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My husband and I ordered these for our backyard wedding and they were perfectly beautiful.

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Perfect for the outdoor wedding reception we used them at.

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Five Stars

Used these for my wedding and they were perfect!

Perfect wedding lighting!!!

All the lights work, and the cords are very good quality!

Work great and are beautiful!

Used these for my wedding and they were perfect!

If i bought many of these for my wedding to surround a tent would they easily connect to each other ??

Yes - you pull the cap off the socket of one and plug the other one into it. If I recall correctly there is a limit of 4 per chain though. I chained 2 for our party with no problems. Enjoy the wedding!

We are having an outdoor wedding and i purchased 4 sets of 19.9x9.8. reviews are saying not for outdoor use? do they connect so i can double up?

I hung mine at the end of my porch but I’m unsure of connecting several to one another. I know I really like them & think it would add a lot to the wedding

Five Stars

Perfect for wedding decoration

Five Stars

They were great for our sons wedding.

Wedding reception perfection.

These worked great for the backdrop of the sweetheart table at my stepdaughter’s wedding reception.…

After reading all of the reviews about the difficulty untangling them, does anyone have any tips? Maybe we can learn from your pain?

I didn't have difficulty untangling them they don't come tangled I used mine for a wedding. I kept the ties that each strand came bundled in and folded it back the way it was and tied it back up then stored it in the box it came in.

What is the best way to hang these on a wall?

I hung these lights from a double curtain rod. I bought some green plastic twisties from Lowes Home Improvement store (in the garden section) usually used to tie tomato plants and such. and I strung them each 5 inches apart. I hung the lights on the back rod and the white curtains in the front. Great effect!! Depends on what you are using them for, I used them for my son's in door wedding reception area. Got lot's of WOW's. I hope this helps.

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Twinkle Twinkle

My husband and I ordered these for our backyard wedding and they were perfectly beautiful.

Five Stars

This is perfect for what I wanted for my daughter's wedding.

Five Stars

We used these for our wedding and they were beautiful!

How many sets are in the pack? I'm trying to decorate for a wedding on the inside, the place has 8 windows. Will one box cover it or should I get more

Is 1 set but is 9 foot x 9 foot. Is gorgeous and very good quality.

How about its lifetime?

I've only used mine for my wedding and I just plugged one in and it works just like the day I got it .

Nice product

These lights looked great behind the wedding party table.…

Easy to install

…People loved my backdrop for a wedding reception!…

I love these lights and was excited at how bright they ...

…We used them to decorate wreaths we hung from the ceiling at our outdoor tent wedding.…

Can we use outdoor?

I think if you hang them in a balcony where it’s covered it would be ok. I use mine indoors. If you want to decorate for a wedding or event and temporarily hang outdoors I would say go for it & hope it doesn’t rain.

Perfect ambiance for our daughter's barn wedding

I purchased these lights to decorate the head table and other areas for my daughter's rustic barn wedding.…

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Very nice

Added a sweet little touch to my wedding backdrop.


…We used them at a wedding reception.


Used as a backdrop with tulle at my daughter’s wedding reception.…

Do these lights over heat quickly?

No, not that I am aware of. We used these for my wedding reception for 6 hours and they were perfect!

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Worth every penny!

…Works perfectly for my mason jars for the wedding!

Love love love!!

…They’re so pretty, I’m going to order a bunch more for my wedding.

elegant decorations

we used these to decorate for my daughter's wedding reception.…

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I used it for my wedding they are perfect!


Love it used for my wedding back drop highly recommend it !!!!

Wedding beauty

It was beautiful

can you hook up 3 10-ft curtains together?

I did attach this lights to three white translucent curtains and added some artificial whisteria. It was the backdrop for my sister’s wedding


Perfect for wedding backdrop

Five Stars

used these for wedding backdrop decorations and they were beautiful.

Magical touch

The lights were magical for the food area at my sons wedding.

Definitely worth every dollar!

…Used in wedding backdrop and was super happy!

Wedding Reception.

Bought wo sets to use as a backdrop for my dance floor and it came out great. You need two for it to look close to the photo.

We loved them

Awesome used for a backdrop for a wedding

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Great value fairy lights

Perfect for the outdoor wedding reception we used them at.

Do Love the Light

I like that these lights can make these hanging vases look so amazing for weddings.…

Fairy lights + Wedding = Awesome

Made the bride groom table exquisite

Add a perfect touch to our centerpieces

These add a perfect touch to our centerpieces for our wedding.…


Wedding perfect

Good stuff, will buy more

Just what we need to high"light" wedding recept table centerpieces ...

So pretty

We used these for a wedding display.…

These are amazing. So delicate and even waterproof to some degree

…We used them in clear vases for flowers at my brother's wedding.


Had them put in my wedding bouquet preservation.…