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I love this product as I have very high ceilings, approximately 15 feet.…

10 others also recommend for ceilings

Works wonderfully with my vaulted ceilings!…

10 others also recommend for ceilings

So easy to use! Makes changing even the highest bulbs easy-peasy! Comes with a terrycloth cover that makes cleaning exterior bulbs a breeze too. I highly recommend it over the old claw-style changers. Lynnvt

10 others also recommend for ceilings

Very easy to install. I think the trick to not break any of the clips is to leave the clips loose enough to spin them by hand. I didn't break any but heard it was an issue with others.

10 others also recommend for ceilings

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Well made

Changing bulbs on my 19' ceiling family room went great, this is a high quality product

Easy to use and efficient

It is easy and convenient to use with High ceiling and places that are hard to reach without a ladder

Vaulted ceilings

This product worked great at changing can lights in our very high ceiling.

Cheaper than renting a man lift.

Pole worked very well to change bulbs at peak of 25’ ceiling.

So simple to use

Easy to use and perfect for changing bulbs on my vaulted ceiling.…

What to do for high ceilings!

It was perfect for our problem.

Great product with many attachments you can by

Great for changing light bulbs if you have cathedral ceilings. I also bought the attachment to clean my ceiling fan blades and the attachment to saw the limbs on my palm trees.…

Quality, easy to use for a short person tall ceilings

This was the perfect tool for a short person with 18 foot high ceilings to use.…


We have 12 foot ceiling and this was just what we needed to change our recessed lights.

Way easier to use than I expected!

We were able to change lightbulbs that were at our 2nd story height ceiling - easy in and out.

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Love It, You Can't Go Wrong Wth This One

I love this product as I have very high ceilings, approximately 15 feet.…

It works to remove bulbs in high places

It worked great to get my small bulbs out of the ceiling fan/light at the top of our A frame living room.…With some trial and error, I was able to remove the broken bulb base from the ceiling fixture.…

I liked everything about it

…I'm a 76 year old lady (widow) and I have recessed lighting on very high ceilings.…

Any chance you'll be adding a 90 or 180 degree attachment for changing bulbs in ceiling fixtures that have to be accessed from above?

We are in the process of adding many new attachments for our pole. They will be up soon.

Can this product change candle light bulbs?


We were very pleased with this product

…We live in a log house with very high ceilings and have ceiling fans with lights.…

Worked perfectly!

I bought this tool kit to change light bulbs in one of my ceiling fans. …My ceiling fan uses regular light bulbs.…

Great product

…It took me two hours to change six bulbs in the ceiling of my kitchen before I got this.…


…I get nervous anyway when he has to use the ladder the ceilings are very high.…

I'm a little surprised because I was half expecting to be disappointed, but it works great

…Now I don't need a ladder on the stairs to change the bulbs in my entryway ceiling fan,

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Exactly what I wanted

…Great hanging from ceiling of my garage.

Great light but wiring requires some trimming and will be visible.

…INITIAL REVIEW: Replaced a 25 year old fluorescent fixture on garage ceiling, in the middle of three connected in series. (Has two Romex wires from ceiling, one in, one out. …Attached to the ceiling with a couple of drywall screws, don't need a toggle or anchor. 2) Great Light!…

Easy installation, but has disappointing strobe (flicker) effect

…The company provides two types of ceiling anchors for installation.…

Doe anyone sell a replacement shop light that has flush mount, LED, with cord to plug into garage ceiling receptacle?

This light mounts flush with the ceiling and is very lightweight. It does not come with a cord but you can punch out the side plate and hook up a cord with bare wires on one end and plug on the other to the internal wiring which then can be plugged into a receptacle.

Are these equivalent to the flush lighting with 2 florescent bulbs?

If you mount the fixture directly to the ceiling, the entire unit will fit within 3 inches below the ceiling. We replaced 4, four-feet-long florescent lights, each had 4 bulbs, with 4 of these. They are brighter and noiseless. I hope this helps.

Great Color-Correct Bright Light. Easy Install. Virtually Instant On.

…This fixture is mounted over the sink and mirror, inside a walled enclosure box just below the ceiling, with crackled plastic translucent panels on the bottom.…

Lightweight, Easy to Install, & Brighter than the Fluorescent it Replaced

…The old light had two fluorescent bulbs, and weighed a ton (not really, but there is no way one person could take it down from the ceiling without something getting damaged.…

Very Bright

…Downside was I was replacing lights that were over a ceiling outlet at one end.…

So far so good, and it certainly is bright

…* The little packet of fasteners included items for installation against drywall/plaster ceilings, electrical boxes, or (in our case) wood supports.…

Great value for the $

…I also wired into the ceiling box not to have the wiring exposed thru the light lens.…

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Works wonderfully with my vaulted ceilings

Works wonderfully with my vaulted ceilings!…

Five Stars

Works great with 12 foot ceilings.

Five Stars

worked perfectly for tw0 story ceiling recessed lights

I have the "curly" bulbs and they are horizontal rather then vertical. Will this bulb assembly remove them? If so how?

You can get little adhesive dots from Stauber called salvage sticky pads for tough jobs like this. You put them on the cup and press the bulb on securely (either the one you're holding or the one in the ceiling socket). As long as there is enough bulb surface for the sticky pads to grab, you should be fine.

A must have if you have high ceilings

Good quality, clever product, a must have if you have high ceilings.

STAUBER Best Light Bulb Changer Kit

I have 8 & 10 foot ceilings with recessed lights, this tool made changing the bulbs super easy!…

Awesome gadget!

Awesome gadget, must have for anyone with more than 8 foot ceilings, or even simply anyone not wanting to crawl up onto a chair to change bulbs.…

Works really well for large, flood light, type bulbs

My living room has 4 recessed lights in a 12 foot ceiling. …The adjustable pole is nice to various ceiling heights.

Useful if you have this particular need

…We have 14 foot ceilings in our basement and it saved me from having to bring my extension ladder all the way down there so it's worth the $$ even though it's a tool with only one purpose that I won't need very often.

Finally...Something That Works!

…I'm 5 feet tall and own a house with 9-foot ceilings and vaulted 12-foot ceilings.…

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Changing ceiling bulbs no longer a chore

So easy to use! Makes changing even the highest bulbs easy-peasy! Comes with a terrycloth cover that makes cleaning exterior bulbs a breeze too. I highly recommend it over the old claw-style changers. Lynnvt

Five Stars

For vaulted ceilings this is a must!

A must for vaulted ceilings.

This thing is great! I unscrewed the handle from a cheap floor brush and this screwed right on. Great suction on all the br30 and br40 bulbs that I changed to LED; no problems with slipping or detaching. I was dreading getting out the ladder, but with this I was able to just stand on a chair.

explain how im supposed to use this please. Do I wet the top of it before I use it so it grabs onto the bulb?I have a stuck bulb on 35 foot ceiling.

Yes - exactly that. My ceiling wasn't that high....but i put this on a broomstick and climbed a ladder. It worked like a charm.

How long is the stauber extension pole?

My ceiling is about 9 feet, and it reaches those lights great!

Tall ceilings area breeze now!

Love changing those bulbs that have been out for so long due to extra high ceilings!

Five Stars

Works great for my high ceilings!

Perfect for high ceilings!

This works great!

why do you include the dust cap

It's great for cleaning cobwebs out ceiling can lights

Will this work with my doca pole?

Yes, as long as the threads are the same it should. I use it on can lights on May 10 foot ceiling can lights.

See what customers said about ceilings

The height of your ceiling will greatly effect the brightness.

Very easy to install. I think the trick to not break any of the clips is to leave the clips loose enough to spin them by hand. I didn't break any but heard it was an issue with others.

nice lights, bright

…I'll order more if I need them, but right now, they're bright enough for me. 10 lights installed, 40x40 building, 13' ceilings.

Absolutely amazing

…Placing it on my ceiling was very simple, also can be linked together so you only need one switch if desired.

Will these lights illuminate effectively on a 10 foot high ceiling,? Or will I need to drop them down to 8 feet?

They work great on my 10 foot ceiling

Mounting clips?

Yes, it comes with little metal clips that mount the light to the ceiling.

HELLO !!!!!! Will be your reaction to this great light

…Just nicely dressed the light’s electrical cord to the outlet and wireless receiver and placed this really lightweight light on the ceiling of the closet and WOW, never fumble around blindly in the closet again.…

sleek and bright

…Even with 12 foot walls and cathedral ceiling the 9 lights i put in the ceiling look and work great.…

Great Shop Lights

Installed all 12 in a 40x40 building with 12 ft. ceilings.…

Would these work in a cargo trailer? Would they stay in place going down the road? Thanks

I put 4 in the ceiling of a box truck, so far they are holding up fine, I did have to put in a small power inverter to power them , but I use that for the on/off switch

Are they safe to use in an vented uninsulated attic?

As safe as any other 120v light fixture as far as I can tell. Although I do have some concerns about how well the provided wiring/cables will hold up over time. There does not seem to be any way to use standard Romex house wiring with these fixtures. But with that said, I installed mine as ceiling lighting in my garage and am very pleased with them.

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