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ART DJPREII Phono Preamplifier
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Works great for an old turntable that we have.

10 others also recommend for turntables

Worked perfect for connecting my magnetic cart turntable to my Onkyo aux in jack without distortion.

10 others also recommend for turntables

I recently purchased this preamp as an upgrade for the Teac TN-350 / TN-350-WA. It was a noticeable improvement over the onboard phono preamp and I highly recommend!

10 others also recommend for turntables

Awesome preamp for my turntable

10 others also recommend for turntables

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It does as advertised

Great product for turntables


Easy install works great with my vintage turntable.

Four Stars

Works great for my turntable.

Will it work with a Yamaha turntable?

It will work with any turntable with rca output connectors

Will this work for stanton t.62 turntable and onkyo tx-sr393?

I use it for an old Yamaha turntable and new Onkyo and it works fine. Not sure if that helps.

Preamp for turntables works great!

Works great.

Turntable adjacent

It’s easy and perfect. Now I can play records on a good system.

Fast delivery, works great

Works perfectly to amplify a turntable we purchased.

I have a sansui fr-d35 turntable that is plugged into a bose lifestyle 48 system, the volume is very low. will this help?

I believe it will do the trick, I used mine with a vintage turntable and a Bose 321 system.

Will this preamp significantly improve my sound quality if I am used to using a turntable that has a built in preamp?

I couldn't answer that question but it has provided excellent sound quality for me with my turntable.

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Great volume boost!

Works great for an old turntable that we have.

Five Stars

Great product, works like a charm to hook the turntable into my receiver.

Exceptional value for a turntable preamp

The unit allows you to adjust your gain so it doesn't overdrive and produce poor audio. The construction is superior to other units I have had.

Would a jensen jta-230 3 speed stereo turntable work with this?

As long as your turntable has RCA inputs, this should work just fine. Hookup is simple and amplifier is easy to use.

Help! I have a new stanton turntable, rca audio output cables and need speakers. Do I need this to go between turntable and speaker soundbar?

My understanding was that new turntables had the pre amp built it. You will find out right away when you plug it into the soundbar... if sound is very weak, then you need it.

Just as advertized.

Just what I needed for the new turntable.

Connect Kenwood Turntable to PC

I bought this to replace the old Radio Shack preamp I had bought years ago. I like the adjustable gain and LED's. Works like a champ!

Good product

It works perfectly with our old RCA turntable and new Sony receiver.

I have a vintage 1957 klh turntable, model 15. can i use this to connect this to audioengine speakers?

If you’re just hooking your turntable up to powered speakers, headphones or a sound input on your computer, this document is for you. Unlike most audio sources you connect to a stereo (DVD/CD players, iPhones, etc.), the output from the cartridge on a vintage turntable is MUCH lower. It requires additional amplification and some EQ to bring it up to a proper signal. This additional amplification is called a phono preamp. Phono preamps are built-in to older receivers and amps (see above). Some preamps are even built into some models of inexpensive (plastic) modern turntables (check the manual). In general, newer stereo gear, including most mini-systems, Bluetooth speakers, home theatre units, etc. don’t have phono inputs. To use a vintage turntable with these newer units or to play through a computer, powered speakers or headphones, the turntable signal must pass through an external phono preamp. You’ll then plug the output from the phono preamp into line-level inputs on your gear (these may be marked Aux, Tape, Line, Video, CD, etc).

Bang for the buck

For the cost this was perfect for my turntable and Sonos setup. Might not be all analog, but this little baby gave the signal from my turntable what it needed to make it sound full!

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Most amps don't have turntable inputs anymore.

Worked perfect for connecting my magnetic cart turntable to my Onkyo aux in jack without distortion.

Nice little unit. Works great!

This thing is perfect for anyone who needs to amplify a turntable! We had an older turntable/record player and this unit was small enough to connect and put right next to the main stero.

Easy function

Exactly what I needed to get my old Techics turntable sounding great

Can i use this with my lineartech bd 1600 phase ii turntable and alesis mia320 usdxus speakers and work?

I have a pioneer turntable I had from the seventies it works great.

I have a turntable with RCA jacks out, then Logitech speakers with a converter from a headphone-type jack to RCA jacks. Do I just need a preamp?

Yes. You can hook the turntable's RCA jacks to the speaker RCA jacks and get audio. However, if it's an older turntable it may not be grounded, and you will hear a humming sound. Also, your audio will be very low in volume. The pre-amp will eliminate the humming sound, and give you the volume you desire.

Five Stars

This item work s great with my old turntable and myPCAU48BT Pyle amplifier I bought ILOVE IT !

Resurrected my old turntable!

A quick and easy installation and my old LP’s are back in business!

Five Stars

works perfectly for my old technics turntable.

Can i use the pp555 with my technics sl-d2?

Oscar, I use it with my Technics SL-QD22 and it works great. No reason it shouldn't work with any turntable.

I have a technics sl-qd22. it will work fine?

I use the Pyle for my magnetic cartridge for inputting into my Vid box that connects to my computer for recording record tracks. But it can also be used for connecting into a receiver without a phono input, using an available Aux in. The specs for the Pyle say it can "accommodate magnetic pickups with an input sensitivity of 3mV at 50K Ohms." To that end I came across this caveat about your pickup cartridge: "The Technics SL-QD 22 turn table uses a unique type of cartridge generally known as "T4P Pmount" cartridge." You might want to contact Pyle to be sure they support it, or any other magnetic preamp manufacture you might choose. Here is Pyle's customer comments page if that helps. http://www.pyleaudio.com/sku/PP444/Ultra-Compact-Phono-Turntable-Preamp Best regards,

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Excellent Preamp. Great for the Teac TN-350 turntable.

I recently purchased this preamp as an upgrade for the Teac TN-350 / TN-350-WA. It was a noticeable improvement over the onboard phono preamp and I highly recommend!

Five Stars

Love it, sounds fantastic with my Pro-Ject turntable.

This works great, at least with my Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC ...

This works great, at least with my Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC turntable.…

Will this work with a 25 year old Technics turntable and a new Yamaha receiver?

I am using this with a 25 year old Technics turntable, so yes. However, most new receivers have these built in so make sure its something you really need.

Just to be clear, my AVR (Onkyo tx-nr535) doesn't have a phono input. Do I connect the turntable to this device and plug this device into my AUX port?

yes, this unit gives enough of a boost to power the turntable.

It works well

I bought this device to hook up my Technics turntable up to my new AV receiver. …I am very pleased to recommend this to anyone who wishes to use an old turntable with a new Receiver.

Great for Pro-Ject Debut Carbon

Pairs very well with the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable.

Perfect for my AT-LP60!

Just hooked up this amazing little box to my AT-LP60 Stereo Turntable and Yamaha R-S202 Receiver and it sounds amazing!…This is exactly what I needed to get volume from my turntable because it doesn't have a built in pre-amp.…

Newbie here. Will this allow me to hear records when connecting a pro-ject debut carbon turntable (no preamp) to audioengine a5+ powered speakers?

Yes, you need this to properly listen to your records. It is the setup I have and sounds amazing. Great speakers and great turntable.

Is this the same as an integrated amp with a phono amp built in?

Yes. It allows you to use a turntable on a receiver without a phono input.

See what customers said about turntables

Great little amp!

Works great with my turntable!!

Great for Turntable

Just got a new turntable and I am very new to the whole game so this preamp was perfect for me!…

Turntable now loud

Good price, Great service, fast shipping. Now I can dust off my old records and pump up the volume.

Will this work for a Dual 1209 vintage turntable?

It works with a very vintage (1980's) Technics turntable

can i us e this with my scott turntable

As long as your turntable has RCA out as most turntables do, then you should be good to go.

Phono Turntable Preamp

Easy hook up. Does the job perfectly! I am very happy with my purchase.

Works well

Works perfectly with my turntable

Great turntable preamp

This preamp is the bomb. If you do not have a phono input on your receiver/amp, this is definitely a must. Very good product.

My turntable rca’s don’t have a “ground”, can i still use this preamp?

Turntables that need grounding feature a cable that needs to be attached to a preamp. This unit will work even you doesn't have any ground on your turntable .

Are these adapters compatible w/only certain receiver models? have yamaha rx-v571 receiver & old al-a95 cambridge turntable. should it work?

I found it works graet with my sl-8100 technics turntable.

See what customers said about turntables

Awesome preamp for my turntable

Awesome preamp for my turntable

Great preamp

Bought a used turntable without a preamp and this was just what i needed.

Turntable outputs humming noises removed.

This preamplifier works wonderfully. I have struggled many weeks trying to get rid of annoying humming from my B&O 4002 phono output. Once this preamplifier got setup and speakers were very quiet.

I have a old school sanui turntable with a ceramic cartrige. will this pre amp work with a ceramic cartrige?


I need to go from my record player into two active studio monitors but I need a way to control volume from it too. Can I do that with this device?

i use this as a preamp between my turntable and tube amp which outputs to a pair of passive speakers. it works like a dream and provides nice boost. you can control the volume from it, so i'm guessing that it'd work for your needs.

Clean sound!

Works nicely with a Thorens turntable.

That it worked with my turn table.

It hooked up great with no problems & it was just what I needed to get my turntable working without having to buy an extra receiver. It plugged right in to my Bose Receiver & turntable & works Great.

Turntable pre amp.

Good unit for the price.

Great product.

…Works very well with a 70s era Technics turntable and a Onkyo receiver.

ART DJ Pre II Turntable Phono Preamplifier

…Works great with my current turntable.…

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