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Kamigami Scarrax Robot

Assembling this is a lot of fun and the pieces are precision made, therefore, the fit is excellent and a snap. No tools are required. I would estimate the time required at an easy pace to be about fifteen to twenty minutes for a child and some adult help. Comes well charged and with a short USB cord, as well. The app is very simple and works well.…

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My niece loved it. Fun for her to play with in a small area, when indoors.

10 others also recommend for kids

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The kids love it.

A great buy for the price.

Kids loved it!

Good customer service on cord replacement

Kid loves it

Ordered it for a friend's 5 year old. He loves it and had no problem understanding how to operate it.

Great toy for kids

My son loves it. Great little toy for young ones.

Perfrct for young kids

We love this robot. It's so cute. It dances and talks without the remote but can also be controlled with the remote.

Kids idea gift.

My nephew/Godson love this robot. I'm so happy I got for him.

Great RC Robot for Kids!

Purchased for my 4 year old grandson. He loves this robot. Most of the toys I buy him, he loses interest in very quickly. He has been consistently playing with this robot since he received. The robot functions flawlessly and is a great value.

Great toy for young kids

This toy is very versatile and a great value toy for the money. It is a very sturdy robot and its battery lasts for a few playing sessions. I bought this for my 3 year old son and he just loves it! Depending on the mood he will just have him walk around, or have his own dance party, or play with the hand gestures.

Great robot for kids under 7

This robot was so worth the money!!! my 6 yr old got a cozmo last year and it was to hard for him to play with.this robot is great you can program him and it dances just like the robot in real steel!!

Kids liked it

Good choice

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Excellent basic bot for your kids or the kid in you.

Assembling this is a lot of fun and the pieces are precision made, therefore, the fit is excellent and a snap. No tools are required. I would estimate the time required at an easy pace to be about fifteen to twenty minutes for a child and some adult help. Comes well charged and with a short USB cord, as well. The app is very simple and works well.…

Great for a 7yo kid

My 7yo son loves these! He puts them together himself. I have no idea how they work so he figured it out on his own!

Great gift for kids!

Great gift for kids, my son love it!

Nice piece worth it

My kids liked it!

Five Stars

Amazing robot it was Christmas present and kids enjoyed it so much.

great buy

for the price and ease of construction this is great... kids love it.. and really enjoyed putting it together

Awesome for the price!

…The kids love it!

A cool robot toy!!

…Kids love it!!

Kids love it!

We have two different ones and the kids love them.…

Wonderful toy for developing kids' patience and spatial development

…I think it is a great educational toy that kids will really enjoy for the fun factor as well.…

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Kids will love it.

I bought it for Christmas for my niece. My niece loved it.

Great robot dog for any kid!

The dog does everything you could imagine and more. Got this for my grandson for his birthday. He’s going to love it!


It’s a great bday gift for kids


My kids loved this toy!…


Kids likes it

Great robot dog!

…The voice command option makes this ENTIRELY worth the price, as it makes it more interactive for kids. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone looking to get their kid a dog without actually having to get a dog…


…The kids love it and the programmable features are top notch. The kids are programming our dog's barking to see what the robot will do.…

Love it

…My kids love it the only this I hate is that I have to take it apart to charge the battery.

Pretty fun toy for kids around 8 to 10 years of age

…The remote control programs it do to some limited tricks, but overall fun for kids.…

Good product, but have some problems

This toy is very nice, and fun, it does so many things the kids love it, but the problem is that the quality I don’t think lasts too much because after couple times of usage the toy already have marks and some scratches and the remote control isn’t the best quality already broke the thing that closes the battery compartment, but overall it’s a nice toy and I would recommend as long as you keep an eye for you kid take care of it because it’s delicate.

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Nice for kids

My niece loved it. Fun for her to play with in a small area, when indoors.

Kids love the miniSphero

[[VIDEOID:6ddd96657f2109145a795f2fcd433489]] as written by the 10 year old who uses Sphero mini: Sphero mini is an evolutionary device for the whole family. The perfect size makes it easily transportable for on the go fun! From the fun of building courses and playing “hide and seek” possibilities are endless. It’s not only a toy but it’s a game! I love the different ways you can control it; tilt, slingshot, face drive, and much more!…

Kids love them!!!

This one one of the best Xmas gifts for the kids this yr.…

I'd like to buy this for a kid in Japan - will he be able to get it to work on devices there?

I have been able to operate this with apple, Samsung, and Acer products using the app. I don't think this would be a problem.

Does this work with ios?

Yes. My kids use their iPads and iPods to play with theirs.

Great kids toy

Played with it and am very satisfied with how it works.

Fun toy for kids

Very cool and easy to use for kids/teenagers.…

Awesome gift for kids to use their brains!!!

Got this for my step son because they have in school and he loves it.

Great for kids about 6-10!

Works great and is very well made it seems! My son found it fun to play with and for travel!

Perfect Christmas gift

An awesome toy for kids of all ages. A fun and easy way to teach kids robotics.…

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Fun for kids and kids at heart

This is a cool toy! My nephews love it. It makes some awesome sounds too.

Kids loved it!

Great toy for the money, grandson loved it!

The kids LOVE it!

Lights up, plays dance music, shoots mistles, walks, and more! My 7 year old nephew loved it!!! His siblings are envious. Great product!

Would this be age appropriate for a five year old?

regarding item Play22 Remote Control Robot Toy - Robots for Kids Superb Fun Toy - Toy Robot Shoots Missiles Walks Talks & Dances with Flashing Lights 10 Functions - Best RC Robot Gift for Boys and Girls -Original yes 5 year old is the prefect age for this

Super fun and perfect for kids!!

This is a fun toy! My 5 year old loves the music and dancing, and the controls are very easy to use. We've only had it a couple of weeks, so i can't say too much about the durability yet, but so far, so good! My only complaint is the number of batteries it takes, but the robot automatically turns itself off after a few minutes of inactivity, so that definitely helps to preserve.

Perfect Robot for kids! Easy to use!

Super cute! My 4 year old loves it and its super easy for him to control. The remote is pretty straight forward. He loves the feature how it fires little sticks out! Great value!

Cool robot

Kids liked it, well made

6yr love it

One of my kids favorite toy.

Five Stars

Great buy, great kids loved the gift.…

Great gift idea-boy mom

The robot is fun all my kids of different ages love it.

See what customers said about kids

kids love it

…It is easy to use and my kids love it. …

Amazing robot for kids.

What a smart amazing robot with singing and dancing. It does recording as well and interactive voice control as described. My little girl really like it a lot.

fun toys for kids

buy the gift for my four years. great fun .he is running around all days. good toys.

Robot toy for kids

Great toy for kids.

Cool robot toy for young kid

Very cool and fun Robot for young kid .

Easy to use!! Best kids toy!!

We love the robot!! It is my son's new favorite toy!! He takes it everywhere with him!!

Nice playmate!

…It works very well and my kid loves this smart robot. My kid really loves to play with it!…I recommend purchasing this for your kid because I think it will be very exciting for my kid to have the robot toy Since my kid don抰 have any brother or sisters, my kid sometimes feel lonely playing by himself so this robot could be his new playmate.…

Great toy

Kids love ut

Good gift

Fun gift for little kids

Great STEM Toy

My kid loves to play with this robot.

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