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It is just perfect for her, really helps her sleep and I believe it helped her sleep when she was sick and minimized her cold symptoms due to being able to elevate her head. (Daughter was about 1 year when I got it I believe)

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The Kyapoo pillow is super comfortable for the baby. Nowhere could I buy a baby pillow and only at Kyapoo a decent quality baby pillow.…

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Baby seems to like it.

Good size and quality

My Mini Schnauzers love their baby pillows and it was time to replace them, I ordered two sets of two.

Money well spent!

…I needed them to go inside some baby shams I had purchased elsewhere.…

Not what I thought, could be my fault.

Super super thin... babies don’t use pillows and my toddlers big head demolishes this poor pillow...…

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She literally sleeps like a baby now!!

It is just perfect for her, really helps her sleep and I believe it helped her sleep when she was sick and minimized her cold symptoms due to being able to elevate her head. (Daughter was about 1 year when I got it I believe)

Good baby pillow!

Bought this for our 8 month old after he got “too big” for his infant pillows. He loves the pillow. Perfect softness and size. He’s a year old and still loves it. Easy to clean and great travel size.

comfortable and safe for your baby

…Right size, soft and my baby that is 8 months loves it.

Is it ok for my 6 month old baby?

Hi, this is ok for 6 months old baby but we would advise you to use it for sleeping with babies above 12 months old, this is to prevent suffocation hazards.

Can a 9 months old baby sleep on this pillow?

Hi, yes, but we would recommend babies age above 12 months to use it due to safety hazards. :)

Love it!

Perfect size for under your arm when feeding baby in a recliner chair!

My baby is sleeping better!

The best

my baby loves it!

Very soft and great pillow for toddler!

My baby sweat a lot, is it breathable?

Hi, the pillow cover is made of 100% cotton. :)

What material is used to make pillow ?

Hi, our KeaBabies Toddler Pillow case is made with 100% hypoallergenic cotton. Inner pillow shell is made with 100% hypoallergenic cotton as well. The fillings are fiber balls which keeps the pillow fluffy. All materials are safe for babies and toddlers use. Pillow and pillow case are machine washable and dryer friendly. :)

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Love it, and so does my baby

…Love it, and so does my baby!


Perfect size for our baby.…

My baby sleeping on it

Very good quality

Can this pillow be used on The Shrunks Toddler inflatable bed and how is it different from their pillow?

You could, this pillow is extra tiny!. I would use it for a baby more than for a toddler.

Perfect size, Great Price, High Quality

This pillow is the perfect size for older babies and toddlers, the material is soft and strong, and the pillow really does hold up being washed and dried.…

Love it!

My baby loves this pillow!…

Top Quality Childrens Pillow

My niece is preggers and very conscious about purchasing organic for the baby.…This pillow is great and I will rest assured it will be good for the baby to have when she gets a bit older. I am sure her momma will be happy that its organic and doesn't contain nasty chemicals so close to her baby.

Baby loves her pillow

Baby loves her pillow. she doesn’t use to sleep yet because she is a tommy sleeper, and is still too big for her. but to use it in a back position is perfect.…

This is an awesome pillow for a toddler

…I love that my baby can use a pillow without being nervous of it being hazardous.

This pillow is perfect! Just the right size for my 2 year ...

…It also makes a great pillow for our baby dolls. ;)

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The best pillow for a child and teenager. Perfect

The Kyapoo pillow is super comfortable for the baby. Nowhere could I buy a baby pillow and only at Kyapoo a decent quality baby pillow.…


…It is good for my baby. It's very soft and light, and my baby loves it. For me, I bought a lot of products for the baby, and the price is right.

Soft and cute

…My baby loves it..!!

Toddler/baby pillow

So soft and plush. Perfect size for my toddler, a cute little mini pillow. Fits nicely in her toddler bed. Seems well made, no stitching or fabric issues. AND an Added bonus... it comes with it's own pillow case!

It's soft and fluffy.

Bought this for g-baby and Oh-My-Goodness how soft it is!!…

Really nice

…I am sure my baby will love it


Perfect for traveling, daycare or even baby dolls.…

Great first pillow

This is actually the second pillow that I'm buying because they are so good and because I have another baby.…

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Baby pillow

Love it it help my baby head

Best pillow for my baby.

I loved this pillow very girly. Gets many compliment.

Awesome baby pillow!

…I bought several pillows to help my baby sleep, including special pillows, baby pillows and travel pillows. I spared no money, but none of them helped my baby sleep. But my baby's mood has been very refreshing since using this stomach. If you buy this pillow and see it work, you should advertise this amazing pillow in the baby section of Amazon.

Use this pillow be used in crib while baby is sleeping on his back?

Actually my baby isn’t born yet. But I believe you can use it while the baby is laying on his back. The purpose of this pillow is to support the baby’s head and not get a flat head.

How is this in very hot weather, does it make your baby sweat?

Thank you for showing interest with our product. We have not had any issues with the pillow being hot or making baby sweat. :)

Baby loves it!

Nice and comfy, baby doesn't complain and loves it!

Comfortable for baby

Great for my baby.

Baby loves it

My 16 month old sleeps with this pillow every night and I love that it is mesh and breathable. I have also washed it and its very durable.

Can baby sleep on their side with their head in the pillow and it still be ok not elevating the neck too much?

Yes, baby can still sleep comfortably on their side with their head in the pillow.

Can baby flip his head to side when sleeping in this pillow?

My baby is 4 1/2 months. She can move her head side to side, but obviously limited a little by the pillow. The pillow has helped her head though as far as not getting so flat.

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Super soft and cozy

…My baby loves it!

Bought for my baby girl

Used for my toddler on her new bed! It is perfect for her! We love it!

Toddler Pillow

My baby loves this pillow.…

Loved it

Love this little pillow for traveling with a baby because my arms just are comfortable for her to sleep on.…

Great first pillow

Baby loves this.

Washable pillow!!!

…I can’t wait to buy more kea babies products!!!

If the pillow smells bad after one use it’s not your baby’s fault!!!

…I blamed the smell on my poor baby and just washed the pillow and tried again.…I requested a replacement pillow for my first one, and will update my review based on that... but still I have no idea what was wrong with that first pillow and my poor baby’s head was on it and I’m so.... angry really!…

Very very small

…This is so small my baby can't even relax on it, his head just rolls off.

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