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Terrific customer service! left message with tech support to call me back.Chris fromTaotronics. Returned my call within minutes.His knowledge and patience was incredible . .Thank you Chris. The new headphones now work great. Thank you

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nice little headphones. sounds is good. best part is i dont have to here my girlfriend complaining about me watching youtuse while shes watching tv

10 others also recommend for TVs

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Distance from TV GREAT

So much better than my last one ,

Connecting Headphones to TV

Customer service was able to help me with my connection problem and appreciate her patience. I am deaf in one ear and having issues with my good ear at the moment. I find the sound to be very good! Thank you.

FANTASTIC. Hard of hearing for TV this is your answer.

This unit is fantastic. If your hard of hearing, this is a great set with wonderful sound. I highly recommend this set of head phones.

is Sony smart TV compatible with headphones?

If your smart TV has a digital optical output then this device will definitely work with your TV. Check out the manual for this device and it will explain the connection options. https://support.avantree.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020411731-HT5009-Document-PDF-User-Manual-English-

Will this headset pair with lg smart tv via bluetooth

I have the LG smart tv also. These head phones work great. There is virtually no delay or echo with this device.

Easy solution to wireless TV sound.

Performed as advertised, easy to set up.


Very nice bluetooth transmitter for TV.

Best cordless headphones for TV I've ever used.

I love these headphones. The sound is clear. The volume goes quite loud, which I love since I currently live in an apartment and there is always some noise to drowned out. The company is very helpful. I received a useful tips email today that answered my question, how do you turn the voice prompt off.…

can other people hear and watch tv when this set is on?

Yes. Earphone volume is controlled separately from the TV set.

Can i easily switch from regular tv volume to head phone volume and visa versa?

I have a Sony TV. I use the 3.5mm audio cable (I think... the cable with red and white plugs). My headphone volume is independent of the TV volume and both can be controlled at once; TV can be raised/lowered/muted without affecting headphone, headphone can be turned on/off without affecting TV.

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how to connect to 2od tv

Terrific customer service! left message with tech support to call me back.Chris fromTaotronics. Returned my call within minutes.His knowledge and patience was incredible . .Thank you Chris. The new headphones now work great. Thank you

Excellent for TV and Computer

Good range, Great battery life, Works great for TV/Computer audio Music is fair.

Great for TV

Great product. I listen to this when kids are asleep. Sounds like a stereo in my ear. Nice bass, tremble, and mids. Just pair with any bluetooth transmitter

Can i plug in to tv is outlet for tv marked

These are wireless. Must have Bluetooth tv

Will this work with a 2017 Samsung TV?

I use mine with my Samsung smart TV no problem. As long as your TV has Bluetooth, you should be good.

Good headphone for watching TV

Looks nice and function well

Great product for listening to TV

Use it along with Blue Tooth connected to my Sony TV and it works great.

They completely mute the TV

My wife was always telling me to lower the volume on the TV at 2100 when our son would go to bed, but then I could barely hear the TV. I found these GREAT headphones and after pairing them to the TV the volume on the TV is cut off and directed straight thru the headphones allowing me to continue watching the program without disturbing my son's sleep. They also do a decent job of blocking outside noise that might make watching TV very difficult, such as a neighbors lawn mower, table saw or other loud noises.

Can you listen to tv?

If your tv has bluetooth. yes

can I listen to TV

Yes if your tv has Bluetooth connection or if not you can buy a Bluetooth receiver to plug into your tv and connect to that to listen.

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I recomend this for use with TV .

Very good sound , easy to set up on my TV .

No one can hear TV

Love this

Drowns out other noises in the house.

Perfect for watching TV.

Is this good for LG tv

Yes it will work with any tv.

I watch tv in the living room and the bedroom. Different types of tvs. Will it switch between tvs? I think they are within 100 feet of each other.

The charging base is physically connected to a tv so you are not be able to hear another tv even if you were in range. But certainly easy enough to move to another tv if your tv connections were easily accessible switching is no problem.

now I can hear the TV

I am hard of hearing and use these while watching TV, great quality sound and comfort...

Improves voice clarity in tv programs.

Even though I wear hearing aids, the dialog in many tv programs was difficult to understand, so I used closed caption. My new headphones make it so much clearer and I am able to understand and enjoy tv much better now without cc.

Good TV headphones

…Works very well throughout my apartment, easy to set up, has an optical connecting port (my- LG TV does not have any other way of connecting to external audio) rechargeable batteries in headphone last for hours of listening, great sound.…

Can i watch tv show in one room and husband use these in another while watching different shows or will he link into my tv?

Yes. My wife watches the TV in our bedroom and I use the headphones to watch TV in the family room with no interference.

Can you watch and listen to tv while other person has On the headphones?

It depends on the TV, And, How you have the stand connected to the TV. I went with the optical connection, on a fairly old creaky Samsung. If I want the TV speakers off, I have to run the volume down. If you go with - say - the 3.5 mm audio plug, for your connection, it may shut off the speakers in the process. This critter comes with three sets of cables for hooking it up. Each make/model of TV takes a different approach with their interfaces. Mileage can vary.

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Having trouble hearing the TV? Then these are for you!!

Light weight, easy to install, and fantastic theater sound! Love them!

Works perfectly with my Visio TV.

This unit was easy to setup and pair.

Best TV headphone so far

This headphone works much better than the Rocketfish it replaced. It has much longer battery power and very good audio quality.

Is there a wireless tv headphone that still allows others in the room to hear the tv?

I have these hooked up my tv and the volume on the tv works just fine even while using these headphones. the volume controls only work for the tv and the headphones have their own controls.

can i listen to the tv through my headphones with the volume off on the tv

It may depend on how your TV is wired. I have two TV sets I use with this. One turns off the sound to the main TV when you plug in the set, the other you can use both ways. they are both identical TVs except one is newer than the other. It should work the way you want, but it might not let you do both at the same time, depending on how your TV is set up.

Watching TV with these Headphones is great.

Every so often the sound gets fuzzy and I don't know how to fix this but most of the time the sound is so clear and I can hear so good without bothering other people with it too loud. I am happy with this wireless headphone.

Easy to connect on Visio tv.

Works great so far.


'Much better set of headphones than the ones I've purchased in the past. It's compact, comfortable, simple to install and, most importantly, works great as it provides excellent sound!'

Can i connect the headphones to the tv for my dad and can i still hear the tv?

Yes, I can control tv volume on my tv while still controlling headset volume on the headset control.

Will it work on Apple TV ?

Yes all you need to do is plug the transmitter into the TV and it transmits to the headphones, yeah simple.

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Must have a peaceful mind

Wife loves it, drains the noise from the grandkids cell phones and tv.

Perfect for what I needed.

They work great with my fire stick tv.…

Good for listening to music or TV, Not good for Phone calls

I'm very happy with the sound quality when using these for listening to music, etc. BUT the microphone is absolutely worthless. Nobody can understand a word I say, and many have said I sound like I'm underwater. If you're looking for a communications headset, keep looking (I ended up with the Jabra Evolve 75UC for that purpose, but am keeping these for audio only use). If you're looking for a well made, reasonably priced audio headphone, with good sound quality and battery life, give these a try.

Will these work on a Smart TV?

Hello, these will work on a smart TV if the TV has a Bluetooth function. Thank you.

can these be used for TV as well?

Unable to pair with my TV

good quality headphones

use for tv viewing mostly...very good

Greeat headphone for price

Use to watch tv in loft over living room (2 tv in proximity.…


…I use the headphones to watch TV

will work with smart tv?

As long as the smart TV is equipped with Bluetooth there should be no problem.

will this work on samsung smart tv?

If you have bluetooth and wifi on TV, it is compatible.

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nice headphones great price

nice little headphones. sounds is good. best part is i dont have to here my girlfriend complaining about me watching youtuse while shes watching tv


Work well for laptop use when others are watching TV.

Sony MDRZX110 ZX Series Stereo Headphones.

these are wonderfully comfortable for a person like myself who watches tv all night next to a normal sleeping person.…

I have these plugged into the back of a smart samsung tv...how do you change the volume on these earphones there is no volume control on the earphone?

The volume is controlled by the device the headphones are plugged into.

Would these be good for listening to live music (youtube concerts etc) for hearing the bass??

i have only used them for tv. they are very confortable

Four Stars

Good for listed to the TV while doing the treadmill at the club.

Mom loves it.

My mom loves it when watching TV.…

Works for what it was purchased for

Hard of hearing husband uses it to watch tv so the volume doesn't disturb my sleep.

Can these headphones be used for gaming on an Xbox 360?

You would need to run a cable from the TV headphone output (most have one) to where you were sitting, but yes. The extension is very inexpensive, they sound great through the TV.

Will this work on a Portable CD Player?

Yes. Honestly we have not tested it on a portable CD player but every other item we have tested them on has worked. (Tested on 4 cell phones, 2 iPods, iPad, TV, Desktop computer and laptop computer)

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