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Paint is good and it's match with car color

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Perfect paint match to my car.…If I had taken my car to the paint shop it would have cost me hundreds of dollars.…

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I really like these, they are so small they allow you to put the paint into the smallest rock chip on your car.…

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Works perfectly to repair the damage done to rims due to curb rash. Buy it. Hides all curb rash very well.

8 others also recommend for car

Works really well and matched my car's paint exactly.…

10 others also recommend for car

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Four Stars

Paint is good and it's match with car color

Great stuff

Great color match after someone keyed my wife's car 2x!…

which was good. The color matched the paint but the indent ...

My car got keyed so I used this. …Overall pretty good for a quick fix, especially if you're going to sell you car :P

You'll love it as long as you don't expect showroom new

As long as you don't fool yourself into thinking this is going to make your car look showroom new, you're going to be pleased with it. …Second, it provides a finish that isn't as glossy as the rest of the car so you're going to need to use clear coat on it as well. Third, it's for touch ups, not for fixing a quarter panel on your car (that being said, I used mine to fix a healthy scrape from backing into the side of a pole). It's not going to make it look like new, but it will make sure your car doesn't rust and at least get rid of the bright white scrapes that are incredibly visible.

Perfect Match

…The brush worked fine for us, and the color is the exact match to the paint code of our car.…

I bought because it looked like a match for my 1990 300zx

For what it's worth, I bought because it looked like a match for my 1990 300zx, and I couldn't find paint pen for that car.…

Good.. but not exactly matches my car paint

Good .. but not exactly matches my car paint

Not an exact match

The color seems slightly off- but maybe that's because the car is a few years old. My car had 2 significant scrapes that looked white- the repair is nowhere near perfect, but it does look much better than it did.…

color match!

…oh well, at least the car wont rust now.

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Gets the job done perfectly!

Perfect paint match to my car.…If I had taken my car to the paint shop it would have cost me hundreds of dollars.…

This stuff works great! I used this for the little dings on ...

…I used this for the little dings on the front of my car and you can’t even tell. I have had several car washes and not one has come off!

Five Stars

Worked wel with my car

I have a Kio Rio 2016 white. Will this match my car?

I think this will match your white Kia car. I have a white Silverado and it matched it perfectly.

I have a white 2014 cadillac cts - will this paint match my car?

Entirely depends on what white your caddy is. Summit white is a color that's used on various platforms throughout gm so if you have a straight GLOSS white car, and not a PEARL white, it'll work perfectly

perfect match

Touched up nicks on my car

Is this only a single use applicator?

No, it can be used over and over for multiple chips. Probably last the life of the car.

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Great for car touch up paint.

I really like these, they are so small they allow you to put the paint into the smallest rock chip on your car.…

Multiple uses, great for car touch up!

This was exactly what I needed! Touching up multiple spots on the hood of my 13 Honda Accord. It seems all the red ones get these micro spots. Just get a drop on the tip and dab! Also worked well for detailing small crevices in my interior.…

A must for auto paint touch ups

Touching up a car is shockingly easy with these touch up brushes. Very small so even a slob can touch up a car well.


These work great for car paint chips and scratch marks!!

Good Price

Worked great with my car touch up paint.

Great product for painting.

These little things are perfect for doing touch up paint on my cars.

It works!

Great price and good for touch up on my car!

Five Stars

Great product for those tiny stone chips on car nose!

Great touch up brushs

Just used to touch up the paint on my car and they works awesome.…

Five Stars

These were perfect for small touch ups on my cars.…

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My car looks like new now

Excellent product

It was really good match my car

It was really good match my car scratch

Great buy

Perfect match for my car!

Do I need any pre/after washes with any car products?

You'll want the spot you are touching up to be clean of all dirt or wax so you get good adhesion of the paint.

Does it fit 2019 odyssey? the code on my car is nh797m-b.

We didn't purchase the same color as you are asking about (yours is Steel Metallic I think? and ours was Pearl Metallic White) but the OEM paints are a great match for whatever color code is on your door panel so if yours is nh797m-b then the corresponding color in a genuine OEM paint should be a good match. If you have additional questions (like we did before buying) you can always contact the specific seller about your color or even a Honda dealer.

Five Stars

Matches my car perfectly!

Makeup for your car.

Matches the color nicely. Follow instructions carefully for optimal finish.

Looks like a new car

Worked great for my 09 accord.

I have a 2012 Honda Civic lx 4 door in dyno blue pearl will it match my car?

Matched my 2014 Lx dyno blue perfectly.

Match the color of my car perfectly!

Match the color of my car perfectly!


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Works great to totally hide all curb rash on car rims.

Works perfectly to repair the damage done to rims due to curb rash. Buy it. Hides all curb rash very well.

Easy to use, stays in my car!

Extremely easy to use, fits everywhere and has everything you need for application...used it on my SR+ model 3. My only complaint is it’s not 100% a match to the rims so with smaller blemishes it’s great but if you have bigger chips it won’t completely hide it up close. Still like it though

Perfect Match for Tesla Model 3 18 Rims

…I'd only had the car a few days, and I was focused too much on a bus, a truck, and some pedestrians in an intersection and not enough on how close I was to the curb. as I turned.…

Will it work on my state highway p71 Crown Victoria

it should work but make sure and double check that its the exact color that your car is for a perfect color match.

What color matches the Tesla model 3 19” sport wheels (silver)? Thank you!!

I have the Tesla Model 3 with the Sport and AERO wheels and within a month I had two terrible curb rashes just on one rim, the left passenger side. This paint truly does the trick, a perfect match. Wash the wheel clean first, then after its fully dry apply this paint at least three or four coats and you literally cannot see the curb rash unless you point it out to someone. Yes, they are there but they do not stand out like they do without this little cheap touch up. For a gorgeous car like any Tesla, this paint is a must for the rim fix. I highly recommend it for this specific purpose.

Perfect match

…Note be sure to cover up the car body so it doesn't get any paint or metal dust.

If you are repairing your Tesla Model 3 Rims, This may help.

…I didn't use the clearcoat because the color and shine are so close to the original paint since I scraped my rim after owning my new car only three days.…

Perfect color match for Tesla Model 3 wheels

…I apply to my car and after several months now i forgot i even had a curb rash. you cannot even tell that i had curb rash unless you really look at the wheels or run your hands over them.

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Perfect for touching up scratches

Works really well and matched my car's paint exactly.…

Perfect match for the paint on the car.

Perfect match to the color of the car.…

Great match for most standard black automotive paints

Great color match for my black 2008 Ford Expedition, easy to apply, matches blacks of other cars even some missed spots from my raptor bedliner system that I used to paint my trim.

Is this a match for a black Isuzu MuX 2016?

If it's a GM car, Yes! Otherwise, you may want to check first because it's supposed to be for GM cars only.

Curb Rash.

I have black rims on my car and this product work very well for the curb rash I tend to get on them.…

Works for its intended purpose

…Bottom line is I'm buying one of these for all my cars.

Easy to use with good results

…I didn’t use the abrasive tip, I just washed my car, wiped down the area with rubbing alcohol and went to work using the paint brush (the pen tip was too wide to fit in the grooves of the scratches).…

Good all-in-one touch up paint

…If you are planning to add clear coat to your scratches, I recommend waiting 24-48 hours drying time before you sand and polish it flat with the rest of the car finish.

paint touch up

…You won't believe how many tiny white spots you find on a 18 year old cars's hood.

Four Stars

Be careful I really jacked up the paint on hubs car whoops

Best Rated in Automotive Touchup Paint

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