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Plug and play. Super accurate, easy to use. Set temp and walk away

10 others also recommend for foods

I like the ability to turn light on if needed. Fits good in my hand and display shows up very well.

10 others also recommend for foods

I've used it on the grill and in the oven and always had perfect results. It also tells me the temperature inside my grill or oven keeps me from having to lift the grill lid or open the oven door a huge benefit, keeping the ambient temperature constant makes everything cook more evenly. No wires, easy to use and easy to clean, plus a very small 'footprint' for storage, it's perfect.

10 others also recommend for foods

The thermometer works perfectly. It came on time and in perfect condition. It is simple to use and very accurate with the temperature reading. Definitely worth the price.

10 others also recommend for foods

See what customers said about foods

Plug and go food ready

Plug and play. Super accurate, easy to use. Set temp and walk away

Best Food Thermometer in the Market!

I love this food thermometer and I dont think I could ever live without it anymore.…

No more guessing if the food is safe to eat

I have already used this product ten times. It takes out the guess work of whether I am cooking a steak rare, medium or well done. I used to hate cooking chicken but with this it takes away my worry. It has been perfectly cooked ever since.

My husband is concerned about the thickness of the cable if used in the oven that it might ruin the seal around the oven door. Does anyone know how t

I have been using a wired probe in my oven for over 10 years and have not had a problem with the door seal. If you want perfectly cooked meats and are concerned about food safety, this unit meets the challenge.

Is the cable waterproof?

I use my ThermoPro quite often yet I have never had the need to wash the cable with more than a sponge. I do like any tool I use with my food very clean however, the cable has never gotten that dirty. The actual probe does require a good washing and I do submerge them in soapy water and it has not affected the probes operationally. My concern with the cables is more with storage than cleaning. Bending and rolling them up can do damage and affect the result you get in my view. I let the cable hang plugged into the unit on the side of my fridge thanks to the magnetic back on the unit. I put the probe ends in a Ziploc bag to protect them from germs. The GOOD NEWS is that the company will replace them free for life. Enjoy the unit.

Five Stars

Easy to set up and it has an alarm when the food reaches the desired temperature

Five Stars

Very cool and nice to be able to keep track of two foods at the same time.

A must have for your cooking needs.

A must have for cooking food to the perfect temperate for optimum taste and results.

Great for crazy ovens

love this dual probe set up makes for easy food monitoring

No more dry chicken!

Love this works every time on chicken, meat balls, rib roast, or and food you want to know the exact temperature.

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Food Temp

I like the ability to turn light on if needed. Fits good in my hand and display shows up very well.

Perfect Waterproof Food Thermometer

This was very fast and easy to read, plus you don't have to worry about water getting inside when you clean it. It also has a meat temperature chart on it for quick reference. It is worth paying a little bit more for quality.

No More Undercooked or Overcooked Food

My husband loves using his new meat thermometer. It arrived quickly and he used it as soon as we purchased it. Great service and tips to using it. Highly recommend this product. Easy to read, easy to use!…

Does this work on cooking turkey or chicken in the oven?

It will work to check the temperature no matter where you are cooking it. Just remember it is meant to be inserted into the meat and then removed, do not leave it inserted into the food while it is cooking.

Does it really waterproof?

This great food & meat thermometer is very sturdily built and totally waterproof. It can be easily washed under warm running water, dried and put away. I am very happy I purchased mine !

Excellent food thermometer

Great product. love that it turns itself off when you close it.

Kizen Instant Read Food Thermometer.

I gave this product a five star rating because of their exceptional customer service. The first thermometer that I received was not calibrating correctly and I contacted Mary at customer support and after sending her a photo of the unit she immediately sent me a new one. I had it within 3 days. I use the thermometer for measuring the temperature of milk as I scald it for making yogurt in my Instant Pot. It has to be a precise 180°F and then cooled down to 110°F prior to adding the live cultures.…

Great value for an accurate food thermometer

Purchased this as a backup to another well known brand from England. This Kizen unit is right on for accuracy. Lags just a bit in speed (the only reason for 4 star rating) but not too bad, especially for the price. Seems to be well built and a great value for the money.

How far do I stick the probe in? If I put it in farther than the smaller thickness of the probe, the temperature changes drastically.

I always insert it to the middle of the meat I'm temping. If it's a casserole type dish the center - trying not to touch the bottom or sides of the dish but the center of the food. If you only insert slightly, you will only get the temp of the very outside of the food. It's important to reach the interior as that will be the last to reach safe temps. If the meat has a bone, be sure to temp near but not touching the bone.

hot to go

bought this to help me with cooking food to correct temp. this has worked with the foods i eat---chicken, beef, fish...great equipment.

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Digital Food Thermometer

Love this - great product!

Digital Food Thermometer

We used this for chicken, roast meat, and pork chops. It worked great and was fast and easy to use.

Well-made Food Thermometer

We are impressed with the quality of materials and the construction of the ThermoPro Instant Read Thermometer we just purchased. We tested the calibration immediately and it registered the temperature of boiling water perfectly on the first try and with a near-instant digital read-out. It is a vast improvement over our old fashioned meat thermometer. Looks to be an excellent product.

Does this read well when cooking fish as well?

Yes , it is excellent on any type of food and is extremely accurate , takes the guess work out of cooking

Works fantastic

Excellent For smoking food

Very accurate

Easy to use and I use it for cooking on my grill and my food turns out cooked very accurately.

Even my husband can use it.

Bought it for my husband, he can use it with no problems and I get perfectly cooked foods now.

Great for coming

Great for setting if what you're cooking is ready to eat without cutting the food into pieces.

Worth every penny

My husband used this for food temperature and said he was extremely satisfied with the accuracy and ease in using.…

Very accurate food thermometer!

Very accurate food thermometer and love the tapered tip that will hold it at a perfect depth without skewering it through the meat.…

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the perfect food thermometer

I've used it on the grill and in the oven and always had perfect results. It also tells me the temperature inside my grill or oven keeps me from having to lift the grill lid or open the oven door a huge benefit, keeping the ambient temperature constant makes everything cook more evenly. No wires, easy to use and easy to clean, plus a very small 'footprint' for storage, it's perfect.

Takes the guesswork out of determining when the food is done. Love it!

Simple to set up and use!

Works great, fantastic interface, accurate - Highly recommended!

This is positively the absolute best food temperature probe you can get - well designed, excellent software and interface, so easy to use, very VERY accurate Highly recommend!

How do you pre heat the grill with the meater if it needs to be placed inside the food?

Hi there! Since the internal temperature sensor can only go up to 212°F, you'll need the food to protect the sensor and electronics from extreme heat. We've seen some creative customers use a cup of water, a potato, etc. with MEATER for this purpose but we strongly urge you to be careful and stay below the temperature specifications of the product. Cheers!

Can this be used in a set n forget it Rotisserie?

Definitely! Since MEATER is wire-free, it can rotate with your food with no issues. Happy cookin'!

Great Product!

This item is perfect for those who love to achieve the perfect temperature for various foods.…

Changed how we cook!

This thing is cool it is very accurate and predicts how long until the food is done So now we monitor the cooking while we clean up for dinner watching it on our laptop Amazing Only is is the charger box is a wireless amplifier It has to stay near the sensor then the signal goes to your phone then to the house WiFi Once you know that you can be anywhere in the house and keep track of dinner


I like the fact that the meat thermometer is blue tooth and I can check internal temperature of food that is on the smoker or grill.

My $7 meat thermometer goes well past 250 degrees for internal temp. Am I doing something wrong or does this $100 meat thermometer really stop at 203?

The internal sensor max is 212°F and the ambient sensor max is 527°F. MEATER is a leave-in meat thermometer which, when used with the app, will estimate how long it takes for your food to reach the temperature/doneness you select and will alert you when it's ready. Happy cookin'!

Will it work by cooking in a pan?

I assume it would if it didn't touch the pan or lid itself. It works with my grill with the heavy stainless lid closed so I assume it would work with a pot with a lid. I've used it in the oven when cooking in a roasting pan and it was fine, I did make sure the probe didn't touch the metal pan. I would just make sure the probe doesn't touch any metal that would skew the temperature to the temperature of the metal rather than the food or the external temperature.

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Great Food Thermometer

The thermometer works perfectly. It came on time and in perfect condition. It is simple to use and very accurate with the temperature reading. Definitely worth the price.

Food Thermometer

Works perfectly and therefore very useful

Great food thermometer

Very easy to use. Great customer service.

Can this be use to measure any food besides meat?

Yes. I use it to take the temperature of liquids frequently. It is super sensitive, so it will even meausure (though I’m not positively how accurately) the room temperature if you turn it on before inserting in meat or liquid. I even used it to measure an approximate temperature for the inside of a brooder box for baby chicks.

When you first turn it on, it already has a reading on it, before inserting it into the meet. Is this correct?

Within seconds of turning it on before you insert it into a food, it will read the room temperature.

Great Food thermometer

Easy to use. Gives both easy to read numbers.

Terrific food thermometer

Terrific food thermometer. I am not very experienced at cooking, so I need all the help I can get to make food safely. The ThermoPro makes it easy by accurately indicating the internal temperature of the food.…

Digital Food Thermometer

So far it is great handy !!!

Can this be used to test the temperature of milk?

Yes it wii give you the temperature for all foods and beverages

Will this work on an induction cooktop?

Any time I test the temp I ick it up with tonges to get a better reading of the food So yes it should work fine

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Food thermometer

It was a gift, but my son was very happy with it.

No more overdone food

Easy to use, just enter the type of meat and the degree of wellness and the system tells you the desired temperature as well as flashing when you reach that temperature. Units link automatically, so you turn them on and you are ready to go. Only 4 stars instead of 5 as I would like the unit and cable that is outside by the grill to be waterproof.

A Must Have for the avid food smoker!

My husband recently upgraded to a new smoker and bought this in addition. He really loves it and wishes he had purchased this a long time ago. We found it slightly annoying that when the thermometer is on the light is constantly flashing, but that is just a personal preference. It works great and we have found it greatly enhances his smoking experience!

IS this only for meat, or can it be used to gage the temp inside of a smoker?

This probe is special design for food, you had better not used to gage the temp inside of a smoker.

can you use this in a bbq

Yes, only the probe is in the food in the interior of the oven or grill. It remains attached to the digital thermometer. The wireless remote is portable. The probe cleans very easily.

Finally quit overcooking our food

.We've now purchased three of these (one for ourselves and two as gifts) and are still very happy! It's so easy to use and were very happy. We've used it in the oven and the grill.

We love this item

…It works great, we no longer have to wait at the grill to keep checking food. It alerts us when food is done to perfection. :)

Five Stars

Great ease of use and no overcooked food is great

Will this work on a rotisserie?

Yes it should it reads the temperature of the food as well as the external temperature of the grill. Just depends on how you set it up. If you probe the meet it will work.

Can the probe unit be used by itself for a quick temp readout when cooking in a pan for example? or do you have to sync to wireless to use?

You turn them on separately, and both units give you the temperature readout. The other use for the large unit, is to set the type of food your using and how you want it cooked I.e. Rare, med etc Small unit can be activated and used alone

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