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This bar has great sound for the price and looks nice with my hdtv.…

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I use this with a 32" HDTV in my bedroom, Sound quality is really great, plus has the Bluetooth capability for my iPad music.…

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Perfect match for my Viseo HDTV.…

10 others also recommend for hdtv
VIZIO SB3820-C6 38-Inch 2.0 Channel Sound Bar
Currently unavailable

…I bought it to enhance the () and together it's a steal and well worth the money!

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Low profile, well-constructed, nice finish unit with great sound--massive improvement over Samsung HDTV speakers.…

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Get this

This bar has great sound for the price and looks nice with my hdtv.…

It was incredibly easy to set up and works well with my Vizio ...

…It was incredibly easy to set up and works well with my Vizio 39" HDTV.…

Really impressed with these Vizio soundbars + subwoofer (own two of them!)

…The other one (D6) is on my 32" LED HDTV in the garage (3.5mm connection).…

Can this work with a Phillips hdtv?

I'm sure it would. You may have to program the remote from your tv. This sound bar and subwoofer work awesome!

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Sounds great

I use this with a 32" HDTV in my bedroom, Sound quality is really great, plus has the Bluetooth capability for my iPad music.…

Great little Sound Bar!

…It goes perfect with my 32-inch Samsung HDTV!

One of the few accessories for an HDTV that you actually need.

This is one time when the sales people at the TV store were right. You really need this for your HD TV. I have a Sharp and the sound was not enough. It truly improves the sound. One suggestion, buy the cable that allows you to avoid using the power adapter.…

Can this plug into a seiki hdtv and with which plug in connections

Am unfamiliar with your brand of t.v. but as I remember it comes with a digital optical and red/white audio cables........either should hook up to an hdtv. Very easy install and remote and batteries are included.

do i need a reciever or can this just wire to the tele ?

No receiver needed, if you have a new HDTV use the optical cable included its the best sound output. Also if you get no sound go into the TVs audio output settings and set it too PCM, from the default Dolby Digital.

Out of this world!

I received the 29 inch sound bar today and it matches perfectly with my 40" Samsung HDTV.…

Wow. Big sound in small package.

…Extremely easy to set up to my new Vizio 39" HDTV.…

A must have to supplement any small TV!

I bought this to augment my 32" TCL LED HDTV and the sound is 100 times better than the speakers that are incorporated into the display.…

Love the sound bar

…It is connected to the fiber optic cable from my new 4K hdtv.…

Great performance, value, and easy setup!

…The speakers on my el cheapo Westinghouse 40" LCD HDTV were not so great.…

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Good quality sound at good price

Perfect match for my Viseo HDTV.…

Well worth my investment.

Has been a great addition to my HDTV.…

Sounds great especially with the newer hdtv's

Sounds great especially with the newer hdtv's.…

Will a single optical connection from hdtv to soundbar suffice? will the soundbar work for my cable box and firestick from that single connection?

the optical cable did the trick, just be careful not to bend it.

I have a samsung 50" class 1080 smart led hdtv will this vizio sb3821-c6 work on my tv?

yes it will

Excellent value for this soundbar. Very satisfied.

…It is a great complement to our 42" HDTV, which it fits in size.…

Huge difference-maker

This makes a big difference in sound even with a decent model Samsung HDTV.…

Great Sound For a 2.1 System

…The subwoofer went out several months ago, and eventually I just started using the built-in sound on my HDTV.…

I'm looking for something for my home gym. No luck with bluetooth speakers. Is this something that would play loud, clear music for a 900 sq.ft space?

This will definitely rock you home Gym!! I watch both off-air HDTV and use a Blu-ray player to view movies and stream Netflix. Yes, this will fill your needs. I currently use mine in our 15 by 20 bedroom.

How many watts does this sound bar output?

Vizio doesn't use watts, they use a different method. But when I done a search online I was able to find a conversion chart. I believe this sound bar has 100 watts. I have had mine for several months now and use an optical digital cable. It has excellent sound and bass and volume. I use it with a 55" HDTV. I recommend it highly.

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Awesome Soundbar!!

…I bought it to enhance the () and together it's a steal and well worth the money!

I really like it. The second I hooked it up to ...

…The second I hooked it up to the to my RCA HDTV I let my son start a video game using his PS4 and it sounded great.!…

The sounds is great. I am using this in a bedroom that ...

…Everything you need to mount this and connect it to your HDTV is in the box. you can't go wrong with this sound bar if you are in the market for one.

Don,t expect too much!

…Connected to a Vizio 55" HDTV.

Excellent sound for the price

Quick story: Last month I bought a Yamaha YAS-108 2.0 soundbar for my 50 Samsung HDTV.…

Awesome sound bar

It took me about ten minutes to hook up to my Vizio HDTV.…

Cant go wrong!

…Just like connecting a DVD player to an HDTV with cables that cant handle the HD signal, the end result will be crap.…

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Very Impressed.

Low profile, well-constructed, nice finish unit with great sound--massive improvement over Samsung HDTV speakers.…

When connected to tv with hdmi, can remote on tv control sound bar volume?

Yes, I have a Samsung 55" HDTV and the tv remote will control the volume, I also have mine hooked up with the HDMI cable.


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Five Stars

Great cable - works perfect for me on a 4K HDTV to my Denon receiver....

Works great.

Works as it should, great cable for a new Roku 49 inch HDTV to hook up my Nintendo Switch.

Works as Expected

I used the cable to connect my laptop to my hdtv and when I plugged the cable in everything worked as expected.

HDMI 2.0 is required to carry a 4K signal; that's 3840x2160 @60hz. How many 18 Gbit per second do these cables support?

Technically only one, I am unsure as to how or why you would have more than one device sending a signal through one cable but in short I found the following information: Of the 18 Gb/sec bandwidth, only 14.4 Gb/sec is usable. The rest is overhead used for error correction and to make the signal more robust over long distances. (This 20% overhead exists in all HDMI versions.) Sending a UHD image over HDMI 2.0 at 60 frames-per-second (fps) is easy. Using the same color depth as HDTV, we only need 6.05 Gb/sec of bandwidth to support that resolution and frame rate with audio. With its 14.4 Gb/sec limit, HDMI 2.0 can handle that quite easily. Concerts, sports, 3D films-any content shot with a 60 fps rate can now be sent over HDMI at full UHD resolution.

What is AWG is the 20 ft cable?

HDMI cable rated at 22 AWG is going to be able to carry more data over a longer distance than a wire rated at 26 AWG. This cable is likly to have 22 or 23 AWG as this is what the owners web site says: GET FLAWLESS, LIGHTING-FAST TRANSMISSION: Constructed with gold-plated, corrosion-resistant, oxygen-free connectors and double shielding EXPERIENCE DEEP COLORS & HIGH-RESOLUTION IMAGES: Providing you with transfer rates up to 18 Gbps, this HDMI cable supports Full HD, 4K, Ultra HD, 3D, ARC, Ethernet and all other available HDMI functions so you can experience your device's full potential LIFELIKE HD AUDIO: This high-speed HDMI cord transmits high-resolution sound formats (e.g. Dolby TrueHD or DTS HD as well as 32-channel audio). The CEC and ARC features allow you to control your devices from one place UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with all HDMI, HDMI 2.0 devices, and backward compatible with all previous HDMI standards. This cable is perfect for your PS4, PS3, Xbox One, PC, AV Receiver, HDTV, beamers, projector, and more 36 MONTHS MANUFACTURER WARRANTY Hope this helps.

A Cable that performs

The HDMI Cable was well constructed and was effective in transmitting Blu Ray Audio & Video to our HDTV.…

Solid, durable cable. Very satisfied.

…Great for connecting my laptop to my HDTV for projecting streaming content to the TV.

Works Great!

…We have our computer monitor hooked up to our HDTV and the image is crisp and does not lag.…

Excellent cables

…Work perfectly with 4K HDTV.

Finally a cable that works for PC to HDTV in next room

After trying about 5 or 6 others, finally this one works to broadcast my PC using my EVGA 1080GTX to my 65 Samsung HDTV in another room!…

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