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My daughter used this in her slime and it worked perfectly according to her =)

10 others also recommend for slime

This is great for slime. It makes good cloud slime.

10 others also recommend for slime
Be Amazing! Toys Amazing Super Snow Powder

Great product

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FloraCraft Faux Snow 4 Liters White

Perfect for slime!

10 others also recommend for slime

Great for slime just as we wanted.

4 others also recommend for slime

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Fast shipping

My daughter loves the snow for slime and it was shipped quickly.

Easy, fun and convenient

My daughter loves this for making cloud slime...…

My teenager loved it

My teen used it to add texture to her slime and she loved it.

Can you use this for slime 👀?

Yes this would work great for cloudy slime.

As advertised

Worked for my slimes but I'm not sure if it's my fault that my cloud slimes never turn out as desired but I'm going to stick it with a five-star rating because this is certainly an amazing product for its price. thank you for this amazing product!

Works great for slime

My daughter loves Making slime and this works great


This product is super fun and fluffy and great for making slime.

awesome for slime!

…So great for making slime!

As described

…This was purchased as a gift for a child who loves all things slime. I wasn't aware that fake snow could be used for slime, but she was very pleased with her gift.

Good purchase

Great for making snow or slime with your kids.…


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Snow Slime

My daughter used this in her slime and it worked perfectly according to her =)

great for slime

my daughter used this to make fluffy slime and it seemed to do exactly what she wanted it to. Cheaper than buying the slime herself.


Daughter loves it for making slime

When making cloud slime, do you make the snow first and add it to the slime....?

I prefer to add the snow unmade but you can do both. Just make sure it's not overly wet or it will ruin the slime. Good luck!

How do I make slime with this stuff?

My daughter just adds it to the glue and all the combinations.


My daughter loves it she made slime.

Good for slime

My daughter loved this for making fluffy slime!


Quality was good

once this product is made how long is it good for?

My Grandaughter uses this product and doesn't make the whole batch. She only uses Tablespoon fulls depending on how big her batch of slime is. She uses this in some of her Slime batches

I want to (semi) fill a kiddie pool with instant snow for a kid's party. Would this stuff be appropriate for that?

Hi there. My daughter daughter bought this for cloud slime. This stuff is unbelievably sticky and once it’s made, if it gets even slightly wet, turns in to a glue like substance that is really hard to get rid of. I would be hesitant to use in the setting you mentioned. Hope this helps! :)


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Makes good cloud slime.

This is great for slime. It makes good cloud slime.

Awesome for slime!

Awesome for cloud slime!…

Great for slime!

My 12 year old daughter is an avid slime maker and this instant snow was exactly what she wanted!

Is it good for making cloud slime? Like I’m asking someone who has actually tried it and can vouch not someone just trying to sell it.

I bought it to make cloud slime and it works pretty well!

Can I color this snow with food coloring?

It can when used in making Slime.

Perfect for slime

My daughter loves to make slime and this fake snow stuff is perfect for that soft, fluffy stuff.…

For Slime

I bought this to add into slime and it was perfect.…

Five Stars

great for slime

How much do I need to purchase to fill 2-3 regular sized plastic kiddie pools for a birthday party?

Yikes, I really don't know !!! (This stuff is for SLIME making). I Think the package says one package will make like a Gallon or so ???? It's Really AMAZING to watch... when water hits it..... Good Luck.

how big is the 10 gallon bag

It's not that big but, just a tea spoon makes alot. The kids used it in one of their videos on YouTube and they had more than enough snow. They used some for making cloud slime and saved one to play with. Hope this helps.

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Great product

Great for slime:)

Great quality! Got here super fast!

Great for slime!

I bought this for slime, and it works great.…

Is this good for slime

This is perfect for slime! After adding water to the powder, you can add to slime to make the perfect cloud or icee slime!

should I get snowonder or insta-snow for cloud slime?

To be honest, I would get insta- snow to make cloud slime. It works really well in your hands and it doesn't fall apart. It will be a life saver if you get this product for cloud slime. I got this for my sister and she really enjoys it very much.

Amazing for slime!

I bought this to make slime and it was amazing!!…


Used for slime, worked great!

great for slime

Love the product

Would I be able to add drops of food coloring to give it color for a specific theme party?

Yes. My daughter uses this for making cloud slime too.

What is this made out of--in layman terms?

I have no idea. It has just been around for a number of years. My grandkids love it. They are now using it to put into there slime!

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Five Stars

Perfect for slime!

Great for slime

Just what the slime maker ordered. Perfect for her slime making

Slime compatible !!! Works as an additional slime ingredient.

Works with making slime. My 12 year old has confirmed that her slime is happy with this product, and that makes me happy !!!

Can you use it for slime

Yes, it is great in slime

Can you make cloud slime with this or do you need expanding snow?

You need instant snow for cloud slime. This is good for sizzly slime

Works for slime

It's the best for slime

Cloud Slime

Works very well if want to make cloud slime!!

Perfect for slime.

Daughter loved it. Worked perfect.

Is this good for slime?

I would not think so, as You use glue, water and borax to create slim. It would breakdown over time in that solution. Hope this was helpful.

Can this be used to make cloud cream slime or frosty slime?

Yes. That is what my daughter bought it for.

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Snow everywhere!!

Great for slime just as we wanted.


So good.I made slime

Great for crafting

My daughter purchased this to use for a slime party she had.…

How many snow globes do you think one bag will make?

It’s a pretty big bag! I think you could get a lot of snow globes it’s a big bag! it’s hard to estimate really how many. are you talking big ones? Maybe 15-20 medium size globes is my guess. I used it for 20 kids making slime and have half the bag left.

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