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Kids love these, and it's a fun project for a family.…

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Fold N Fly Paper Airplanes Kit

Offers a great product for kids to learn with.

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Kangaroo's Paper Airplane Kit; 72 Paper Airplanes
$12.98 & FREE Shipping

This is a fun indoor project for the kids in the winter.

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For a child who wants to build and test contraptions, this was an excellent choice. It kept him occupied for hours.

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Excellent amusement for kids

Kids love these, and it's a fun project for a family.…

Makes a great gift for kids

The designs are not super complicated and the paper provided has fun designs. The planes fly well too.

Fun for kids and adults!

My son loves the airplanes he can make. plenty of fun and having the different paper adds a more creative flare instead of plan notebook paper

For refill paper, what weight should be used?

Any paper can be used. Just like what you did d as a kid - used newspaper, writing paper, construction paper. The paper in my book was no heavier than writing paper. Go to Office Depot or any office supply store and the different colors and design paper.

Does this book have some very simple directions for a 7 year old and with a bit of help he could make one?

DEFINITELY! when I gave this book to my grandchildren they were 5 and 7. The 5 year old needed help both folding straight and then pressing the fold really flat. There are two designs which are simple for like-aged kids. My 7 year old granddaughter could make several of the more complicated models, although some individual 'folds' are tough for anyone. On the other hand, I've made most of the models in this great book for the children--and they've gotten hours of sailing them, both in hallways and out of doors. This is a great book! I recommend purchasing exttra colored paper, since the kit comes with only about 15 sheets of (very cool) paper.

A great book for kids

My son love paper plan and this is a great book not just to fold the paper plan, he enjoys reading the story and illustration that go along with it. We saw this in Michael Craft store and shopped Amazon, bought this for my son's 6th birthday present.

Lots of fun kids love it!

Kids love the plans they can make with this book!

Great Gift For Kids

To use this book properly you need patience and a steady hand. The designs are not overly complex, but they are very detailed and very specific. You will want to have a ruler and a hard flat surface ready so you can make the sharp folds and creases. If you perform the steps and measurements exactly you will get wonderful areodynamic novelties that will last for a good while of play (provided they are handled carefully). My Sister's children loved watching and helping me fold the sheets and then having contests to see whose design flew the furthest, fastest etc.…

Our kids love it!

It's awesome that it includes paper and easy for our 7 and 8 year olds to understand!

great book for younger kids

great book for younger kids, back to back pages of color and different airplanes.…


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Great value for kids to start off with !

Offers a great product for kids to learn with.

This was a cute gift for kids

The children really liked it and I got it for two young boys were are brothers. They had fun with it.

Perfect gift for kids

Another perfect gift for christmas for those relatives who have kids who need to have something to do or be creative...was a hit

Great for kids!

My son loves these paper airplanes and it comes with a guide to make different fancy models.

Five Stars

Fun activity for kids.

Five Stars

Kids loved it!

Five Stars

Great gift idea for kids.

Kids love paper airplanes

The kids LOVED this!…

Five Stars

Kids loved building the different styles

Great gift for kids!

I got this as a Christmas gift for my 7 yr old nephew and he loves it! Be prepared to have a bunch of paper airplanes flying around!!

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Five Stars

This is a fun indoor project for the kids in the winter.

Fun and Colorful

My kids love to make paper airplanes, while you can print most designs off on your home printer, this package allows you to have fun designs along with the instructions.…Allows kids to work on their fine motor skills. We added rubber band launchers, Popsicle stick stabilizers, and more to test out various theories the kids developed.…

Old toy, same great creative feeling.

Hours of fun for a kid, if denied unlimited screen time!…

My kids enjoyed it but honestly it's just paper with designs on ...

My kids enjoyed it but honestly it's just paper with designs on it and dotted lines to show where to fold.…

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An excellent choice for kids with curiosity

For a child who wants to build and test contraptions, this was an excellent choice. It kept him occupied for hours.

Great parent+kid project

Second time purchasing this set. It’s really fun!

Fun activity for kids.

Entertaining, fun, educational and came fast at a great price.

List of extra legos needed?

I do not believe he need any additional legos. My grand Son said it was a blast.. but he is kind of a lego overachiever So, he a 5 year old doing up to 10 yr old project. So the kid is still 5 and never been exposed to simple machines..

Great to play with your kid.

So much fun! My son and I played together with this. He is 5 years old and it needs adult supervision (at least mine) because there are instructions and stuff.

kids love these

kids loved these...great price, etc.

Kids loved it.

Kids loved it.

Great gift for kids!

My son loves this! He loves to build things so this was great for him. He had lots of fun with it.

Great for kids!!

I purchased this product for a very inquisitive and intelligent 8-year-old boy for his birthday. His mother is a professor of Chemistry, and she advised me that both she and her son get alot of use out of this product! It is also great for his younger sister for learning about science and building things.

My kids love this set

…My kids love this set, too.

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