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Speakers are a great addition to my new iMac.…

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Logitech S120 2.0 Stereo Speakers
Currently unavailable
4 others also recommend for iMacs

Great sound with the iMac.…

10 others also recommend for iMacs

…They produce great sound, are easy to hook up to the computer, and are aesthetically pleasing when next to a 27" iMac.…

5 others also recommend for iMacs

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Mighty Mikes

Speakers are a great addition to my new iMac.…

Great for the price

…I use the for listening to music and watching TV on my laptop as they provide much better audio than my imac's built in speakers.

OK for voice, not so much for music

…Well, I guess the moral is: buy speakers from a speaker company, like my Altec Lansings with my iMac.…

can these plug into an iPad 2 and a MacBook Pro?

Mine are connected to my iMac. Sorry I don't know about your equipment.


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These speakers saved my imac 27" computer.…

Logitech S120 2.0 Multimedia Speakers

…I have them connected to my iMac desktop, and the sound is very adequate for the area it serves.…

A-B Comparison Test with iMac Speakers.

I was having difficulty using my external stereo set-up for inputting sound to my iMac (from 2 models back) while simultaneously outputting it through the same stereo receiver. … So I did the unthinkable: I disconnected the Logitech speakers and tried the iMac's own onboard speakers. …Still, if you're thinking of subbing out the speakers of a new iMac (said by the reviewers to have better sound than my model), save yourself the extra dollars.…

Do these speakers work with iMac apple computer

Yes, they plug into the headphone jack on the back of you iMac.

See what customers said about iMacs

Great sound for the price.

Great sound with the iMac.…

Five Stars

great price and great quality speakers for my 27" iMac.


good pc speakers, nothing great but pretty good. much better sound than the imac speakers. very happy with purchase.

imac compatible?

not sure but if you have a headphone plug in your imac it will work.

How do they connect to imac- it is 1 or 2 connections? usb? female?

Hi Nancy Redfield, This headset would connect to your iMac through the headphone jack connection or 3.5mm audio output connection. Thanks for the question!

Works well with my Desk Top iMac

Perfect size, great improvement over internal speakers and does not interfere in any way with my hearing aids. I am not an audiophile so am unable to comment on things audiophiles want/need. Perfect for me which is my bottom line!

The sound is unbelievable

I used this speakers for my iMac computer and I love the sound so clear.…

Great iMac speakers

These are great computer speakers for my iMac.…

Is this product compatible with imac for airplay?

These are standard desktop speakers. As long as what ever the audio source is has 3.5mm (headphone) jack, they will work.

Is there an adaptor/cable for connecting Bose companion 2 series iii multimedia speakers to iMac USB port?

While these speakers don't utilize USB, you can connect them to the iMac through the headphone jack.

See what customers said about iMacs

Work great!

…They produce great sound, are easy to hook up to the computer, and are aesthetically pleasing when next to a 27" iMac.…

Great Speakers for Price

…No distortion even at max volume and the sound is much better than the built-in speakers in my iMac and laptop.…

Pleasantly surprised with the quality for the price.

…The Z200 speakers certainly beat the pants off of the built in iMac speakers they replace, and for the price and size, really do an excellent job.…

Sound quality, great. Connectivity, less great.

…I have a 2016 iMac and use a lighting to HDMI adapter to use my second display and the audio sometimes doesn't recognize these speakers plugged in--clearly a iMac thing, therefore no stars lost on the product, but iMac users with dual monitors, BEWARE!…

Good for kids or adults that do not care much about good sound quality

…These do not sound much better than regular desktop speakers, and certainly worse than iMac speakers.…

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