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Works for Macs

Great! Works as expected. Even for my MacBook Air

Five Stars

Works well with PC and Mac


Bought to do taxes and worked great even on a Mac book.

Will this keypad work on my credit card machine at work ?

I'm sorry I'm not really sure. I bought this to use with MacBook at work. Was entering loads of #s (immunization records) and bought full well knowing it didn't work 100% with Mac But it worked perfectly for my use. And knowing the layout of keypad I could easily type without looking.

Great in a pinch

Before I had this product, I was having to enter my student's grades using the top row of numbers on my Mac, but this product makes it go much faster with a 10-key setup.…

Perfect for my desk

…Works on both my Mac and my windows laptop; nothing to install; worked immediately.

Very good Corded numeric keypad

…Fun to look at, the USB cord is log enough for my big desk, and worked out of the box with my Mac.

Good fit for an above average sized hand

Not completely Mac compatible but it works for what I need.…

Works for what I bought it for!

…I bought one prior to this and was wanting to use it with calculator applications on my mac.…

Does the job it needs to... however ...

…This could be because I own a Mac

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Perfect Addition

Perfect addition to my Mac keyboard

Nice 10-key

…It was very easy to connect via bluetooth with my mac and it works great!…

Great buy

Bought this for my Mac to help with number input, obviously, since I hate using the row of numbers at the top.…Very responsive and no problem connecting it to my Mac at all.…

this only works with mac? or can i use this for my samsung book?

Works with any PC. We use it with windows PC. If your device has Bluetooth it will connect.

Does this work with an IMac?

I use mine on a Mac Book Air. Works perfectly and easy to pair with Bluetooth.

Great Value, Holds a Charge, Stays Out of the Way

This is one of the few items I've ever found that works reliably with Mac Bluetooth. It does an auto shut-off if you haven't used it in a bit, but it alerts you on the Mac's screen that it's turning off.

Works well with my Mac

It connects and disconnects to the computer which is a little annoying. Other than that it works perfectly for what I need.

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Compact Lightweight Rechargeable

Works perfectly with my 13'' Mac.…

Perfect for crunching numbers!

I own my own business and for the longest time I’ve been crunching the numbers with my Mac and hasn’t been efficient.…He build quality feels just like my Mac book and love how it matches.…

Better than Expected!!!

…The instructions don't mention Mac, but setting up was easy and there were no problems.…

This product is not for macs!

The product itself seemed to work well and was easy to use, but do not buy if you have a mac. Even though the pictures in the ad include macs, it is only made for PCs.

See what customers said about Macs

This is much better than the similar Belkin

…works great with my Mac.


A perfect addition for mac laptops!

keys are good and looks fine against my Mac keyboard

Works perfectly, keys are good and looks fine against my Mac keyboard.

Does this work well with Quick Books on my Mac?

On your mac, probably pretty well.. This is very handy and works great with cellphones and tablets.. easier than entering barcodes into custom software. Not sure what the function numbers would do.. on a Windows system, I have delete, backspace and escape. I believe they'd be the same. Will pair to only 1 device, and you may have to type in a code or pair 0000. Good range. LED under 5 blinks green when powering up, blue when pairing (hold power button 2 seconds) or orange when powering down. Hope this helps. (very fast to instant response, should be great) not sure about battery life...

I assume this connects to windows computer to? i noticed many say macbook, and other apple products. thanks!

I'm not sure; I use it on an apple machine, but it does work great on my windows virtual machine that is on my mac.

Five Stars

All the buttons work and it looks great with my mac!

Great Numeric Keypad for the Mac.

It works flawlessly.

Great device, but PC users take care

…But I would highly recommend this number pad to anyone on Mac platofrm, as the design, fit, and finish is quite good.

Will this keypad pair simultaneously with my standard apple magic Bluetooth keyboard?

Yes, I have mine synced with my Mac mini and magic keyboard and magic mouse.... Everything works harmoniously!

Will it work with apple Ipad?

Sorry, I have not tried it with an iPad. However, I have used several keypads and found I like this one the best. The extra non-number keys are helpful since I work on a PC at work and a MAC at home.