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Sounds great, easy hookup, great price on sale

10 others also recommend for TVs

Goes well with new tv. I use both tv and sound at volume and it sounds great for sports and movies

10 others also recommend for TVs

Outstanding!!!! Perfect for any room!!

10 others also recommend for TVs

Love it, great replacement for tv speakers.

10 others also recommend for TVs
VIZIO SB3820-C6 38-Inch 2.0 Channel Sound Bar
Currently unavailable

This sound bar works very well with my TV. …I highly recommend a sound bar if you are having trouble hearing any of the channels on your TV.…

10 others also recommend for TVs

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Works perfect with a TCL Roku TV

Sounds great, easy hookup, great price on sale

great value

This sound bar is amazing. got it for the tlc tv and it has made a legitite difference in the sound versus tv only. a must buy along with TLC tvs.

Great Soundbar for the price and the TCL TV

Easy installation, good sound & good price.

Will this work for hulu live stream tv, or only sound like the tv speakers?

I set mine up via HDMI to the TV and it plays the sound from everything that goes through the tv including hulu. Like netflix etc. It would work the same if you use the fiberoptic sound cable too.

Will this work for a 65 inch tcl tv?

This will work with any tv that supports Bluetooth, optical, hdmi Arc, usb or 3.5 mm jack

super easy interface with tv. works and sounds spectacular.

love the tcl tv too.

Never watch TV without a soundbar!!

Sound bars add so much value to the TV viewing experience.…I really appreciate the simple set up to the TV, as well as quick connectivity to my phone to play music via bluetooth.…

Great upgrade for TCL TV speakers

…I bought this to pair with my 65 in TCL 6 series TV. I wanted a simple upgrade to the tv speakers and this bar and woofer delivered. Super easy to wall-mount under the TV for a clean look. Also, it works seamlessly with the TV remote, so I'm still living off one little beautiful remote.... I'm not an audiophile but this really improves our TV experience.…

Do they power on automatically from the tv remote?

If you are connecting to a TCL TV, you should be able to toggle the volume up or down to wake the soundbar. However, if you are using a non TCL TV, the soundbar would need to be connected via HDMI ARC in order to wake with turning on the power of the TV. Hope this helps! Thank you, TCL Customer Support

If i have a device connected via bluetooth how do i get it back to tv sound? manually change it back? or will it default back to tv when powered off?

With a TCL TV connected via HDMI-ARC it will default to the TV when the TV is turned on. When I'm using bluetooth and turn on my TV it automatically switches to provide sound from my TV. Note when I turn on my TV it turns on the Soundbar and when I turn off my TV it turns it off.

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Good sound

Goes well with new tv. I use both tv and sound at volume and it sounds great for sports and movies

Good purchase

This is extremely easy to setup, the sound is way better than my tv could have ever provided. It isn’t chunky or overpowering looking on my tv stand, it’s very sleek.…It also provides directions for all types of TVs!


Excellent product, works great with Bluetooth and regular TVs.…

will this bluetooth connect with fire tv cube?

I’m. Not sure. I have a Roku TV. it connected without a problem, sounds great too. If you have a smart TV. You should be fine.

Does it work without a Bluetooth capable tv?

Yes. I connect to my TV with an optical cable that comes with the soundbar.

Great bass, remote programs to tv

…I was able to program the remote that came with it to my smart TV so that was a big plus.…I do wish it would get louder than it does for the TV, but the bass and quality is much better than our TV sound.…All in all though, for the price, we got better sound for our TV.…The fact that it syncs with our regular TV remote is a big plus and it does have good bass.

Great sound and clarity.

…Hardest part was getting my fat fingers to install the audio cable on my TV .…Great sound for TV shows and movies .…It helped old ears to hear the TV and understand the dialog .

Great value

We recently purchased a new tv that had terrible sound. I was skeptical about purchasing a sound bar assuming it would just make the bad sounding tv louder but to my surprise it made a total difference! It sounds great and it plugged into my tv headphone jack so that I can control it with my tv/dish remote.…

any problems hooking up to watch tv and playstation??

Has bt and hdmi cables. The hdmi hoiks to tv and has bt

Is this sound bar compatible for TV, or is it only compatible for movies and music?

Yes worked on tv also

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A Lot of Help for the TV

Outstanding!!!! Perfect for any room!!

GREAT sound quality with the TV

GREAT sound quality with the TV.…Overall as a TV speaker it does the job.

Sounds great with the TV

Sounds great with the TV, even better when streaming music from my phone via Bluetooth.…

Is a smart tv required?

No smart tv required :)

Can this be plugged in to an Apple TV, or is that even a necessary step?

Apple TV plugs into your TV. The TV would plug into the sound bar.


After I learned how everything worked, it was great

jam, movie, tv sessions upgraded!!

definitely was impressed when i turned this thing on.

Really nice addition to the familyroom TV

Sounds great. Works perfectly. The wireless sub adds quite a bit of base. Really surprised by that. For a little sub it puts out a great sound.

Is this system compatible with LG tvs?

Yes i have my on a LG tv

is that gonna work sony smart tv?

It works on my Sony TV.

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Great item for great price

Love it, great replacement for tv speakers.

Working well with Panasonic TV and DirecTV

Sounds great and works well with the TV.…

It’s Yamaha, the best.

Used as a tv sound bar and sounds great.

Does it automatically turn on when you turn the TV on?

It turns on and off with the tv if you use the HDMI ARC ports. If your TV doesn't support ARC, you also have to use the optical cable. The manual has instructions on how to set it up for TVs with and without ARC.

Can this be set up for tv and video games on xbox?

Depends on how you set it up. If you run xbox into TV and have TV connected to soundbar, it works great! This soundbar is a steal. You would be hard pressed to find anything that sounds this good for twice the money!

Nice sound!

Sounds great with our TCL Roku TV. …Fairly easy to sync the sound bar to our TV/cable box to avoid having to use a separate remote for the sound bar. Also....not too big so this sits fine on shelf in front of the tv.

Great sound

Very good value and slim enough to mount behind the tv

Replaced my home theatre

I used this at the base of my TV to hide my TV's wires and in lieu of my giant home theatre system which couldn't work in my new space. Certainly an improvement over just using the TV's speakers!

Will this work with a Samsung smart tv?

Works with pretty much any recent major brand.

Would i be able to mount this soundbar below my tv with a mount connected to the back of the tv, such as the mounting dream soundbar mount?

Yes you can

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great sound

great sound compared to tv speakers!

Value and excellent product.

Great product for our tv viewing area in outdoor gathering area.

Powerful portable speaker

…Works really well with my TV!

Is the sound level loud enough for a 32 inch tv?

Yes, the sound is loud enough for a 32 inch tv

Is the sound level loud enough for a 32 inch tv?

Yes, the sound is loud enough for a 32 inch tv

Good quality, good price!

Purchased this for our motorhome TV and it is very compact and appears well constructed with good sound.…

Great Little Spare Bedroom Speaker

After having reasonable success with a different soundbar for my master bedroom TV, I decided to get this smaller bar for the TV in my guest bedroom. Being a small TV it didn't have much in the way of speakers, and needed a bit of help.…In our case the included optical cable connected right to the TV and started working right away.…The small size makes this easy to tuck on a shelf above or below a TV, or if your TV's a bit bigger than ours (the bedroom TV is only like 32) then you can likely also set this in front of it without blocking the screen. If you're looking for a small, simple to use, soundbar to provide better sound quality for a TV that's lacking, then this should get the job done.

Sound is good. Set up is easy

…I have mine wired in to my TV AUX I am not using the wifi . And the TV remote nolonger controls the volume ( disapointed in that) I would recommend this product.

can I use this as a speaker for Windows 7 PC?

Yes, off course you can, it is compatible with TV/PC/Phones/Tablets

A Good Purchase

Just what I needed for listening to TV at different locations around the house.…

See what customers said about TVs

Perfect for my TV!

This sound bar works very well with my TV. …I highly recommend a sound bar if you are having trouble hearing any of the channels on your TV.…

Easy to connect to tv

Works very good with our Visio tv.…

Easy to connect to TV

Do not know how would do with TVs other than Vizio, but works great with our 55 and 42 (actually ordered 2 SB). Really noticeable improvement in sound compared with TV speakers.

Will this work with a 39 inch TV?

Should work with any TV, it comes with all the cables

Will this work on a smart tv?

I have a Vizio smart Tv and this bar works just fine on mine.

Great product, great price, awesome sound.

Works great, and automatically synced with our vizio tv, meaning the tv (or comcast) remote works to control the volume without issue. I turned the tv speakers off to get the best, most crisp sound using ONLY the soundbar. It is night and day compared to when we bought the tv.

Really Improves TV Sound.

Really helps clarity of the sound. Good quality.

Great soundbar for under TV mounting

Great soundbar for under TV mounting.…

Is this compatible with any tv?

As long as the TV is new enough that it has audio output on the front or back it will work. Hope this helps

Can you hook it up to a 65 inch tv?

Yes, you can hool this up to 65" tv.

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