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…I highly recommend for elders and kids.

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This is a great product for kids who dont have smartphones. We have made the decision to not buy my kids phones, but need to be abke to communicate with them when in the neighborhood or at friends houses. …Kids love it too!

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The product is very sturdy and the kids seem to enjoy playing with it.

9 others also recommend for kids

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Great kids learning phone

My 2.5 years old cousin loves this

My kids love to used this phone

My kids love to used this phone ..she love on it..…

Fun for kids

My two year old granddaughter loved it!

Is this smart phone just for babies or can older children play and learn from it

I bought this for my niece who turned 1. I played with it a little before I wrapped it for her. I would say that it is more for little babies then for older kids. Hope that helps. :-)

is this a good phone to teach a 4 year simple math....addition ?

I do not believe it teaches simple math. It does teaches kids numbers. This is the reading on the package: Pre-K learning toy teaches numbers, letters and time concepts with fun apps and games.

Kids Fav

My son loves it,which makes me satisfied as well!

Not too loud my kid loves this

My kid loves its and its not too loud and bothering for us

Great phone for kids

Works as described. The little ones loved it!

is this a good toy for newborns?

Hi Thanks for your question. The Vtech Call & Chat Learning Phone toy is intended for kids 2 to 5 years of age; It is not appropriate for a newborn. Best Regards, VtechKids

would a 10 month old be too young for this phone?

Hi Igor, Thank you for your interest in the Call & Chat Learning Phone.The Smart phone toy is intended for kids 2 to 5 years of age. We have several different items that may be better suited to the age range of your child. Please visit www.vtechkids.com Best Regards, VtechKids Support

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Wonderful for infants + toddlers!

…Definitely fun for the young kids!

Good for 1+ year old kid!

Seriously, I love this thing. We bought my son this because he will not leave our phones alone. So now it he grabs it, we just give him his own and he's satisfied enough to not chomp all over ours! I

Cute phone toy

Adorable little phone toy for kids. When I’m on my phone, the kids play with this phone!


…The style reminds me of the iphone x but for kids anyways, for the price this is such high quality!!!…

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Great for elderly

…I highly recommend for elders and kids.

Genius product for the kids, plus a whole lot more

I bought this to keep tabs on my kids, and have ended up using it for that and so much more. This is a great product for being able to stay in touch with my kids (ages 8 and 11) and to know where they are. We have been trying to limit their screen time and have been delaying getting them iphones based on all of the articles about how bad screentime is for kids, so this is just the product we have been looking for.…

Perfect for kids who don’t need a screen!

I absolutely love the relay! My almost 7 year old has a few friends in the neighborhood that he often visits. I always hated that I didn’t have contact as he was walking over there but now the relay has changed that. I can now see via GPS exactly where he is and he can tell me when he gets there. He finds it fun to be able to communicate whenever he wants.…

How durable is this? Will it hold up to semi-rough play on the playground? ie playing football, soccer, etc at recess where it may get hit a few times

My kid has kicked it, dropped it, accidentally flung it across the room... it still works great!

Love It

This is a great option for kids to be able to communicate without them having a phone. …The GPS tracking is great, especially for kids who ride the bus to school.…

A great help

With my kids going in different directions this has been a life saver.

Fun for the kids

I have 2, one for each of my girls and they like to talk back and forth. I like that it is screenless but still offers tracking. Tracking on one of my devices was not accurate but customer service is awesome at responding to issues.

Great alternative to a cell phone.

With kids who are too young for a cell phone, this is perfect!…

Awesome Product! Totally worth the price!

…We have 2 girls, ages 5 and 2 and they are so easy to use and the kids love them.…I love that I can call the kids in from out in the backyard when dinner is ready with just a quick call on the Relay! My kids love playing with them and feel so cool and grown up! It's the perfect amount of technology for young kids with NO SCREEN time and it's useful for communication (no cell phone needed) and for safety!!…

Best way to stay connected to your kids!

We love our Relay! Best way to stay connected to my 8 year old when I’m not home or when she’s playing outside (no need to yell lunch is ready/come inside ever again!) in the backyard or at a friend’s house! Plus it has some more fun features like daily joke, echo, time and ever weather! We had some connectivity issues and we didn’t even had to contact customer service, they contacted us and sent us a new Sim card to try it and problem solved!…

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Great product!

This is a great product for kids who dont have smartphones. We have made the decision to not buy my kids phones, but need to be abke to communicate with them when in the neighborhood or at friends houses. …Kids love it too!

Must have

Came in good use for my kids to keep up with their relay.

Great way to keep track of kid...

…It is a great way to communicate with kids on the go. I also love the case with the Lanyard and d-clamp which make the relay so easy for kids to keep track of and take everywhere.

How long is the relay lanyard? long enough to be worn around the neck and slipped under t-shirt or inside a jacket? also, is relay waterproof?

The relay lands about At my belly button when I put it on. And I am 5’3”. When I’m holding it it looks like it is about 18 inches from the top of the lanyard to the place where it hooks onto the Relay. It can definitely be worn around the neck and slipped under a T-shirt. The Relay seems to be waterproof. But we haven’t really dunked it into a pool of water. But when the kids of been out in the rain it hasn’t impacted the Relay.

There is help if you need it. Reps were very informative & patient.

…Kids love it.…

Great alternative to screened smartphones!

…We have 11 and 8 yo boys and are against screened smart phones for kids but needed a way to contact them when we are not together.…

Good value for the money

I bought this for my 5 and 7-year-old to be able to walk to/from school and to play at neighbor kids’ houses without giving me an anxiety attack. I love the GPS feature on this but I wish it could send an alert for when your kid leaves a location.…The sound quality isn’t always great but that could be user error considering my kids are kind of young. In order for it to work, your app has to be open on your phone otherwise you just get an alert that says “relay is trying to communicate with you” and your kid just gets “nobody in your group is online” and the messages are never recorded so you have to ask what they said.…

Great communication device

…Pretty durable, but not as much as I’d like for primarily a kid’s phone.…

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Five Stars

kids love it

Great for kid learning and entertaining

My twins love playing with this phone, they love the lights and sounds it make and teachs them to play pretend phone game. I enjoy that it has many learning features also.

My grand babies love it.

Kids love it.

Does it stand up to slobber?

My kid is bigger and does not slobber / put in mouth. Given this is made of commercial plastic and has some level of electronics in it, would not want to have kids putting in mouth / slobber over it.. It may be safe but have not tested it.

It’s good for the kids

Excellent fantastic I love that

Kid's Ipone

It is pretty cool. My grand daughter loved it. She plays with it all the time.

cellphone for kids great

great product the kids love them

Kids like how it charges

Great toy for little ones

Worked just fine for the kids

Worked just fine for the kids

Five Stars

Good product, kids love

See what customers said about kids

The kids enjoy it.

The product is very sturdy and the kids seem to enjoy playing with it.

Bought this for baby boy and it’s a great gift to keep kids busy

Bought this for baby boy and it’s a great gift to keep kids busy. Kids love to play with the real thing and not those fake colorful cellphones.…

Good value

Kids loved this product

What all does this toy phone do?

It just a real phone replacement toys for kids.

Its a very Nice toy, usefull

Its a very Nice toy, useful, kids enjoy to play with it and act it out as a real phone, they actually like the fact that it must be charged like a real phone.

My grandson love it so he keeps of my phone he carries every where he goes great gift for a kid

My grandson love it

Kids entertainment

Give the kids their own phone love it

Great toy that your kid will love

You can throw this toy and it will still work. Trust me my daughter has tried everything to break it and failed.


Could be better but its good for a little kid

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