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…I mix this with peanut butter and coffee and it’s delicious.

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I add this to my coffee in the mornings I love it

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This powered gave me energy unlike any caffeine drink I ever drank. Energy that lasts. And my workouts are less painful during the day as well. Try it, you will not regret it. BTW the taste is fine.…

10 others also recommend for coffee

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Works great as a nutritious plant based milk

Makes great plant milk for coffee.…

Works for me

…I mix it with some cold coffee, ice, and a banana when I'm short on time for breakfast.…

Not as good as their plant based version

…Like I add milk to the water like I would for coffee.…

Can i use this in my morning coffee?

I would not add Purely Inspired to my coffee because of the flavor, but I have successfully added coffee to my Purely Inspired morning smoothies.

Has anyone ever added this to coffee?

I definitely wouldn't do it hot. Cold is pretty good though.

Would buy again

…I mix it with coffee and a bit of hwc, and drink it as a Ice coffee

Budget friendly organic protein powder

…I use daily, mixed with almond milk and coffee for a breakfast drink


…If you can't give up coffee, try that as your liquid & pour it over the protein powder.…

This product can helps for lessen craving of food

I use this in my coffee and I am not hungry until about 2pm in the afternoon. So, for me I would have to say yes.

If you've tried multiple flavors can you suggest the best one please?

Taste is of course a personal thing, but here is my best answer. I drink the chocolate every day. I make a shake using the chocolate protein powder, almond milk, coconut milk, banana, plain yogurt, wheat germ, walnuts, instant coffee and ice. You need a really good blender. On the other hand, the vanilla is good with almond milk, strawberries, banana, plain yogurt and ice. You can also add coco powder to the vanilla and make it into chocolate. My wife loves the fruit flavor with plain yogurt. I drink the chocolate and vanilla with just water when I travel, which is often. They taste pretty good. I make the complex shakes because I replace a meal, breakfast, with the shake. Another good tasting brand is Vega One, but they cost twice as much, and still does not taste as good as the chocolate in this brand. I have this helps.

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Pretty good

…I mix this with peanut butter and coffee and it’s delicious.


…I love blending strawberries and honey into my shakes or sometimes adding instant coffee for variety.…


…One of the things I use it for is matcha lattes,which my friends and family say is better than those sold by some national coffee chains.…

Customer for life! Love the flavor! Great blended in my coffee and smoothies!

…To me it kind of taste like vanilla cake and I put it in my coffee before I blend it up!…

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Cntainer is not full

It thickened my coffee drink nicely

Mixes well

I really enjoy adding this protein powder to coffee.…

but I ended up trying it and it's pretty good blended with a little packet of starbucks instant ...

They sent me chocolate instead of vanilla... but I ended up trying it and it's pretty good blended with a little packet of starbucks instant coffee mix.


…I mix with coffee


…I used to drink 3-5 cups of coffee per day and now I maybe drink 1.…

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Tastes GREAT!

…It tastes so good we put it in our coffee:)

Five Stars

Great in my iced- smoothie morning coffee when it’s too hot for hot coffee!

Vegan life

Great with your coffee, oatmeal, and even with just water.

Good in coffee?

You can add one Tbsp of insta coffee to your shake and will taste delicious! But I haven't tried as a coffee creamer...hope my answer can help you.

What amino acids are contained in Orgain? I see a list, but are all of these really in a serving size?

The label for Organic does not really say. It seems to be a complete protein, but I specifically use it as a breakfast / pre-workout protein mixed with cold coffee...mixes very well with milk also. I also use NutroBio 100% Whey Protien Isolate as my post workout Protien...now that one is outstanding and mixes very well. Hope that helps.

Delicious morning drink

I love these powders mixed in with an iced coffee and ice.…


Good tasting protein shake with frozen berries, coffee, or pumpkin mix or cocoa.

Good for the whole famiy

…Love mixing this in my coffee.…

Does it really taste good? Does it taste chalky at any point or does it have a Stevia aftertaste?

I have used this product to make a morning protein drink for years now. I use the chocolate fudge flavor with 12 oz of unsweetened almond milk, 2 teas. of instant coffee, additional fiber and about 8 ice cubes and shake in a blender bottle. Love it. The directions call for 8 oz of milk but I use more and believe it helps the gritty texture people have noted.

Do these taste chalky or grainy?

After tasting a number of protein shakes, this one won out for my tastes. I mix it in a Bullet/Ninja/Blender as opposed to using a shaker cup to overcome any grainy consistency. I also find that using ice/frozen fruit/frozen veggies in the mix, makes it more of a shake consistency and it tastes even better. I have tried Vanilla, Chocolate and the Unsweetened flavors and find that mixing them is possible and offers opportunity for different results. Example - try Vanilla with coffee and ice and enjoy a frappuccino taste or chocolate and 1/2 frozen banana with almond milk for a chocolate covered banana taste.

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Great for coffee

I add this to my coffee in the mornings I love it

Good coffee mixer

I mix this with my coffee, and it tastes great.

Five Stars

Delicious, especially in bulletproof coffee in the morning!

Can I add this to my morning coffee?

You can add this to your coffee. . . it mixes well

How does the vanilla taste mixed in with hot coffee? Does it blend in well or taste gritty? Thinking of getting this for a loved one

I like it in hot coffee. I blend it in my blender so I don't know how it will blend just stirring.

Mix with Cold

I was using other powers as creamer with my coffee to get the protein I needed first thing in the morning, but this powder has to be mixed with cold (best with milk). Mixes in great with milk and then I can add the coffee . This works perfectly as the vanilla creamer to my coffee and gets me protein for breakfast.

Good deal

…I'm very happy with the quality of the coffees received.


I love this stuff mixed with my iced coffee in the morning!

I can't decide between Expresso and Colombian Coffe. Any sugestions?

Colombian Coffee is the more popular flavor.

How thick is it? For example, when mixed with water is it thick in texture?

Not thick at all. When I put it in coffee it does not add any texture, just flavor and color.

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Coffee replacement

This powered gave me energy unlike any caffeine drink I ever drank. Energy that lasts. And my workouts are less painful during the day as well. Try it, you will not regret it. BTW the taste is fine.…

Five Stars

excellent, use it each morning with some superfood for a great way to wake up without any coffee jitters

The best and most affordable.

This stuff is amazing with almond milk, banana, coffee, cinnamon, ice.…

Tried my first shake today - vanilla Raw Meal w/some coffee, a splash of milk and ice. It's decent, but is there a way to cut down on the grittiness?

I put the powder and almond milk in a blender and blend for about 45 seconds before adding anything else. I add frozen fruit and it thickens it to the consistency of a shake. I like the idea of adding coffee and I will try doing that with either instance granules or frozen cubes of coffee.

Which flavor would you consider the best?

My fav is chocolate and coffee Marley both are sweet and best if it's your first time trying

and I love it. The taste is what I had expected

I actually use this to add some bulk to my iced coffee, and I love it.…

Super nutritious makes me feel great and energized!!

Add it to my bullet proof coffee for protein and super nutritious start to the day that keeps me feeling energetic, full and satisfied easily into lunch!

I love this stuff because it's loaded with healthy ingredients and ...

…I put a tablespoon of instant coffee in my 16oz of water, with a spoon of vanilla powdered coffee creamer, then of course mix in the Raw Meal and it tastes sooo much better!…I've also mixed the Raw Fit and Raw Meal together, WITH the instant coffee and that's great!

Is chocolate still good? It's expensive so wanted to check

I think the chocolate or the coffee are the best flavors. I use half almond milk/water and 1 scoop for best flavor and result.

What's the texture when mixed with liquid? Beyond Fiber by the same company turns into a phlegm-like state.

I always use Almond Milk as the base to my shake instead of water, so I am not sure how big of a difference that makes. That being said, I think the biggest thing for texture is when I make a 20oz shake, I always add two ice cubes to the blender. Sometimes I mix coffee and coffee ice cubes in for a more denser flavor. Peanut butter is a nice mixer as well. Still hands down my favorite vegetarian organic protein mix.

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