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As long as the tank fits in the fridge and you are able to route the pvc cable in and out of the fridge then you should be fine

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PAE Machinery Industrial CO. RO-132 RO storage tank, white
$38.50 & FREE Shipping. Details

The tank did exactly what it is supposed to do, it held water.

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RO Water Storage Tank 4.5 Gal Powder Coated Steel
$50.26 & FREE Shipping

Water pressure is perfect!

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6.0 Gallon (5.5 Draw-down) Reverse Osmosis RO Water Storage Tank by PA-E
$51.99 & FREE Shipping. Details

Super easy to install.and it fix our water pressure issues. Finally we can drink water fast

10 others also recommend for water

Easy to install and the water tastes good.

10 others also recommend for water

it's good quality and works good.

10 others also recommend for water

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I would like to put this tank in a small refridgerator so our RO water is chilled". Will that work?

As long as the tank fits in the fridge and you are able to route the pvc cable in and out of the fridge then you should be fine

Does the tank need to be sanitized prior to installation?

I don't think you would call it "sanitizing", but they recommend flushing one tankful through before using the water. In other words, fill it once, empty it, and then fill it to use for drinking water. I've done this and the water has been good.

I need replacement tank for my Ecowater ero335. Is this a comparable model. The company here says everything out there is plastic.

I do t know if this will fit your exact model. But it should. just make sure the intake/outtake valve is the same size as your current tank. This one is definitely not plastic and the water has tasted great.

Can I lay down the tank when using it?

It's designed for upright orientation with the included support stand (see black object underneath). However, if you want to lay it down try it, but it may affect/restrict the water flow from within. Inside the tank is an air bladder that pushes the filter water out of the tank. For an accurate answer contact APEC (1-800-880-4808). Their staff is "extremely" helpful...

What is the maximum supported pressure of the air bladder? Can it be set as high as 45 psi?

Hello, if using this tank for reverse osmosis, it is not recommended to have more than 5-7 psi. If the air pressure is higher than that, the tank will not be able to hold much water. If you need any help or assistance, feel free to give us a call we are happy to help! Best Regards, APEC Support Team 800-880-4808.

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water tank

The tank did exactly what it is supposed to do, it held water.

Made Water in system pour!

Worked well and solved our system problems!

RO water tank

Product came in as described and at this point in time it is working as it should

tank holds what amount of water

The new M1A2C Abrams boasts new active and passive protection that could help to protect it from the latest enemy weaponry.. . Your guess is as good as mine on how much water the tank holds...

What filters are compatible with pae ro 132 mounted under kitchen sink?

It's a storage tank to hold your filtered water. So what ever filters your system calls for would work just fine.

Five Stars

This tank works wonderfully and the water tastes so sweet.

Good tank, good value.

This was a perfect replacement for the tank in our reverse osmosis water purification system, which had slowed to a frustrating dribble in the counter top dispenser. Now the water flow is back to full force!…

Five Stars

This tank holds water like a champ.

Does this tank have a warranty?

This is my second PAE water storage tank and the first one lasted four years in a very busy office setting with high volume use. Would order again.

Will this tank work for an undersink dupont ro system?

Mine was a Waters system that used a 4 gallon tank. It fit perfectly and is working like a dream. There is a threaded (male) fitting at the top, so be sure your old system also has a similar fitting and be sure to save the connector to transfer. If you don't have a connector, you will need to purchase one. Otherwise I don't see why it wouldn't work.

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Lowest cost

Water pressure is perfect!

Easy to install and worked very well from the start

This is a water storage tank for an undersink RO system, replacing an existing tank.

What pressure is the water emitted at from the tank?

Not sure? Read owners manual:-)

is tank inflated 5 to 7 psi when i get it?

The one I ordered had 1 psi in it. I used a bicycle pump to inflate around 6 psi. installed it and filled with water. Working great

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Easy to install and works great

Super easy to install.and it fix our water pressure issues. Finally we can drink water fast


Easy to install no funny taste to the water well worth the money

Extra water

Works well

will this work with home master reverse osmosis system

It is water storage tank so it will work.

Is anyone actually getting 5.5 gals? If not, how much is your drawdown? Most tanks operate at about 70-80% efficiency, so this one appears high.

Nope. I have 42 psi in my water system and it holds just shy of 3 gal.

Five Stars

Large capacity and great water pressure.

I needed more RO water and this baby really delivers

…I started brewing kombucha and suddenly needed more water than I had on hand. A simple T connector, some spare tubing, and a shut-off valve solved all of my RO water problems. Now I have all the water I could want and more. A great investment for anyone that runs short of RO water on a regular basis.…

Large volume; great value!

This tank doubled the storage capacity for my RO water filter system, and it was easy to install.…

Can tank be placed in a fridge

Hi Cody: It could be as long as the water does not get cold enough to freeze. Thank You, WaterFiltersOnline

I'm looking for a pressure tank for my trailer. Can this be use as a pressure tank? Is the pressure adjustable? Thanks!

this is a reverse osmosis holding tank used to store ro water. it has a bladder in the tank and is used at 7-9 pounds of air in the tank. i hope this helps

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Nice Water Storange Tank

Easy to install and the water tastes good.

Water Storage Tank

Received extremely quick and was quite easy to install. We have used it for over 2 months now with no problems at all. I would recommend.

Great water pressure

Works much better than the one it replaced!

Will this tank work with a Kenmore reverse osmosis water system?

I can't say definitively, but this water storage tank looks like the same style that comes with most RO systems.

How long will the water remain usable that has not been used in quite awhile?

So long as it stays in the tank I wouldn't think it would go bad. RO water is nearly free of impurities, and water doesn't contaminate itself.

i got filtered water again

my old GE smart water system finally failed,,, got this tank (at a great price also) had it now a few months and it works great, I've got all the water I need

reverse osmosis water storage tank

We are using this item and have no problems with it, so I would recommend this product to whoever needs it.

Fits all ro water systems

Good product to replace leaking tank

will this work with an eco water er 300

Hi James This is standard pressurized storage tank that will work with most RO systems. Thanks

What is maximum inlet water pressure? i'm using this with a demand pump from ro system supply to increase the psi to my icemaker.

Max should be provided by tank manufacturer. Usual 2-5 times the water pressure (at faucet) delivered by water company is working well.


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holy smokes! this thing holds water!

it's good quality and works good.

Smart move

This tank works great with my existing RO system easy hookup and gallons and gallons of water previously I would run out daily

The water taste great and this is a quality made tank

…We drink a lot of water and coffee,as well as watering plants. I had a small tank once and there was never enough water. The water taste great and this is a quality made tank.…

If I place this tank in my basement, will the pressure be consistent throughout the house? If so, what would be the expected water pressure?

The long the run the more drop off. Shorten all lines as much as possible. Upgrade to 3/8” pipping and get the booster that they sell. It does not need power and pressures the out water to around 50psi. Great upgrade.

I have had the essence roes-ph75 and would like to know if i could upgrade to this tank. i am on well water with pressure switch 40-60 psi.

I am also on well water with similar pressure settings. I bought this tank as a replacement for a smaller unit that came with our original RO system (installed around 1994). Worked just fine with our system. No problems at all. I have had no experience with the roes-ph75 unit, though.

Nice tank.

This is a great storage tank for drinking water. I have it connected from my RO to my refrigerator/ice maker then to a separate drinking water faucet mounted by my sink.Just make sure that you have the space for it before you order.…

Great tank. Provides a plentiful supply of drinking water,

…The tank is a huge upgrade to my GE system and delivers RO water with no difficulty through 100' of line and up one story. …I would not hesitate to buy water products from these folks in the future.

Great product I like it nice to have drinking water on hand

APEC makes good things for water systems

Given that i use a booster pump set to 80psi how much water should i expect to store in one of these?

This tank only holds 10 gallons full. APEC sells boosters that don’t use any electric. I’ve set it up and they work great.

If i place this tank in my basement, will it provide consistent water pressure to throughout my house? if so, what would be the pressure? thank you. m

Mine is in the basement and it provides adequate flow to the upstairs refrigerator only. I’m not to sure about a whole house though