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Having used several different types of knee braces, I was amazed at how quickly the EzyFit provided support and comfort. The adjustable straps make this design very effective for anybody. Glad I got one for each knee!

10 others also recommend for pain

Fits great, gives good support, helps my Knee pain.

10 others also recommend for pain

It's comfortable and actually works. I immediately felt relief from my poor aching knees. I wear it all the time now.

10 others also recommend for pain

Great Product!! Wouldn't think of lifting heavy on leg day without them... Highly recommend!!

10 others also recommend for pain

Great item, helps alleviate my 85 yr old mothers knee pain.. will purchase from seller again.…

10 others also recommend for pain

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Major relief from knee pain

Best ice wrap

It works great

Great for pain relief after knee replacement

Reduced pain and swelling.

Works perfectly.

Would this work well post-surgery with a knee all wrapped up?

I think so. It opens flat so you can wrap it tight around a skinny leg or looser around a fluffy one. It's a real God send for the relief of knee pain and discomfort.

Good for knee pain

Easy and effective, great ice pack. Stays secure even if you walk with it on.

Relieves knee swelling & pain

Can be wrapped snug and holds the cold packs in place & where they need to be. Great option for aching knees!

Perfect for pain!

This has helped me soo much with my minor knee pain.…

Does the job

Purchased this for chemo side effects knee/joint pain Used it for the first time last week Keeps the cold on for some pain relief GOOD PRODUCT!

Relieves my knee pain

I like the way the Vive knee ice pack wraps around the back of my knee. It is a very comfortable wrap.

10/10 would reccomend

Amazing at reducing pain relief and swelling.

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Pain relieved fast

Having used several different types of knee braces, I was amazed at how quickly the EzyFit provided support and comfort. The adjustable straps make this design very effective for anybody. Glad I got one for each knee!

Brace for simple knee pain

This brace has helped my knee pain. …I recommend this brace for simple knee pain.

Works very well for knee pain

Fits well. It helps secure my knee that I have Osteoarthritis in. It lasts about 6 months and velco starts to not stick. Overall, I wear it daily. I would recommend it.

I have bone spurs in lnees and have to climb many stairs at work. Wondering if yhid brace would be ok wearing for long periods of time.

I would caution you in wearing it for long periods of time especially if your knee is going to be bent a lot during that time - like walking stairs. I found that, because of the neoprene, I would get perspiration on the back of my knee and then the strap would rub against that and cause irritation behind my knee - which became quite painful. So I would suggest that you remove it for as long as you can every few hours so you don't get a painful area behind your knee. Because that only adds to the pain you already have with the bone spurs. Give your knee a chance to breathe without the strap whenever you can.

Can I sleep in this brace?

Hi Deb, Thanks for everybody answering this question about the EzyFit Knee Brace. It most be awful to have knee pain during the night with constant sleep interruption. We will be testing this for ourselves so that we can provide important information people who suffer during the night. Regards Jessica @ EzyFit

Great product

I dont often review things but as an individual with chronic knee pain this brace really provides support and aleves the pain.

Fits good

Arrived on time and so far seems to be helping with the pain

Five Stars

Great fit and helps a lot with pain in the knee.

My physical therapist said i am hyper mobile and in my knees. my knee caps move a lot. i need a lateral j brace. is this good?

I don't know if this brace specifically addresses your knee problems. I used it when I had a lot of pain in my knee and it helped when walking for extended periods. Sorry I could not specifically address how this can help your knee issue.

Does this work well for hyperextension?

If you are referring to support needed after a hyperextended knee injury I wouldn't know as this was more to prevent aching from joint pain. However, it holds the knee in place beautifully which may provide the support you are looking for. It's not a cheap, chintzy brace.

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Helps mu Knee pain

Fits great, gives good support, helps my Knee pain.

Helps with the pain

My husband fractured his knee and tore three ligaments 2 and a half months ago and wears this to work everyday. It works great. It's thin enough that he can wear under his jeans.

Pain went away.

Feels very comfortable and before I purchased I was constantly having knee pains. I noticed the pains went away when I had my brace on and it’s pretty comfortable in my opinion.

Wil this help with sliding patella?

I bought it for my mother. she has issues with hers moving and being very painful at times. She says it supports her patella and has relieve a great deal of her pain associated with it.

can I use this in water?

It didn’t work for me. I have knee problems and am often in pain. I wear a brace every now and then; I thought less bulky would work, for me it work.

Knee pain free

I really like this product, it is easy to use, breathes and works on reducing pain.…

Relieved my pain.

Comfortable and effective.

Eases knee pain, it actually helped my mother with her pain.

Really helps

No more knee pain

I was having knee pain when running, but now that I wear this brace, there’s no more pain.

Knee pain gone.

I had a pain on my left knee and after using this brace it help out immensely.…


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Actually helps relieve knee pain

It's comfortable and actually works. I immediately felt relief from my poor aching knees. I wear it all the time now.

Great product

Great be support and pain relief


Very comfortable and helps relieve pain.

I’ve been a carpenter for over 30 years it’s getting difficult to get up and down and painful will this help?

Hard to say not knowing what your exact problem is. My kneecap doesn't track correctly so this support keeps it in the correct place when I'm active - especially climbing hills or steps.

Great purchase

Easy to put on and releived my knee pain

Stability and move the pain

Good product

Helps relieve knee pain

These have helped me relieve knee pain.

Great product and price.

My husband had given up on walking due to his knee pain.…He feels no pain when he wears Patellar Tendon Support Strap. He claims that it's better than pain ointments.…

Works great!

I put this on the first time and no more pain.…With in a few days, I had no pain with out the brace.…

Good for under-developed muscle pain

The brace provides pressure right where we need it to to assist with the pain without being uncomfortably hot to wear for long periods of time.…

See what customers said about pain

Great Product/No Pain

Great Product!! Wouldn't think of lifting heavy on leg day without them... Highly recommend!!

I highly recommend this product

I can't believe this product works great for knee pain. I'm able to squat better without no pain.

Helped with knee pain on squats.

This is the first set of knee sleeves I have used, and they seem to do exactly what I need. I was having some knee issues on heavier squats, but have since blown through the old weights that gave me trouble with no issues.

Are these good for squtting? I have osgood schlatter so i get pain in my lower knee.

Yes... These work very well. I feel much more stable and supported while performing regular squats. My knee pain has virtually went away from heavy squats.

I don't have any pain or bad knees currently. Is there still a benefit to wearing these when working out?

Yes. I don't really have knee pain either but these still help. They keep my knees feeling warm and supported especially for heavy barbell cycling. Strongly recommend this brand. My wife also has them and loves them. Hope this is helpful

Pain relief.

Great product. I train law enforcement officers in different tactical disciplines, often I am on my feet for 7-8 hours a day on hard concrete surfaces and my knee's are hurting by the end of the day. These sleeves alleviated that problem. They work very well and are quite comfortable. Highly recommend and will be purchasing another set.

Five Stars

love the structure and the fit .....did my sguats pain stable and pain free

Great knee braces, worth spending a little extra

Great support, relieves knee pain while lifting

I do CrossFit daily frequently I get knew effusion would this help to prevent such flare ups?

Hi Heather, Thank you for your inquiry. I believe that you would need to consult a doctor regarding your concern. Please know that the knee sleeves will help support your knees, relieve muscle and joint pain as well as aids in muscle recovery & rehabilitation. I hope this helps! Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions, we're always around! Kind regards, Manilyn / Nordic Lifting

Can you use these for dancing? I also lift heavy so it would be nice to have a pair that I can use for all activities.

Hi there Amazon Customer, Thank you for your inquiry. These would definitely work if you lift heavy weights and it might work for dancing too. However, if you feel that they are too thick for dancing, you may also want to look at our Knee Compression Sleeves. If you want to know the difference between the two, you may click this link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01EOQXE8U Please note that our compression sleeves are much thinner than our neoprene knee sleeves because they are made of nylon and are specifically developed to be worn for extended periods of time. These sleeves also help relieve soreness and joint pain. Hope this helps! If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us, we're always available. :-) Regards, Manilyn / Nordic Lifting

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Knee pain

Great item, helps alleviate my 85 yr old mothers knee pain.. will purchase from seller again.…

Relief of Pain

I bought it for my 82 year old mom and it really has helped her! It was an awesome buy! Thank you!

Pain relief

I do a lot of lifting with my knees for work and I was in a lot of pain, this really helped completely block out the pain and I was able to do my full shifts without a problem

Has the brace prevent from your inner knee pain when bearing weight?

For me, when I have had pain there, it came a day after exercising. It did not prevent the pain or stiffness while wearing it under those conditions. I can only speak of my situation and experience.

Will this help preventing pain while biking?

My wife uses it for weight training works well for her. Cheap enough give it a shot

Less Pain

Excellent compression and stays in place wonderfully. Not too tight and my knee feels so much better with this on

Knee pain?

Fits perfectly with firm support. I twisted my knee snowboarding. This was exactly what I needed to get my knee back into shape.

No pain

Great product, i was able to kick my wife to the crub and my knee didn't hurt!!! Highly recommended

Will the compression brace help with weak thigh muscle right above the kneecap.

I have siatic nerve problems and they help a lot. They take the pain away and you can sleep in them without more pain. And I can work with them on and if I don't have them I'm done

Will these help with patellar tendonosis?

Not sure but I have no miniscus in my knee but the compression of this sleeve reduces the chance of the patela to move. For the money, it has relieved much of my daily pain .

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