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I love it can't wait to cosplay with it

10 others also recommend for cosplay

My 12 yr old daughter wanted this wig for comic con. She loves it. It was a perfect fit.

10 others also recommend for cosplay
ColorGround Short Anime Cosplay Wig
$13.90 - $20.90

Daughter loves it. Ordered it for upcoming Comicon. She's so excited. Very soft, fits well, great price

10 others also recommend for cosplay

My daughter loves them they help keep her cosplay wigs in good shape.…

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My daughter loves to cosplay and this wig is perfect

Great for cosplay

Looks great fits great

Cosplay wig

The quality of this wig is very good for the price! The fit is great and the style is amazing!

Is it realistic enough for a Shigaraki cosplay??

I used mine for a shigaraki cosplay its not too shiny and it’s pretty good quality it’s obviously not going to look really realistic buts it’s good for cosplay

Is the Uraraka wig realistic enough for a cosplay and possibly wearable for everyday use?

Yes! As long as you keep it clean and brushed it will hold its shape for as long as you need it! I wore it out for my anniversary dinner with my husband and was complimented multiple times on how nice 'my hair' looked and no one was any wiser to it not being my actual hair.

Great Cosplay Wig

I ordered this for my granddaughter and it came exactly as expected. Great value. Nice quality.

Best wig I have

Was really well made and is one of my favorite wigs I have for cosplay!

Comes pre-spiked!

Got this for my daughter so that she could cosplay as Denki Kaminari at the local convention and she loved it! …Definitely suggest this wig for anyone looking to cosplay as Denki!

Cosplay approved

Got this for my daughters cosplay and she loves it.…

Looks great and is high quality.

Worked great for my kaminari cosplay!

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Awesome wig ever

I love it can't wait to cosplay with it


this is a amazing wig. it is going to be awesome for my tsuyu asui cosplay. the bow will need just a bit of hair spray so that the hair does not show the foam underneath. the wig will need a bit of styling but other than that it is an amazing wig.

Great buy for teen for cosplay

It’s for my cosplay teen she loves it

Decent wig for Shoto Todoroki cosplay

Overall this was a pretty good wig for the cosplay I did.…

Colors are great!

Works perfect for a Todoroki cosplay.…

Looks great!!

…He loved it and he will continue to wear it the rest of the year for cosplay!…


…i love cosplaying in this its super soft in my opinion.…Its a nice and long dark green wig ((cosplaying Froppy)) it even has a clip to clip on her hair bow!…

It's pretty long and you need to style it

It needed a lot of styling but I got there and it looked okay but this is my first cosplay so I think it turned out with pretty good

Nice long wig

Worked great for my tsuyu cosplay and inko cosplay!…

Love it! Thank you

…It’s the perfect wig for a Todoroki Cosplay.

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Cosplay Wig

My 12 yr old daughter wanted this wig for comic con. She loves it. It was a perfect fit.

Very soft!

It was really good for my toga cosplay,and I love that the buns are pretty styled!

Good wig

My kid loves it she loves Cosplay and Anime so she loves this wig

Is this wig at all good in quality to cosplay the character its for?

It is! The color is a silver blonde like in the anime and is super nice quality!

Is this a synthetic wig?

Yes. Synthetic, costume grade for Halloween or cosplay. Not thick or overly real looking.

Good Wig

Got this for a toga cosplay even though the bangs were long on me (which is normal) it works really well and looks very cute.

would recommend

…hair is soft and not overly shiny, and the clip-on buns look natural. with a little trim on the bangs, it worked great for my toga cosplay!

Worth The Money it's 10/10 !

…. (: 10/10 and I highly recommend for your Toga Cosplay :3 This Is Definitely Worth The Price!

Do you have to style it?

Yes it's a bit longer than my jaw so I will need to cut it to my jawline. And the bangs are a bit longer. But other than that its perfect for the cosplay

Cosplay daughter

Bangs were a bit long for my 10 year old, but she loved it!

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Wig cosplay

Daughter loves it. Ordered it for upcoming Comicon. She's so excited. Very soft, fits well, great price


Its awesome!!! Its a very thick wig, with no gaps where you can see the tracks or wig cap beneath, and I can wear it for hooooours.

great for cosplay

getting another wig that wasn't as good helped me realize how great this one is. decently thick and looks pretty, also reacts well to heat styling

Head circumference?

sorry I didn't buy that wig, I did buy ColorGround Half Silver White Half Red Cosplay Wig for Halloween by ColorGround and it fits great. We have big heads!

Great for cosplay

Bought this for my sister and she loves it! The detachable pony tails are great!

Good cosplay costume

I bought this wig for my daughters Halloween costume. She is completely obsessed with it. I think it’s a great value for the money.

Perfect for my momo cosplay!!

The wig was very comfortable to wear, and the hair was very thick. It also came with a wig cap that works very well. It looks really good, and works well. With my face shape and size, I ended up shortening the front a bit, but the wig is still very good!

Comfortable Cosplay headware

Brought this for my daughter for halloween since she wanted to go as a My Hero Academia character. It was comfortable and looked pretty good. Didnt have an obvious fake/flimsy look on it at all. It was also very soft to the touch and she had no complaints about wearing it for about 8 hours.

Perfect wig for cosplay.

Looked great and fooled some people into thinking it was real hair and not a wig. Great price and very good product.

Perfect for my Uraraka cosplay!

Great wig, it was perfect and not too shiny. It felt soft like real hair.

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Easy and work great

My daughter loves them they help keep her cosplay wigs in good shape.…

Easy Assembly Holds Great

I bought this for cosplay wig styling and it works well!…

Pretty dang good!

…I mainly use them to hold my wigs that I use for cosplaying.…They are really nice overall and I will order these again if I get anymore cosplay wigs!


Bought a few cosplay wigs recently and these are just perfect.…

As expected, good quality

Bought this product to hold a cosplay wig.…

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Perfect for my velma cosplay

Cosplay perfect!

Bought this wig to complete a costume and I'm not disappointed at all! I had to trim the bangs some so I could see but other than that, its perfect!

Great for cosplaying Bulma

The hair is soft and almost lifelike. It’s super cute and fun. Would but this again

Would this wig be thick enough for cosplay? Or does it look too much like human hair?

Yes, it would be perfect for cosplay

Would this work for a Mob cosplay (from the anime Mob Psycho 100)?

Absolutely. It'd be perfect actually. and it's super lightweight easy to we're not sweaty just all-around really great for convincing and comfortable cosplay

Great for my spidergwen cosplay

Loved this wig. Will straighten it a bit though.

Perfect for Audrey Fulquard cosplay!

The wig is full, thick, and long. It has many layers and great length. I was able to style it with ease. I am using this for a Little Shop of Horrors costume. It does shed, but all wigs do.…

Great wig for halloween and cosplay!

Bought this for my wife as she wanted a specific wig for her halloween costume. It looked real and the quality was A LOT better than what you can find out there in the local stores. Not disappointed in this buy!

Will this wig work for an Amy Rose cosplay? (Pink one)

I really think you could get away with it as its very cute and a good length!

So I kinda have a big head and I was wondering if this is stretchy or adjustable? And also if I may be able to put pigtails with it (muffet cosplay)

It is a little bit stretchy, but it also depends on how much hair you have too. Mines long but not thick, and my bff's is WAY thicker so it was a little tight on her. As for pig tails if it's small ones it should be fine, my wig was surprisingly thick for the price. Over all I think it's work getting especially for he price.

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