions that used to be chronic with every rainy day. I am using a Zinwell converter box which bought back in 2011!

Infinitely better than my old OTA indoor antenna

I just glanced at the instruction manual. Installation was a breeze. Even at just the short-range setting, the blockiness issues I was having with one OTA channel were gone. Hope this will be back in stock soon.

Indoor Antenna works great!

Great for clear reception for indoor antenna.

Good Signal Strength

Strong indoor antenna with great clarity of HD channels.. pulled as many channels as my outdoor antenna when placed close to the window.…

Excellent Performance

This indoor antenna came very well packaged and complete with long enough leads to provide flexibility in locating the strongest signal.…

Great product, Great Value

This 2020 Indoor Amplified Digital Antennae from XFTREE is fantastic, especially for the price!…

See what customers said about indoors

Best indoors antenna I ever had

Easy installation and great quality picture. Nothing left to ask for.

Finally found one that gets great reception.

This is the third indoor HD antenna I have tried and finally found a great one!…

Excellent product and will highly reccomend to family and friends

I am very pleased with this amplified digital indoor antenna and now cable free and receiving 48 channels.…

Do you need wifi

This indoor TV antenna pulls the local and public channels from the air to broadcast. So, there is no need for WiFi and Internet connection. You need to access your digital TV settings and to select "antenna" followed by selecting "Air" options in order to access the channels in your area.

Terrific Indoor Antenna

Easy to set up and use. Very good reception from over 40 channels. Weather can be a challenge but reality is real. Good value for the money. I recommend

Purchasing this antenna was best decision ever!

Just hooked up my indoor antenna today and I'm so excited!…

Great indoor antenna

It works very well and was easy to setup

Indoor Antenna for local channels.

Picks up local channels, good picture quality, less expense than cable. Mount on wall or window. Easy hookup.

I have so many more channels and the clarity is fantastic!

…I recommend this to anyone who uses an indoor tv antenna!

Picks up more channels with its amplification good purchase

This is a great indoor antenna.…

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Indoor HD TV Antenna

The antenna seems to work very well. It's definitely works better than the previous HD antenna I had. It actually found more channels (air). Although it's tricky finding a good location to mount the antenna.

Indoor Antenna

This antenna is very compact, doesn't need much space, easy to setup and I am getting 20+ channels. Picture quality is above average.

Good Performer for Indoors

I was a little concerned with the performance at first but found the antenna is very directional. Once I oriented it properly, all my local stations come in strong. I actually bough a second one and had it sent to my sister.

Will an indoor antenna work on a storm door (inside the door)?

Should ... although not sure how you'll close interior door with the cord that it's connected to!! Good luck

can this be outside?

I do not know that answer. Mine is indoors and working great

HD indoors antenna

Excellent, product,it really works

TV antenna - Vansky indoor

Works prefectly

HD indoor antenna

satisfied with item

We live about twenty miles east of bloomington in in a fairly remote area, would i be able to pick up any stations.

No sure since I don't live near Bloomington. However I do live 35 miles from Wilmington, NC and I can pick up 13 stations, all local major networks, ie ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, 4 Public Television stations and 5 other stations like CW, GRIT BOUNCE, EXCAPE, THISTV. When using my Amazon Basic indoor antenna I can pick up 16 stations, all of the above plus another location channel, METV and a local Sports Channel. Bottom line is yes I can pick up various TV stations with these indoor antenna's. My preference of antenna is the Amazon Basic Indoor Antena ($16), MOHU (30 mile antenna about %$30) and then the Vansky Indoor antenna ($24).

Great Indoor Antena

For an indoor antenna works great and is easy to set up.…

See what customers said about indoors

Excellent Indoor antenna

We decided to cut the cable and went with this antenna for getting local channels. Works great and we pickled up about 25 channels in a 35 mile radius, this along with our Prime TV is all we need.

Excellent Indoor Antenna

Very easy to attach & set up. Great reception! Would purchase it again?

Good indoor antenna for HD

This has done a wonderful job in our house and picks up way more channels than our previous attic antenna did. Easy to set up and set somewhere.

Can this be mounted indoors?

Yes, it's an indoor antenna. It comes with double faced adhesive tape (Sure Grip) and is supposedly removable. I mounted it on a window but when I tried to change the location the tape remained stuck to the window and was difficult to remove and I ended up throwing away the tape. The good news: the TV reception of the local stations is great, better than the reception from DirecTV.

How does it work indoors seattle area ?

Let me start by saying that you can get an app on your phone or look up the information on a website as to where you should place an antenna to get the best reception. That being said I've used this antenna in multiple locations I currently use one attached to a deck on the back of my house about 10 ft in the air in a suburb of St Louis Missouri the reception is very good most of the time in my area also I have used this antenna indoors in a room surrounded by walls and placed behind a couch just for convenience sake because it was too difficult to place outside. In the case of the indoor application the reception was not as good but it was good enough. Let me say that when it comes to these types of antennas higher and with a clear view of the surrounding area and sky with no obstructions of course is the best application.

Excellent indoor antenna

Very easy to put up. I used push pins below and just under the top of the ring so it rests on them. Wall is bumpy, so no sticking works for too long. More channels and much clearer picture. Replaces flat inside antenna I got a couple of years ago for 11.00.…

Best indoor antenna yet.

Best of the flat antennas that I’ve tried. Not perfect but still way better than the square flat designs.

Five Stars

best indoor HD antenna

Hi, I am in an apartment and will use this indoors. Can I lay it buy the window as opposed to mounting it?

If its the one that you can attach to the wall, I don't see why not. Use one of the non stick wall holders, it all depends on where you get the better reception. The one I got is for indoor and outdoor. Hope this helps.

What is the best indoor antenna in Rosslyn, VA or Washington DC metro area?

I can't say, but this unit is a fantastic outdoor alternative to cable.

See what customers said about indoors

Great product

I am well pleased with this indoor antennae.…

Great Buy!

I purchased an Ablegrid Indoor Amplified Digital HDTV Antenna 90 Miles Range, 4K 1080P HD VHF UHF for Local Free Local HD TV Channels - 18 FT Coax Cable last month on Amazon, and am very happy with my choice. … I highly recommend this Ablegrid indoor antenna!

Look no further this a great HDTV indoor antenna

I received ABLEGRID HDTV antenna yesterday from Amazon. I installed the antenna in 30 mins. Great product,easy installation, great picture on tv. Thank you ABLEGRID and Amazon

I live abroad can I get this machine to get satellite channels?

Indoor HDTV antenna is able to reach up to 80 Miles range depend on the area.Digital antenna constantly scans for new channels as they are made available for broadcast.

Great Indoor HDTV Antenna.

Your ULTRA-THIN HDTV ANTENNA was easy to install in minutes and the reception is excellent.

Best indoor TV antenna I’ve used

This indoor antenna is great!…

Great indoor HDTV antenna

I started using the Ablegrid antenna a week and a half ago and I like it! It was easy to install and use. I live in a second floor apartment in Chicago and I get all of the local digital channels. I just hung it up on a wall as close to a window as possible. I’m definitely recommending this to my cord cutting friends.

Excellent Indoor Antenna

This TV Antenna is super lightweight and very easy to install. I got around 32 channels including all the local channels. Channels are crystal clear and have no static. Overall, I am pleased and satisfied with the quality of this antenna.

Best indoor OTA antenna I've had in 3 years of looking!

I just connected this antenna to my living room tv which was giving me fits with my old antenna. The Ablegrid antenna was lying on the floor when I connected it and connected the amplifier to the USB outlet. I had an instant picture before I even positioned the antenna! I placed it on the wall behind a table, out of sight, only 3 feet off the ground. Every channel came in perfectly with a far superior picture.…

Works great!

Great indoor antenna!…

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