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If you’re looking for sponges for jelly cube slime you found the perfect ones.…

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Perfect for jellycube slime

If you’re looking for sponges for jelly cube slime you found the perfect ones.…

Great for slime making, not as good for cleaning.

Kids love them, me not quite as much. Go for the name brand on this one.

Can these be used for jelly cube slime?

Somewhat, but I would think you need to moisten the slime you're trying to remove first to soften it up then use the sponge. Regardless these things are amazing, if you dont have any you need to get these.

See what customers said about slime

Slime supplies

Perfect for what we need

Jelly Cube Slime

Perfect for jelly cube slime :)

Five Stars

These sponges worked great for slime!…

are these good in slime

It depends on what is meant by slime. They are very durable so I would assume they would clean just about anything.

can you use it for slime?

I honestly don’t know if you could use this for slime. But it does clean a lot of other things. It takes the stains out it takes marks off your wall tickets bug droppings off your car, It will queen just about anything without any chemicals. I use these all the time and this is a great buy.

Five Stars

Great for slime!


…I used to for cleaning and for slime ;) and also!!!…

Can i use these for a jelly cube slime?

great for what I needed

See what customers said about slime

Five Stars

Great for making jelly cube slime

Works great

Bought this to clean the dog slime off my walls.…

Is it good for jelly cube slime??

I have no idea what that is, but it’s worked on a lot of challenges in my home.

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