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This works perfectly , I got it because my 4k e70 tv came with one of the simple version remotes that doesn't even have arrow keys.… This works perfectly with the TV.

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This arrived fast and saved the day! Set up was a couple buttons...easy to follow instructions!

10 others also recommend for TVs

Tv remote works much better than the original one ever did

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Vizio tv remote

Came fast works well

As good as the one that came with the tv

Works as good as the original one.

Smart TV remote

Works great, all features

will this work on vizio tv E75-E3?

Yes, I have used it, so far no problems what so ever, very happy with it Eduardo

Smart tv replacement remote

Perfect replacement remote for my smart tv.

Taking back control of my tv

I’ve lost 2 remotes to my tv so far. Happy I found this one, because my son keeps casting Netflix to my tv from his phone.…

Visio Remote

Work great with my Visio TV.

Looks exactly like original

Works perfectly,identical to the original one purchased with the tv.

Five Stars

Works just like the one that came with our TV!

Works great

Works great with my Visio smart tv

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Great Remote ! Replaces my e70 minimal remote

This works perfectly , I got it because my 4k e70 tv came with one of the simple version remotes that doesn't even have arrow keys.… This works perfectly with the TV.

Excellent remote for my 47 Vizio TV

I have used this remote for a few days and it is exactly what I wanted. It works perfectly and was very cheap to buy.

Quick and easy that’s what I like

I liked that it was the remote control for the TV which I had no remote and it came pretty quick to a convenient pick up area near me

I am looking for a qwertz remote for a vizio smart tv dseries. which one is compatible with the d series?

This remote works perfectly woth my Vizio Tv. I havent has any issues

will this work on a vizio tv E701i-A3?

Yep, its on the list in the description. Works great too!

Perfect replacement or just to have an extra

Great replacement remote for my tv and it covers so many models so happy I could purchase the original remote instead of a universal remote

Works perfectly

Works perfectly with my tv

Brand and model

Right item for my TV

I would recommend 100%

Our Vizio TV remote has been lost for about 6 months now.…I surprised my husband and he was super excited because now we can access apps from the tv instead of using his PlayStation.…

Great replacement for Vizio

…I turned my tv on, hit the Netflix button and was good to go.

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Like it

works great for TV, easy set up

Easy set up

Easy set up, took less than five minutes to pair with my tv.

This excellent and apt for any tv


Does this remote work with Vizio E600i-B3 smart tv?

Yes, it works well with Vizio E Series TV.

It works whit lg smart tv?

It works with my 60' visio. check the list of compatible models. There are also pictures of the remotes available. Pick the one that looks just like your old one. If you don't have one, do a search on line under 'remote controls (name and model tv)' You should be able to find a picture or even somewhere else to get one.

Works on my Visio m series tv

Works great

Good quality

Works way better then original Vizio remote that came stock with tv, can sit further away from tv and still function- stronger range distance.

Replacement Remote

Works perfectly with Vizio Smart TV.…

Can you set up your any streaming device and a sound bar to this remote?

Yes, its easier if you have a smart tv

How to setup remote?

Please if you find a setup manual for this list it where I can find it. When I received mine it worked with my Visio TV but I know it has more features then I am using, GL and Thanks in advance

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TV Remote

Worked right away. Good product

TV Remote

It was exactly what we wanted!

Works perfectly with my tv.

Works perfectly with my tv.

Will this work for a vizio 1080 hd tv?

it should work, it works on my sons Tv.

Will this work for a vizio 1080 hd tv?

Yes that’s the tv I currently have and it works fine

Vizio TV remote

Works great put in batteries and no programming

Works great with my TV

Nice and clean controller

It works my tv

Love it works my Vizio

my tv is model D48-do will this remote work

Honestly I don’t know. My tv came with the remote exactly like this one and it works just fine

Will this remote work for tvs made in 2010

I bought my Vizio tv 6 years ago and it worked start out the package . you can also call the supplier to ask them Directly if you like.

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TV had no buttons!

This arrived fast and saved the day! Set up was a couple buttons...easy to follow instructions!

Same brand as the TV

I bought this product for my niece in another country. From my understanding, it's working like the original (great) and easy to use.

Remote for Visio TV

Great product and fast shopping

Will it work with VW42L vizio tv?

It will work with your TV. The only thing it's good for is for changing channels and volume control. I tried using the other functions and none worked with my TV which is VW42 Vizio.

Will this work with vizio tv d320-b1

yes it works

Perfect for Vizio tv.

…Works great for my Vizio tv (dog ate the power button off the original remote).

Tv remote replacement!

Great piece does everything the original one did!

Works just like it came with the tv

Works perfect!!!!

My vizio tv is model e470vle. will this remote work?

yes it works

will this remote work on a v605 -g3 vizio tv


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Good buy

Tv remote works much better than the original one ever did

Perfect match

…It was so easy to pair it to the tv I really couldn’t believe it. It’s better quality than the original remote for our TV!…

Great replacement

…Everything works great with all the tv functions

Good for the price

…Synched great with my tv.…

Vizio perfect replacement remote

…No time wasted on finding a compatible code in which the tv remote works with your specific tv model.…

Great for the price !

…It was a little difficult for me to get the back off to put the batteries in, but once I got them in the remote worked immediately for my TV!

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