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Melissa & Doug Magnetic Car Loader

This was a gift for a toddler... it was very well received; he had no trouble maneuvering it at all.

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…It is very cute, perfect size for a toddler, and I love it can be carried around.…

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They are a fun time for younger kids.

10 others also recommend for toddlers

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perfect for toddler boys

Decent size for the price. My son loved them

My toddler loves this toy

My toddler loves this car.…

My son's Favorite cars :)

Best Cars :) My Toddler likes them very much.

Perfect for toddlers

Loooooove this little trucks! My daughter plays daily with them. They are sturdy and do cool tricks

Lots of fun for toddler

Good size and quality. Gave them to my 2yr old for his birthday. They climb up and over stuff. He loves them.

Toddler LOVES Them

My 2.5 year old is going wild for these trucks! They are good sized for his hands are are very durable. He's young and pretty rough with his toys, but these haven't even come close to breaking. You push them to go (it's really that simple)., but they are built with a suspension system that keeps the car going further for longer. He loves the noise the wheels make (monster truck...duh!)…

Good gift for a toddler

Got it for my grandson 2nd birthday he loves trucks cars

Kids Love it!!

…Can be a great gift for toddlers.

Nice trucks firbolder kids

Nice little toys for a toddler but I worry about choking parts since this little guy has to bite everything.…

Great Gift for Toddlers

My 3 year old twin grandsons loved these for their birthday. Easy for them to handle and they got a kick out of how they ran on their own once you roll the wheels. Still holding up after 2 months.

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Very nice!

This was a gift for a toddler... it was very well received; he had no trouble maneuvering it at all.

One of the most popular toys with our toddler

My little boy loves this. Excellent quality! This toy has held up through a lot of abuse.

Great toy for toddlers

Bought this item for my 4yr old son as a Christmas present and he absolutely loves the magnetic features for this simple toy! And it is such a durable item and the quality of this product can last a lifetime!

Great for 2-3 year olds!

I teach in a toddler room and both my girls and boys love this toy.…


Great gift for toddlers, not sharp edges, no small pieces, hours of play

Toddler fun

My grandson loved this toy. He played with it for a long time and kept returning to it. Very pleased.

great gift for toddler boys

very nicely built, sturdy and nice bright colors. Our grandson just loves it

Five Stars

Very cute and sturdy for hours of toddler fun!

Toddler approved

My little saw this shortly before his 3rd Birthday and asked for it. Big hit from the beginning. He is a little annoyed that the magnet part doesn't come off. For some reason he likes to separate the truck and the carrier. This is a great toy for hand eye coordination and I would recommend as well as purchase as a gift.


Gave this as a gift, the child loves playing with it and it holds up to toddler play well.

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Fun and Easy!

So easy for toddlers to use!

Great buy!

…Toddler loves them.

2 COME in 1 BOX

…These are small but really cute and look great for a toddler.…

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Very nice for toddlers with colorful lights

Great toddler gift!

Another big hit at the birthday party! Other parents asked how they can order this toy!

My toddler loves it

Toddler love this truck!…

So, this is a fire truck w/o a ladder ?

It's been a while but I'd say yes it doesnt have a real ladder. It has a simulated one at the top there. It's for little toddlers I think and we don't want an eye poked outnow do we?

what age do you recommend for this product

Like the other WolVol toys (we bought the airplane too) it is delicate. With adult supervision, it can entertain a child/infant/toddler of any age. The fragile plastic will break in the hands of unsupervised children under the age of 6, is my estimate.

Great toddler gift

My 2 year old grandkids r going to love the noise, the lights, the colors. Great Christmas present. Could not find anything like it in town. Thanku!!!

Great toddler toy

The fire truck is a perfect size and is lightweight. Lights are bright and fun.

Excellent Gift for Toddler

My grandson loved it for his birthday!!!!

Five Stars

It is great toy for baby or toddler boys to play with and get them busy.

Happy toddler!

My grandbaby. Loves his truck!

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perfect size for a toddler

…It is very cute, perfect size for a toddler, and I love it can be carried around.…

Toddler car lover recommended product

My 3 year old son loves it. The cars are of Fair metal material not hard like hot wheels but not flimsy. I was scared for him to pick it up by the handle thinking the cover might open but nope it held shut so I'm happy about that.

Five Stars

my toddler loves this

A big hit!

This is a fun toy for a toddler who loves trucks and cars!…

Bummed it doesn't store other brand cars

It is the perfect size for my toddler to carry or roll around on the floor.…

Not for toddlers!

Adorablebut lethal for kids under 8

Be aware of small parts.

…Any toddler can put them in mouth.…

it was a great deal because you don't only get a huge toy ...

…The only disclaimer is that it comes with a few traffic signs toys and tiny traffic cones so I tossed them away...definitely not safe for a toddler. but despite that, it si perfect for little boys

See what customers said about toddlers

Good for toddlers

They are a fun time for younger kids.

Easy for a toddler to use

I gave this truck to my 2 year old grandson and he loved it, it was perfect for him he learned to use the remote control very fast, remote control is nice and simple for toddlers to learn how to use it.…

Perfect Gift for Toddler

These are great toys! My 18-month-olds could use the remote and see the car worked. The control is genius -- the cars can go forward and backward with a turn. The backwards/turning movement is perfect to get one of the cars unstuck. They also love the drivers.…

What's the size of the car?

About 6" great toddler toy!

What age range is this good for?

My 19 month old and my 3 1/2 year old both love these cars. Bought these "toddler" cars after my 3 year old broke a her regular RC car.

Toddlers can control it!

Tons of fun for young and old!

Great toddler toy

Very nice beginner remote toy. My 3 yr old grandson loves it!

Great toy for toddlers

Recipient, 4 year old grandson loved it

Great for your toddler!

I bought this for my 16 month old and he loves it! He can easily push the buttons and make it go. It goes forward straight and backwards to the right so steering is a bit unusual but he doesn't know the difference and just loves it. The little guy falls out easily so I just hot glued him in and it's perfect (otherwise we would probably lost him the first day) It's also louder than I would like but aren't most of kids toys.... We've had it over a month and after being dropped, kicked and tossed down the stairs every day it's still going strong on the first set of batteries.…

Fun for toddlers

Very cute. Gave to my grandson to help keep him entertained in the hospital. Made a hit!

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