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Best chair pad ever. I spend most of my waking hours in a wheelchair and this is the best chair pad I ever used.…

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Great solution to my hard, thin office chair.…

8 others also recommend for chair

Great support, our office has these on hand for those who need extra chair cushion.…

10 others also recommend for chair

I had an incredibly uncomfortable computer chair at work and this lumbar support and cushion was a life saver!…

10 others also recommend for chair

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Great for desk chair

I love it

Good chair pad

Very good

Chair Cushion

It worked well in my BarcaLounger as added cushioning and additional height to make it easier to get up out of it but keeps loosing small black beads attached to keep from sliding.

Is this good to use on a (cheap) floor chair with a seat thats gone flat?

It would be great. It is large do measure the size of your chair.

Can this be used on a couch?

It would be up to you where you used it. Works great on my office chair.

Chair cushion

I am studying long hours for my licensure exam. This cushion has made sitting bearable. Much more comfortable.

Five Stars

Perfectly fits my desk chair and provides significant relief to my chair.

What a Difference!

This chair mat solved my back and chair problems. I no longer need to think about buying a new chair.…

Does this Milliard cushion have the black zip-off cover shown? thx.

Yes, the seat cushion comes with a zipper cover. The seat is comfortable, and I reordered a second one for my living room chair.

Is the whole cushion memory foam? I was thinking of stacking one on top of another.

Yes the whole cushion is memory foam! I really like mine . . . one for my bulldozer seat (staked on top of regular seat) and another one for my office chair!

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Seat/Chair Cushion

loved the comfort that it provided!


Great fit on our chairs.…

Great item!

In my office chair

Comfortable but . . .

This product is comfortable but it is too thick/high for my chair. I lowered my chair but I seem to still slide forward in my chair.…

Very Comfortable

…Also I wish the logo was not on the top as it is visible and makes my chair less attractive.…

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Best chair pad ever

Best chair pad ever. I spend most of my waking hours in a wheelchair and this is the best chair pad I ever used.…

Great for wheel chairs

Got two of these for my Dad...he loves them.


Love the cushions I bought for my chair at work! …I can put my feet up an really relax into my chair.

Will this fit and work with. Wheel chair?

I believe it will. I use on my bar stool chairs, in the car and regular kitchen chairs too

Is the color of the cushion black? Do you think it would be comfortable to use on a computer gaming chair? Does it have a washable cover?

Yes-the cushion is black and cover can be removed for washing. I use mine on a wooden kitchen chair and it provides very good cushioning. The gaming chair issues would depend on style of chair and how long the gaming session runs.

Great for your office chair !

I put one of these onto my desk chair, and it is wonderful.…For use in a chair in which much time is spent, your back will thank you for adding this to your seating arrangement.

works in car and office chair

perfect. has helped out years of sciatic nerve pain. drive in a car all day and work on a pc all day. i have a new lease on life!!

Comfy chair pad

Perfect for sitting in the office all day! I'm certainly less sore. My teenage daughter tried the pad and she loved it while studying for finals so I had to buy her one, too!

Purchased a la-z-boy brand lift/recliner chair due to chair being a space saver (wall hugger). will cushion work in reclined position in this chair?

You know I am not quite sure as I use it at work, but for sitting up right its perfect.

will this stay in place on a leather car seat?

It stays in place on a leather office chair.

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Great, soft and comfortable

Great solution to my hard, thin office chair.…

Very comfy and fits our chairs great!

We needed a new AFFORDABLE cusion for our office chairs and this has been great!…

Excellent size, weight and good value

These chair cushions are excellent, the memory foam gives good support, and they are light in weight for carrying from the arena parking lot into the arena.…


has made my uncomfy chair comfy!

Good cushion

I need a cushion to be able to sit on hard chairs. This cushion has one side that does not slip on any surface, it is a good size to carry with and fits most chairs I've used it on, and the memory foam does the trick for comfort.…

Very comfortable

Firm memory foam, very comfortable, a little smaller than my office chair so maybe not for your if you have a wide office chair!…

Nice padding

I sit in my computer chair all day long, and this helps it be more comfy.…

Works well

…She also uses it in her chair to watch tv.…

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Used in office chair

Great support, our office has these on hand for those who need extra chair cushion.…

Great chair pillow

Great pillow

Comfortable and fits the chair as described

Love it.

will this work well in a recliner ?

I've not tried in anywhere but a kitchen chair where it is wonderful

I'm looking for something that will support my back for better posture while sitting on the sofa . Would this work?

Yes, I use it on my chair while studying. Keeps me sitting up straight and prevents low back fatigue.

Very comfortable!!

The lumbar support works great and is really comfortable - it doesn't feel like you are being pushed out of the chair or that it doesn't sit right in the chair. I also like the extra straps that come with it because my office chair is an executive chair and it fits perfectly!!…

Comfilife lumbar support pillow

I like how easy to adjust the fit to my chair. It makes sitting in my chair more comfortable, and I am able to sit in my favorite chair longer without the usual discomfort.…

Great for shitty office chairs

Great for regular back pain

Has anyone used it in combination with the ComfiLife bottom seat cushion?

Yes..I have both on my office chair and it has made a world of difference

Can this be used on a recliner? Does it work well?

I don't see why not. It fits well in the chair and has an elastic strap to keep it in place if u choose to use that.

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Perfect for work computer chair

I had an incredibly uncomfortable computer chair at work and this lumbar support and cushion was a life saver!…

Smelly chair cushions.

Received this today and it is pretty much exactly what I needed for my desk chair at work to be more comfortable.…

Such a great buy, my chair has wheel s that don't ...

Such a great buy, my chair has wheel s that don't lock however so the back rest pushes me off the chair but other than that I would recommend using this for a chair that is stable on ground.

Will they work in office chairs?

Yes, I am using it for support in my office chair. Very please thus far.

Does it fasten to back of chair and seat?

The back support has two adjustable elastic straps w/snap-release buckles to tie it to the chair back. The seat cushion does not fasten to the chair but does not move when you're sitting on it.

Excellent choice for desk chair

I sit at my desk for hours, and this saves my back! Very comfortable.

Chair cushions

Just received my cushions which i put on my dining room chair where i have my computer. I have arithis in my back and neck and it hurt terribly to sit very long in this chair but now with these cushions it has helped me immensely to sit for longer periods of time and be comfortable ty

Makes chairs comfy

I like how it make my aches and pains go away when sitting in any chair.

would it work on a wooden dorm desk chair?

I think this would fit on any chair. It has an elastic band on the top portion to wrap around the chair back and the lower cushion just rests on the chair bottom.

How far back do you position the coccyx cushion, all the way to the back of the chair or should there be a gap?

From the beginning I put it all the way to the back, which is comfortable. Don't know if this is the "right" way to do it. I did look on youtube and all the ones I saw were positioned that way. Also, the manufacturer has a website - softandcare.com - and a place where you can ask questions.

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