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fast ship, works fine. I always order SanDisk because they have worked fine in the past. Fingers crossed that this one does, too.

10 others also recommend for cameras

Great Value for Field cameras

10 others also recommend for cameras

Got disk for the price. Holds lots of photos

10 others also recommend for cameras

Inexpensive great for game cameras

10 others also recommend for cameras

Works great in a dslr camera

10 others also recommend for cameras

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Camera card

fast ship, works fine. I always order SanDisk because they have worked fine in the past. Fingers crossed that this one does, too.

Camera bug

Great memory card - great price. No need to say more. Memory is more than I have ever needed. Great purchase.

Camera storage

Was perfect for camera

work with trail cameras

It should work in any camera taking this size SD card. It works fine in my CuddeBack trail camera.

will this fit in my nikon coolpix L4 camera?

Physically if your camera can accept an SD card, this will fit. All SD cards are supposed to be the same physical size. Make sure you have the card oriented correctly though or you won't be able to get the card into the camera. Check your Owner's Manual for details.

8Gb memory for camera

Great so far. I went to an air show in Anchorage and I was able to do a lot of videos.

Good for cameras and other devices

I never have any problems with all the SanDisk memory cards (at least 20) that I have ever bought from Amazon, they are of different sizes. I am very pleased with the product.

use for DLSR camera

bought two for my DLSR camera -- love it. holds just enough for a day or two of photos before loading them on my computer.

Im looking for a memory chip for a Pentax optico T10 camera

this should work for it

Is it compatible with a lexar mda256-100 mp3 player?

It help with my camera

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Nice product

Great Value for Field cameras

Nice card for game camera

Worked great

Great item for the price

Bought these for my trail cameras they work very well I would recommend these..

Will they work with game camera that recommends sandisk sd and sdhc cards ( up to 32 gb capacity)?

I use mine in my game camera and they work well.

Does it work for coolpix p530?

I also use this on my DSLR camera no problem.


We use for our hunting cameras they were great!

Used in game camera! Perfect!

Great price!

Just right

Perfect for camera and small camcorders

can i use this on a 10" slim digital photo frame?

i don't know. But this works very well in my camera.

Does this work for an acer chromebook 15?

If this is the correct size for it, yes. It will work... However, most tablets take the smaller size memory card. This memory card fits most cameras.

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For Deer Camera

Got disk for the price. Holds lots of photos

Works with my camera

Used it for my camera and seems to be fine.

Camera storage card

Super reliable and convenient storage card for your electric device, ie. camera.

Will these work on a Nikon D40 camera?

This is a fairly universal flash drive, so LIKELY it will work. However, you really need to check your cameras instructions or inspect the flash drive bay first. I am not familiar with the D-40, but assuming this is a modern camera, you should be OK. You can wait for a comments from an owner of your camera.

will this work on a Fuji-film camera model # Finepix JX665

Yes it should , you might need to format it.

great for my trail cameras!

i use these for my trail cameras and they work really well, have had no failures!

Good storage for my camera

Works fine - these are the type of card I need for my camera

Digital camera disk

Excellent price!

will it work with my gopro standard model camera?

works in my GoPro 3

Could I use this to record and submit a speech for an online class?

I don't see why not, I have the video ability on my camera and it works with sound.

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Game cameras

Inexpensive great for game cameras

Camera Card

Wonderful amount of memory. It will negate any worries about running out of room for pictures if you at all manage your pictures.

Great for cameras!

Work well, great storage and excellent pictures.

I have a Canon G10 camera; will it work on this camera

Yes as long ad your camera doesn't take mini SD cards

will it work with a camera Nikon D3200?

I think it will work just fine. My camera came with an 8gb SDHC, and it is a much cheaper quality camera and it does fine.


Good for Kodak Easyshare

Deer Cameras

Works as expected!

Purchased for camera

Works every time …. have used for quite some time, and I use, copy to PC, erase, and use again over and over. I recommend.

Is this compatible with any sony camera

I believe they are standard for most cameras. You could look or ask at them in a physical store that sells your camera to make sure they would fit. There is a mico disk also but I do not think they are standard for cameras.

Will this work with a snap camera?

i know it will work with most cameras butbnot100% sure

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Camera use

Works great in a dslr camera

Best for camera

Awesome product

Loving this camera

Loving this camera so far.…

Will this work for a Kodak digital camera?

I have it in a camera, and it works well

It works For nikon d5500 camera?

I do not know. You should probably read the directions for your camera. Mine states which card works the best with the camera. Good Luck!

Hunting cameras

Worked great for my hunting camera.

Perfect for Camera

Thanks. Works well. Fast shipping!

Used for camera

Great. Enough storage to record my videos

Does this work any camera???

It will work on any camera whose specs state it can use a card of this size.

will It work on a panasonic camera

Yes, as long as it will take a SD card. 80 MB/sec is plenty of speed for a camera taking pictures. For cameras taking multiple shots, I would get a faster MB/sec card.

See what customers said about cameras

Great per trail camera

Working great for trail cameras

Great SD card

Work amazing for trail camera

Hunting camera

Work great

Will they work with spartan trail cameras

I have browning and primos cameras and it works with no issues

will thay work in game camera

They work great on ours. We have 3 different brands of game cameras.

Good for price

Bought these for my game cameras. They are slow transfer rate for just looking through thousands of photos fast, but for the price and for my game camera they seem to be sufficient.

Great for trail camera’s

Good value

Very nice

Great for our trail cameras

Do these work on cameras? if so how many pictures will it hold ?

Yes, these work in cameras, IF your camera requires this type of card. These are the most common memory cards, but there are others and you must know which one your camera takes. How many pictures? That depends on how detailed a photo and how big the file is. More pixels take more space. Check your camera's owners manual. You may find that information there. To give you an example, my old 3.2 megapixel camera can fit from 900 to 6000 pics in 1 Gb (depending on picture detail). So, I would say "Lots". I wish I could be more specific, but there are variables to be considered.

i just bought a sony cyber shot. i'm looking to purchase the 5 pack san disk 16gb sd sdhc memory flash card uhs-1. what are your thoughts?

They work fine in my trail cameras. Best price I found so I bought them

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