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Great quality. Really cool as it's a circular puzzle. Has instructions for different levels of development.

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Elenco Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100, Black
Currently unavailable

good quality and build, very good for educate kids, worth buying 8 years older kids is better to use this toy Thanks

10 others also recommend for kids
Creativity for Kids Grow 'n Glow Terrarium
Currently unavailable

…Great project for kids!

10 others also recommend for kids
Melissa & Doug 48pc Space Voyage Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle
Currently unavailable

These puzzles are great for young kids. I like the wood frame, makes it easy for kids to get the puzzle started and they can work on them anywhere (floor, couch, desk, in the car).…

10 others also recommend for kids

they are absolutely adorable and sturdy. my kids loves playing with them, well one chews on them and the other actually tries to put it together.

10 others also recommend for kids

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Kids love it

Great quality. Really cool as it's a circular puzzle. Has instructions for different levels of development.

Awesome puzzle

Awesome puzzle for young kids.… I recommend it for kids 3 and up, especially if they're curious about planets and space.

Great different look for puzzle

Its a cute different look for a puzzle n it comes n a super cute box its easy to do perfect for kids n looks cool

Does the puzzle come with a print of final outcome? So that kids can look at it and do fixing?

Yes, the puzzle comes with a full size print diagram that can be used as an easy reference when putting together, or built directly on. For advanced learners, the flip-side has facts about the world and animals.

Great for little kids!

My daughter is 2 1/2 year old, and she is LOVING puzzles. I thought this would be a nice one to step her up from the 24 pcs puzzle that she has. The pieces are thick and have a nice smooth feel to them. The challenge level was just right for her.

Sturdy and durable.

Kids loved it!! Bought it for my Sunday School kids.

Highly Recommended.

…I highly recommend for kids.

Such a great and fun learning tool for kids!

What a wonderful puzzle! Sturdy, durable, and with a meaningful picture. It teaches preschoolers about vegetation, animals, and geography. Who could ask for anything more!

Our favorite puzzle

This unique puzzle keeps my kids busy.…

Wow, neat puzzle, loads of fun.

…Will definately recommend to anyone that is looking for kid friendly puzzles.…

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Great for kids

Very sturdy

I Recommend it

My kids simply love it , the fact that the pixies are removable is giving us the flexibility for both kids to use it at the same time

Perfect for junkie kids

My granddaughter was able to organize all her markers, crayons, scissors and junk she creates things with in one place this is wonderful. She loves it

Perfect for Kids

This is a perfect gift for anyone who has a kid that lives arts and crafts!! My kid had markers and crayons, pencils anything you can name she had it everywhere.…

Carousel organizer

Love the organization for my Prek kids in the classroom

Five Stars

This is perfect for my kids art supplies!!…

Keeps kids stuff organized

Perfect for the play area

Grand Kids love it

Great size great to organize

Great for kids

This has been great for our child. It allows us to organize all of her craft items (colors, markers, stickers...). These are great because you can grab just one section of the bundle and bring it to where its needed. They are sturdy and look great.

Great kids art supply holder

Perfect to hold my kids art supplies.…

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good for kids

good quality and build, very good for educate kids, worth buying 8 years older kids is better to use this toy Thanks

Kids love it!

My 4 and 6 year old used this with their teenage brother. They all had fun with it and loved the different set-up they were able to do with the kit. It was like experimenting without the mess.

Kids love it!

7 years old boy loves it so so so much. He can play it for hours.

what is age range

I believe 8 years kids will enjoy it.

what age group is this for

I sent it to my 8 year old nephew who's a bright kid interested in science. He loved it.

Kids love it

Kids love it

kids love it

easy instructions well made worth every penny really gets the kids thinking

Kid loved it

Kid loved it and the instruction was easy enough for them.

Thoughts on sc-100 vs. beginner for a 6 year old? afaict, diffs are: sc-100 has more parts and more projects; beginner has easier diagrams

Depends on the kid. My 6 year old nephew loves the larger one and builds stuff all the time!


This gift can be given to either a girl or boy. That's what's great about it--for any savvy or determined kid!

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Kids loved it!

…Great project for kids!

Great gift for kids!

My 7 year old son loved this! I bought it as a Christmas gift and he had to “plant it” as soon as we were done opening presents. It grew quickly, and he really loves seeing how much it has grown every day!

Kids loved it

Great for kids to be creative. Kids loved it

How long do kids enjoy this? Is it a one time kit?

Yes, it is a one time use kit. My kids enjoyed watching the plants grow and watering it every day though.

will it grow ok without theGrow Light?

I bought two of these and neither one grew a single thing and I don't have the light. But either way my kids had fun. I do t know if it was because I did not have the light or not.

Great for kids

…Stickers were easy along with the layers of soil and sand.great first starter kit for kids

Great for kids.

Perfect for my nephew to have his first green thumb experience.

Not just for kids!

Bought this for an elderly bedridden woman and she just sent me a this picture of the progress. She really enjoys seeing it grow day by day and it’s just a small thing to bring her joy and keeps her interested.

Should the Grow Light be brought?

The product includes stickers that glow in the dark. It looks amazing with the lights off and the plants grow really fast and densely. Your kids will love it and it will help them understand nature. I gave it to my 3-year old niece and she loved it

The instructions show seeds on top of the soil. Is this right?

Yes, the Kit comes with seeds. The Grow N’ Glow Terrarium is a complete kit for helping kids to create their very own miniature eco-system. It’s so easy! You just assemble, decorate, water and watch it grow! COMPLETE KIT: Comes with everything you need! Kit includes: plastic mason-style jar, decorative lid, potting mix, Organic Chia and Wheat Grass seeds, garden figurines, decorative sand, river stones and a plant mister to keep your terrarium watered.

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Another Quality Product from Melissa & Doug

These puzzles are great for young kids. I like the wood frame, makes it easy for kids to get the puzzle started and they can work on them anywhere (floor, couch, desk, in the car).…

Love it

I have loved every single one of these puzzles I've bought for the kids.…


…The colors are bright and I love the wood pieces over regular cardboard puzzle pieces that the kids always manage to bend & peel.

Love these sturdy puzzles

My kids love these puzzles and I love how the wooden pieces are sturdy and easy for little fingers to hold.…

Kids love Melissa and Doug puzzles

…I knew the kids would love it and they do. Great product for kids.

Great kids puzzle!

My 6-year-old son loves puzzles. I got this for him to up the difficulty and he loves the new challenge. The picture is crisp and the colors are vibrant. No pieces were missing. I love M&D products!

Great buy

…Kids love it.

My son loves these!!

…Yes I would recommend any one to purchase this for your kid if your kid is interested in puzzles.. mine is fascinated by the mental work involved..

Fantastic space puzzle

…Great learning tool for kids to learn about space and the constellation.

Happy kid.

…Kid loves this puzzle!…

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so cute

they are absolutely adorable and sturdy. my kids loves playing with them, well one chews on them and the other actually tries to put it together.

Good puzzles for little kids

We bought this set for our 4 year old, and he loves them. The puzzles are brightly colored, and printed nicely. There is even a print out of the picture on paper so that it makes putting the puzzle back together easier for littles. The puzzle pieces came apart nicely during the first use, and didn't break or splinter. The puzzle pieces and board are slightly thinner than I was expecting, but we are pleased with them overall.

Good buy for kids who like puzzles..

Great puzzle set! Got this for my 5 year old daughter who loves puzzles. The pieces are thicker than I thought which should help them to last longer! Would buy again :)

Is the puzzle design printed on the frame board underneath the puzzle pieces, Is there a picture to refer to when working the puzzle?

Yes,it is. there is a clear illustration to refer.Note the illustration does not fix on the frame board,it can also be put outside. So there are 2 ways to challenge the puzzles for your kids.

The 60 piece ages 4-8 wooden puzzles, Is one style puzzle chosen randomly or is this a set of 3?

This is a set of 3 including dinosaur puzzles, space puzzles and Marine Puzzles. These puzzles are 60 pieces each and great puzzles for 3 4 5 6 7 8 year old kids boys and girls. Thank you for your questions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Great puzzles great

These are great Puzzles I like that they have the picture behinds the puzzle pieces so the kids can figure out where the pieces go

They are kind of small, it is for advanced kids.

Very nice puzzles

no sharp edges

My kids love puzzles, These 3 puzzles provided fun and learning for my kids. the pieces are sturdy, they do not have sharp edges. they are affordable and because there was 3 in pkt, there was no fighting.

So lovely!

…Will definitely be getting these again for my kids when they are older!

Kids loved it!

My kids are all in the age range for these puzzles and they absolutely loved it.…This was the perfect starter set for the kids to get acclimated to putting puzzles together before we all work on a larger puzzle project. The pieces are very sturdy and seem to hold up well with the kids trying to put pieces together that do not belong. lol

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