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I bought this blanket for my 2.5 year old and it was perfect. Living in texas, I did not want a blanket too thick since it doesn’t get very cold. This is a good, year round blanket that is soft and light. I plan on buying a second one since I liked it so much.

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Love love love it. Super soft and cute. My son sleeps with it every night.

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…The perfect blanket for any baby or Toddler!

10 others also recommend for toddlers

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Great toddler blanket

I bought this blanket for my 2.5 year old and it was perfect. Living in texas, I did not want a blanket too thick since it doesn’t get very cold. This is a good, year round blanket that is soft and light. I plan on buying a second one since I liked it so much.

Perfect Toddler bed blanket

Our grandson loves the muslim blankets and this one is heavier perfect for cool evenings on So Florida. Great unisex design, we got the star pattern.

Five Stars

This is a perfect toddler blanket that is so soft and comfortable!

Is this available in the other throw size?

Dear, This toddler blanket do not have other size. We have other size bed blanket. The asin is "B07VRB99V9". Welcome and thanks for purchasing from NTBAYHOME on Amazon. Best regards.

Perfect for Toddlers

My son loves this blanket! It was his naptime blanket at daycare for the past few months, and recently bought another one for him at home since he will be transitioning from the sleepsack to blankets for night sleep here soon. It is very soft and light weight but durable.

Great blanket for infant and toddlers!

Amazing blanket to grow with baby! Great shower gift. The more you wash and use the softer it gets! Wish I could have an adult size one

Love it

Soft, just the right thickness and warmth, Perfect size for my toddler.…

Great quality

My toddler loves it

Great summer blanket

…Perfect size for my toddler.

Just right - The size and the comfort for a 2 years old

I was looking for something that's not too big and not too small for my toddler's preschool need and this is perfect.…

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Just as described

…Perfect for my growing toddler!

Soft and Comfy - Perfect for your Baby/Toddler

I purchased this blanket for my 13 month old to use at daycare during his naps. When it arrived I was happily surprised! The blanket is larger than I had expected and very soft! I went ahead and purchased a second one for my diaper bag. Would recommend this blanket to anyone looking for a soft snugly blanket for their child!

Good quality and size

Just the right size for my toddler and super soft.…

Super soft, toddler loved it

My 15 month old immediately burrowed his face into it. Excellent blanket.


…Toddler loves this blanket.…

Perfect blanket

Amazing baby blanket or toddler blanket.…

Love these blankets!

…They are so soft, and perfect for us to send to day school for my toddlers to nap with.

Beautiful quality and great size.

…It's size is great for both newborns and growing toddlers.…

Very soft and perfect size

…It is the perfect weight and size for a toddler.…

Very lightweight.

…My toddler wouldn’t be warm enough in this.…

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Great size ! Sooo soft

This blanket is big , great size for baby up to toddler !…

soft toddler blanket

The designated quality is lovely.

My toddler's favorite blanket now

Super soft, my toddler loves the bear.…

Is it suitable for my toddler bed?

Our blanket measures 39x47 inch. It will totally fit your standard toddler bed

Love it...Soft, cuddly and right size!!

Got it for my toddler and she absolutely loves it.…

Love it!

Cute and very soft blanket for our toddler.

Soft, lightweight and good size

Great blanket for a toddler.…Much bigger than other toddler/baby blankets I previously purchased.

Liked it!

Worth buying, my toddler daughter is loving it..

Five Stars

Great size and material for toddler cribs!…


…Perfect for my toddler

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Best toddler blanket.

Love love love it. Super soft and cute. My son sleeps with it every night.

Super soft!

…;) I’d definitely recommend it for any new baby or toddler.…

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Perfect Blanky

…The perfect blanket for any baby or Toddler!

Soft, cozy, blanket

…I bought it for my toddler who loves blankets and it is perfect.…

Beautiful and very soft

Beautiful and very soft, bought it for my soon to be born baby, but my toddler wont leave it alone he loved it too lol

What Size Is This?

Our grey bear baby blanket measures by 30x40 inch(75x100 cm). The size of the blanket is suitable for toddler to take a nap or it is also suitable for office workers to cover their legs or shoulders in air-conditioned rooms. This toddler blanket not too big or too small and very portable. Also suitable for summer. Thanks.

How Big Is It?

Dear customer, the size of this gray bear blanket is 30x40inch (75x100cm). For a toddler, this baby blanket enough to cover his body. For adults, it can cover your upper body as a nap blanket or you can cover your legs or shoulders in an air-conditioned room. This toddler blanket is super soft, I believe it is a good companion. Thank you, have a nice day.

Perfect nap blanket for school

…The perfect nap blanket for my toddler at school.

Soft, lightweight, keeps baby comfortably warm

…The sizing is appropriate for newborns to toddlers; I see this becoming my (now) infant’s favorite blanket as he grows.

Great Quality, super soft!

…I got the Grey one with Arrows for my new baby boy, and the TP one for my toddler.…

Is 30×40 for a twin bed?

Dear customer, this unicorn toddler blanket measures by 30“x40”(75x100cm) fit twin bed, just for one person. It is very suitable for baby or child to use it. If children use it, the size can be covered all over the body. Also suitable for adults, the size is fit for covering legs in an air-conditioned room or perfect for a nap blanket in the middle of the day when it's slightly cooler

Great Blanket

…We bought it for our two year old granddaughter who needed a toddler pillow and blanket over the holiday visit.…

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So soft and perfect size for my grandsons toddler bed.…

Easy choice - Buy it. Great quality.

…I highly recommend for your baby/toddler, as a baby shower gift, etc.

Love this set

…My toddler is crazy about the transportation theme.

Soft and lightweight!

…This is my toddler's go to blankie.

Great blanket, but small in size

I am happy with the quality, but the size is small for a toddler. I purchased the matching toddler bedding set, and the blanket is significantly smaller than the comforter (just as a reference).…

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Does your baby need something to cuddle to feel safe at naptime? Or would you like them to have a security blanket for self-soothing overnight? The popularity of security blankets has grown in recent times. They can make great newborn baby gifts for tired parents to introduce early in sleep routines. They can also bring babies and toddlers comfort at nap times, or for when you and your baby are away from home. Maybe purchasing one just hasn’t been at the top of the ‘to do’ list since junior arrived, or you haven’t really considered their benefits. If you’re now exhausted from the multiple wake-up calls, and willing to try anything to soothe your little one overnight. If you aren’t sure whether a security blanket is for you, read on. We will aim to help you make a decision on what is best for you and your little sleep thief.
A baby blanket is a childhood essential, a symbol of warmth and peaceful sleep. The right blanket can become a well-loved favorite that comforts your baby and lasts for years. Blanket fabrics include airy natural fibers and cozy microfleece, while colors range from classic pastels to cute and colorful patterns.