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Propane Fuel Cylinders, 4 pk./16 oz.
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Used the first tank camping recently and was very happy with it.

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Coleman 332831 Propane 16.4oz Cyl
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Awesome tried and true product!

5 others also recommend for camping
Jetboil Jetpower 4-Season Fuel Blend, 100 Gram
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This is good for camping!

10 others also recommend for camping

Works great with our fire maple portable camp stove

8 others also recommend for camping

Lights fast and produces much heat, great for camping or a B.O.B.

10 others also recommend for camping

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Five Stars

Used the first tank camping recently and was very happy with it.

Multi use

Perfect for camping

great for camping!

This fuel is perfect for my camping and outdoor needs.…

Approximately how many hours does 1 propane tank last if you left a basic single burner stove running none stop

If you have it on low, it'll run for the entire night or day or around 9-10hrs. If it's on high, it'll last for about 5-6hrs. I've used mine in my tent when camping and keeps it warm for about 5-6hrs. Cooking will depend on how much you use it.

Hi there, I would like to know if this propane cylinder can be re-fulled after propane finished?

Yes you can with the proper adapter that's $6.99 on Amazon. This method will fill it about 2/3 full. Have used this type cylinder for years with my camp stove and Mr heater. Just recently came across an article on line via Google that shows how to construct a valve for about $30 that fills the cylinder all the way. I stead of $6 - $8 for 4 cylinders you can fill all 4 for about $2. Hope this helps.

It's a Colman propane can

Not much to say, these are the quintessential camp propane bottles.

Can't use the propane accessories without this

Besides is convenient, I throw mine in the backpack and take it camping.

Great f or

…Great f or camping

Very nice

…Make camping trip a lot easier and they are light so it's easy to pack.


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Time to camp!

Awesome tried and true product!

Only found these on Amazon!

Perfect for Camping!


Convenient to have while camping.

Five Stars

Great small cylinder for camp stove...comes in handy all year round just to enjoy outdoor cooking

Five Stars

Always a camping must...always get a lot of hours out of each canister.

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This is good for camping!

Item as described

Worked great on camping trip.

Perfect for backpacking or camping to boil water using the MinMo

JetBoil has the perfect functionality and design with so many of their products and the Jetpower fuel. Using my MiniMo and this canister will burn for at least 45 minutes. Great product

Would I have enough with one for a 2 days camping?

It just depends on how much you will be cooking. We made hot apple cider and heated food up on several trips. It does last a while.

How long does each canister last?

Depending on how many times you use it,, I took it camping for a week cooked 3 times a day with it, and still have some left in it.

Works great..

Works great. ..5 of us went on a back country weekend camping trip.…

Great Product

Worked as expected and would never go camping without the Jetboil!

Five Stars

Light weight and fits perfect in my camping pots to maximize space.

What is the actual weight of the cannister when it is filled with 4 oz of fuel? Is it the "shipping weight" or a different actual weight?

The don't have the exact weight of the canister, but it's less than a pound. I am able to fit two canisters in my camping pots. See link https://www.amazon.com/G4Free-Outdoor-Cookware-Backpacking-PCS-Green/dp/B00N7EOB88/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1497637686&sr=8-1&keywords=camping+small+pots Or I can fit one big canister https://www.amazon.com/Jetboil-Jetpower-4-Season-Fuel-Blend/dp/B001GCVJ4M/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1497637737&sr=8-2&keywords=jetboil+canisters.

Using the float method, where on the can does the water line fall when its full, and when its empty?

A better method than floating it would be to just weigh it on a digital postal or kitchen scale and do the math to get the exact ammount of grams remaining in you canister. 100g canister: 100g fuel; gross weight 194g; empty weight 94g (51.5% fuel by weight) 230g canister: 230g fuel; gross weight 356g; empty weight 126g (64.6% fuel by weight) 450g canister: 450g fuel; gross weight 645g; empty weight 195g (69.8% fuel by weight) Do this at home and you'll get a feel just by swoshing the can around how much fuel you have left in the field when camping.


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Five Stars

Works great with our fire maple portable camp stove

Good product. Fits jetboil sumo and others

…I usually use it to make coffee a few mornings every three or four weeks while car camping.…

Powerful Little Burner

I purchased this little stove for a primitive camp out with a friend.…I used it to boil water in a metal camp coffee pot.…

going on a 4 day camp trip will use for breakfast, coffee twice a day, and dinner. Will a single 100g can last me, never used this type stove/fuel?

Yes it will. 😁 I used one for 2 weeks preparing coffee, hot tea, and cooking 2 x a day for one. Then, took it on another camp out for another 7 days and I still have fuel remaining. I believe how fast it burns depends on elevation and temperature as well. Hope this helps.

Will these leak between uses if stored for a long time like CO2 canisters?

No. I thought the same thing. But, no they won't leak. I camped in late April and mine is still good.

Use for camping and hunting excellent product for jet boil

Use for camping and hunting

Long lasting

Using it for my motorcycle camping trips.…

Solid product, won't let you down.

…More than you'll need for an extended camping trip or power outage.

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great for camping or a B

Lights fast and produces much heat, great for camping or a B.O.B.

love this

these are great for fire on the go while camping, hiking to heat someting to munch on in the middle of the day... also helps with boiling water

Gotta love the fish tablets

These are fantastic firestarters when you're backpacking or camping.…

I was thinking about getting these to help start campfires could this start a standard dry piece of firewood?

We sell these tablets as fuel for miniature toy steam engines. I know that they can be used for camp stoves, but have never tried starting firewood with them and so cannot answer your question. Let us know if it works!

A camping basic.

What can anyone say about Esbit tabs that haven't already been said. They are everything you need. The fact that they are like putty and can be cut up makes then great for fire starters. If you have no kindling or it may be wet, the best thing is a tube of fire paste or an Esbit tab. It burns long enough to dry out small twigs or whittling shavings and get you some coals to get a good fire going.…

Nice but smelly

Worked great on a camping trip to get a wood burning stove going.…

Works great in Steam Engines

The Good: • Light up within seconds of using match or lighter • Burn slowly so give your model time to function and heat up safely • They fit right into my steam engines slide • You can break them up easily • They don’t really smoke much at all and burn up completely leaving not much to clean Other thoughts: • They do produce a smell that will fill any closed area… • These can be used in various applications, models, camping, survival, etc… The Bottom Line: I purchased these to heat up my steam engines an they work very well for that purpose.…

Love this little stove for fast food heat up on ...

Love this little stove for fast food heat up on camping trips.…NOTE: this is NOT my only cooking source on a camp/hike trip.

Amazing solid fuel cubes

…Great for outdooor use, camping, prepping, or keep as a backup when power grids go down.

Esbit Solid Fuel Cubes

…Not particularly affected by wind conditions when used with Esbit 3-piece camping cookset.…

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Very useful on camping

Exactly as advertised

Perfect for winter camping

Fire and heat even in wet conditions!

Great solid fuel tabs for RV camping, backpacking or emergency conditions...thanks!

Great packaging.

Loving the super tough plastic backing. 4 tablets seems to be the perfect size for camping with my Titanium Solid Fuel Stove!…

i use these a lot

…ie=UTF8&psc=1) boils 2 cups of water for my mountain house when camp stoves are not allowed. also great lightweight stove and fuel for hikes or the BOB. minimal residue, lights with lighter. it is not tinder so block the wind

Camping Must Have


Basic Fuel for Camping and Emergency Prepping.

Bought this for emergency prepping. Looks like it will do the job.

Better than the rest

I hunt and camp quite a bit.…