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So far a good car seat cushion.…

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Car cushion and back rest

It does help with my long day driving.

easy to put in car

Gives me great support for my back after I had spinal surgery

Perfect cushion for short ladies like me

It’s perfect for me as I am really and my car is a sports car which has really low seats. I would recommend this product to those people needs a cushion for their car.

With the light grey color set, it looks like the seat and back pieces are different colors, is that correct?

Yes. It is. They are slightly different colors, but they work great. I have for both car and office. Great customer service as well. Thanks.

Im looking for a “booster seat” to help me sit better on a couch that is way too big for me. Grateful for comments/suggestions on this or other means.

It is excellent! My daughter has one. I knew it was the right one for me. I use it in my car, but, also at Soccor games and concerts.

Use this in my car...and...

Works very well, added immense comfort

Five Stars

Great for the car

Five Stars

Perfect for car ride and home use.

I am only 5 ft and i can't see anything after the dashboard. i need a cushion that will lift me up more so i can feel safe driving. would this help me

Yes - definitely. I formerly used 3-4 pillows of different sizes to see over the dashboard and to comfortably reach the pedals. (I am 4’11” and drive a clutch car.) The pillows would shift and even slide out of the car when I got out. The lumbar support cushions stay in the car, give excellent support and I can see easily over the dashboard and reach the pedals with only one small extra pillow. They are an enormous improvement - and my taller husband appreciates the lumbar support as well. A good investment which I wish I had made sooner.

i have a ram 1500, will this seat boost me higher?

Yes it will. I have a Chevy Cobalt and found my head touching the ceiling when sitting on it. It’s very comfortable to sit upon but I am not comfortable with my head stuck to the ceiling so I won’t be able to use mine in the car. I will use it on my desk chair or couch instead. The lumbar support is, on the other hand, quite comfortable and I am using it in the car.

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Very comfy!!!

…This is a MUST for long car rides!!!!

A Must Have!

Alleviates my occasional low back pain when sitting for long periods of time, whether at my desk, at a dining table, or in a car.

Unexpected Impressive Quality for price

…Lumbar support piece fits great in my car and feels good on my lower back.…

Great pillow- could be a tiny bit softer

…I was in a car accident a few ears ago and have lower back pain.…

Loving It

…I got this product and I can finally see over the hood of my car LOL. …It fits around the chair in my car.…

cushion works

…Back rest doesn't work for my car seats.…


See what customers said about cars

Easy to use and not too hard.

Great for the car.

Great for traveling in car

Very happy with the cushion. Drove 400 miles and used it for the first time and it gave me good support on my back. I have been experiencing lower back pain since January so this is welcome relief.

Five Stars

Great in the car!

will this work well in a recliner ?

I have been using it in my recliner and works great. Also in the car.

Can it be used in a classroom setting?

I use mine in the car, on the golf cart and at home in my recliner and dining room chairs. My answer would be yes.

They are great and they look so nice in our grey car

We now have two of these back support pillows for our car. They are great and they look so nice in our grey car.

Using it In My Car

This pillow contours to your back and offers great lumbar support while you're driving. Prevents me from slumping and slouching while I drive which in the past has cause me lower back pain

Great Pillow for Small Car

I am using this pillow as a seat booster for my Mitsubishi Spyder, being on the short side I was looking for something that would help me see better while driving. Works very well, just what I needed, plus very comfortable. Would buy again.

How would this work for back support sitting up in bed for a disabled person?

Not sure. But think it would be a good idea to strap it to a bed pillow, the kind with arms. I bought one for my 95 yr old sister, who said her back was bothering her sitting on the couch. She thought it helped. I’m going to one for car. I like that lumbar support.

If choosing only one, should I get the seat cushion or the back pillow?

All depends on your back and the chair you are going to put it in. I like the support pillow. My sister came to visit and put one of my throw pillows off the couch. Wow that helped me much better. I was in a car accident so trying to do anything to help my back.

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super comfortable for work and has helped my with my ...

super comfortable for work and has helped my with my lower back pain. will def buy another one for my car

Works great

…I have back problems and put this in the car.....works great


I have spine issues and I purchased these pillows for my car and now I can actually drive around and not feel like I'm dying!…

Could it be used in a wheelchair?

I cannot see any reason it could not. I use it in my car. But the cushions can just be placed in the chair

This cushion set is AWESOME! Great speedy service and super product for my ...

…this is my second set because I want one for work and car. it is the most wonderful set.…

Pillow Plush

…I was involved in a car accident and my lower back has the worst pain possible, with this extra cushion the pressure is lifted off my back and makes sitting more bearable.

Excellent quality

…They truly help my comfort level when I have to sit in a chair or in the car.…

It is very sturdy/firm (the back piece is almost too firm) but I am thoroughly happy with this product and would buy it

…I am very short and need a booster seat in my car to drive.…

See what customers said about cars

This item is very comfortable!

Very comfortable and gets me up high in the car.


…Well built and works good on my car.

Affordable and effective option

Very comfortable cushions I have been using for my car.…

Is the back pillow and seat cushion wide enough to use in a car?

Yes it is. And feels comfortable too.

Can you use this cushion on a sofa or recliner?

I use one on a recliner and another in my car. Both have made me a lot more comfortable.

Less Pain from using this Ortho seat!

I was in an auto accident and even after 6 medical procedures, I am in pain and riding in a car is very difficult. This seat helps me sit longer without having to walk around the outside of the car every 20 minutes. And I can get out of the car without help.

Super comfortable and sturdy

…Loves the 2 pieces and that she can use in her car for long driving trips.

it's a cushion set

using the back cushion for my desk chair and the seat cushion in the car for a boost, price is right, it's cushiony, and that's all, folks

Can you use this cushion on a sofa or recliner?

I use one on a recliner and another in my car. Both have made me a lot more comfortable.

Love this! 2-in-1 back solution for pain!

…I’m thinking of getting the blue one now for either my office chair at home or for my car seat.…

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Good car seat cushion

So far a good car seat cushion.…

Very comfortable addition to my car

The lumbar support is a great addition for my car.…

do not leave seat in car in winter

use in auto works very well for cushion and comfort

Would theback cushion attach to a car seat and stay in place? Do you have to place behind your back every time you get in/out of the car?

The back rest cushion can be attached to any chair and can fit on a car seat. I’ve been able to leave mine in the car, however, you may have to adjust it when you get in an out of the car.

Does this give you height I need to be taller in car?

I honestly have not used mine in the car yet, but based on my work usage I would say you will not experience a significant height change, just more comfort.

Great for car or office

…I use it in the car and it works perfectly.

Comfort for my car.

It is just as promised.

Car Comfort

I bought these for my son and daughter-in-law as they moved to Las Vegas. These items provided comfort on their journey.

I need to add a few inches of height to my car seat; does this seat flatten out?

Yes it does flatten out some but it would still add those few inches to the car seat. I've been using the one in my Jeep for a couple of years because the car seat itself wouldn't go any higher. It works great and it helps my sciatica.

will the back support strap fit around a bucket seat in a car?

Yes, it will fit around a single seat, because strap is adjustable enough.

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