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I have two Lazy Boy recliners. These protectors did a great job for my recent move. Very easy to use, too.

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Worked out great. Nice thick plastic. Arrived on time. Thanks for availability

5 others also recommend for chairs
32 Pack Chair Leg Caps Silicone Feet Table Covers Protectors for Hardwood Floors
$12.59 FREE Shipping on your first order. Details
10 others also recommend for chairs
Uboxes Chair Cover - 2 Pk
$8.15 FREE Shipping on your first order. Details

Perfect size to cover my chairs in the garage.

10 others also recommend for chairs

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Protects chairs for move

I have two Lazy Boy recliners. These protectors did a great job for my recent move. Very easy to use, too.

This chair cover was perfect. It great fit for moving truck and storage

This chair cover was perfect. …Will fit all size chairs.

Fits nicely, thick plastic material

Fits my leather chair nicely and it didn't tear or anything when pulling it around the chair.…

I need a bag to cover a wing back chair completely to floor. What is max. height?

We used it to cover a full size Lazy boy, and had no issues. We were using it to kill any bed bugs in the chair, so it had to be completely sealed.

Is this a sofa bag? Will it completely seal the sofa?

I bought this to cover chairs. It does the job.

Great Product

The quality is excellent and it covered my chair completely.…

Guaranteed product!!

Bag is nice and heavy, plenty of room to fit around chair.

Thickness was important

I liked the fact it was just right and was easy to cover the chair

how many mils on plastic and what is height?

I don’t know the answer to your question. The plastic is fairly substantial. I was impressed by how sturdy it was. It is a good sized bag, I had an average size chair and the bag a lot bigger than the chair.

Is this flexible enough to use to store an old baby carriage

Yes it is. There is plenty of room and the item doesn't have to be in the shape of a chair or love seat. The plastic is heavy duty but flexible. You will need packaging tape to seal it closed. We were pleased with our purchase of this.

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Chair storage cover

Worked out great. Nice thick plastic. Arrived on time. Thanks for availability

Good cover.

Its was a good cover for the chair. Worked for what I needed which was to cover the chair to throw out in the garbage.

Thick Bags!

…Perfect for storing your good chairs!

Does it close at the bottom?

Yes.....or the top if you put chair in from bottom. Its like huge plastic pillowcase. Worked great for me over a medical shower chair i wanted to store.

Thick plastic, great for storage

Used to wrap dining room chairs to put into storage for awhile.…


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Sturdier than expected. A keeper.

Perfect for moving my big leather chair.…

Good plastic cover

Worked really well for storing a chair in a older basement for a few months.…

Works as Advertised

…Used to wrap sofas and chairs.…

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Can it be used to cover multiple chairs?

Yes, it probably could. We have it on my armchair.

Will this cover fit a seat that measures W40 D32 H34?

Yes, it will. The size of our chair seat cover is 42"(Width)x 35"(Depth)x40"(Height), there has a lot of room to spare.

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Perfect for dining room chairs

Wish we had found these sooner. Much better than my previous ones at keeping my floor unscratched.

Chair leg covers

Very easy to install. Work great do far

Would these work on school chairs that have the metal part on the bottoms?

I use them on the industrial looking metal chairs in my home. I believe they would work on your school chairs.

how do they work on angled chair legs?

I’ve just put them on six wooden kitchen chairs with slightly angled legs. They work great. My chair legs are a bit larger in diameter than the specs for these, but they slipped on snugly and conform well to the angled bottom. I’m very pleased.

Great chair leg caps

These chair caps are perfect for protecting your floors. The stretchy silicone makes it very easy to use on a variety of chair legs. The felt on the bottom allows the chair to glide easily on hardwoods.

Chair sliders “GREAT”

These works great. I used to replace the stick on tabs twice a week. These have not been replaced since I bought them & they still slide well.

would buy again

Fits chair leg well and stays on.

would these work for padded folding chairs?

Yes. These are super nice leg caps. They even work on our steel bar stools. Love them!

I love these chair caps

I love these chair caps, they stay on great, there clear and they hug nicely and slide effortlessly on the wood floor.…

$8.15 FREE Shipping on your first order. Details
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See what customers said about chairs

Perfect Size for chairs

Perfect size to cover my chairs in the garage.

Five Stars

Worked perfectly for my two chairs for our move

Perfect for the chairs I

…Perfect for the chairs I have

any suggestion as to what i can put over a leather recliner chair temporary to prevent scratching when i am away? i want something i can take off easy

Purchased to cover an oversized chair and this product basically fits a kitchen chair. I would purchase one for a sofa and cut to fit.

will this cover a high back rocking chair? is this waterproof? thanks!

It's big enough to cover most things and I would assume since it's plastic, moisture would not seep thru but it also is not meant to protect anything from getting mold if placed outside.

Doesn't smell like plastic.

These worked perfectly for our office chairs.…

Chair wrap

Just what I was looking for



Chair outdoor covers

These chair covers are very clear and transparent and generous in size.…

Plastic Chair covers

…Covers chairs perfectly.

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