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works great with my cannon and even my cell phone, we take it everywhere

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AmazonBasics Lightweight Mini Tripod

I used it several times for night shots; it is strong, I used my cannon D70 camera with no issues.

10 others also recommend for Cannon cameras

…Overall, it is what I expected it to be, a decent inexpensive camera tripod that does what I need it to.…

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Works great and looks awesome works great for video camera and my 35mm camera I love looks and works great

10 others also recommend for Cannon cameras

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light and not too troublesome to carry

it works great with my cannon camera

Five Stars

Fits amazing on my daughter Cannon camera

Five Stars

Great, works perfectly with my cannon 60 even if it has the 70-300 lens.

Does it hold a Cannon T3i?

Not sure how heavy is a Cannon T3, I’m using it to hold a LG projector and works fine

Would this work with a cannon 5ti

It would work but this is a very light duty tripod. I personally would go with a heavy duty one. You will definitely get camera shake and vibration with this one.

easy to use

i put my cannon canon g7x mark ii on this to film tutorials. works great. unbeatable price

Great Price for a Great Product

…I am still a newer camera user, on a budget, so this equipment was a no-brainer.…It will attach to my camera bag nicely. I own a Cannon Rebel T3i and it fit perfectly, I even tried to jostle the tripod stand (to see if my camera would fall) and it was very sturdy. Camera is very stable and it feels very safe on the stand.… Highly recommend to any novice camera user!

Camera tripod

Very nice tripod for the money. Stable, easy to adjust and use. Removable platform is a nice feature

will it fit my cannon vixia hf r700?

I do believe so. Most manufactures run the same tripod mount screw size, unless otherwise specified. I haven't seen any disclaimer from Canon for that camera so you should be good.

Will this work with a 1080p digital camera?

not reley sure what that is, it will work with sutch cameras as nikon d3400 with 18-55 kit lens down to say cannon eplh point and shoot style cameras , its a pretty light tripod . if you have eneything heavier you should get a more rugged tripod.

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good quality

works great with my cannon and even my cell phone, we take it everywhere

Great product and is very sturdy!!!

Nice little tripod Very sturdy and fits my cannon great.…

... look for one that was lightweight and yet still sturdy enough for a digital camera and

After lugging the heavy tripod thru my last trip I decided to look for one that was lightweight and yet still sturdy enough for a digital camera and, viola, here it is.…I use a GoPro mostly, but have also put on my Cannon camera and it handles both perfectly fine!

Will it support a cannon eos 4000D?

This is really small tripod, ideal for a web cam, like Logitech c920 but not DSLR

could this be used for a cannon elph 150?

most likely yes


Very light weight; easy to set up; excellent for my camera, Nicon Coolpix S9300 16.0 MP Digital Camera. It seems that the tripod would also work well with larger cameraS.

Just right for smaller cameras

This little tripod is perfect for my little camera.

Excellent tripod for lightweight camera.

I bought this item to use for macro closeup and it works just fine. I recommend it to anyone with such need.

Can this tripod fit cannon powershot

It should.. The tripod is light weight but stable... I use a Samsung DV50 and it works fine.

Does this tripod work for a digital camera?

Yes. Standard tripod mount, will work with any camera, not phone.

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Five Stars

works well with my G7X cannon camera

Five Stars

This is this best one for a cannon g7x.

Perfect mount for Mirrorless cameras.

I LOVE this mount! I was inspired after watching Casey Neistat's youtube channel. I chose this one to be a selfie stick as well as a tripod. It works great as a selfie stick (the bigger version is probably better as it's longer but this one works fine for my sony a6000).

will this fit any mirrorless camera, i have a Samsung nx300

It should fit any mirrorless camera (standard tripod screw), but it might struggle if you have a heavy lens. I have a Panasonic GX1. The biggest m43 lens I have is the 45mm macro, and that is OK with this tripod. The biggest lens I have is a Canon 200mm with an FD mount adapter. That lens sort of works on the tripod, but not very well. The thing that actually screws into the camera is a little plate that the tripod snaps on to. Depending on your camera this may need to be removed to get at the battery/sdcard. I can leave the plate on my GX1 all the time and access the battery/sdcard.

I want to use this with a canon xsi and t3i with the kit lens will this work?

Weigh the camera and everything attached to the camera. Under one kg? Good to go.

Great accessory to your camera bag

I own 3 of these. This is a great tool to have with you anytime you might need a tripod . I've wrapped it around tree branches,poles, chairs etc...

Great Tripod for my Camera

This camera tripod is very sturdy and well built.…I also really like that the camera can easily be removed from and reattached to the tripod with the secure clip.

My choice for a pocket camera.

Chose this over the smaller "original" size. Am glad I did. I have confidence that it will nicely support my Sony RX100 compact. The size is not an issue. Easily pocketable.

Can I put the 3k ballhead on this? and my main camera and lens weighs about 2.03lbs or 950g, will this hold that okay?

I'm not sure, I brought it for my Canon EOS M3 with 18 55 lens and it's perfect for that. I don't know if you can judge if it will be good for you off that but that's all I can tell you.

Hi there, i'm using fuji xt10 with 23mm, total 667gr. do you think hybrid is a right choise for me? thank you!

Should hold that camera fine

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I used it several times for night shots; it ...

I used it several times for night shots; it is strong, I used my cannon D70 camera with no issues.

Worth It For A Small Camera

I like it a lot

Hold my camera for a minute

I got this for my rising superstar daughter so she could make videos. Perfect size and a great price.

will this tripod hold my 2006 kodakZ650 digital camera?

Not familiar with your Kodak camera, but if less than the average DSLR should be no problem,

Would this hold a Sony a6000 mirrorless camera?

Unlikely. I can barely get it to hold up a small LED camera light.

Perfect for my camera!

Perfect for my SONY DSC WX150. if you have a larger camera and Tripod receptacle in your camera is not at the center of the camera body then you may need to check if the tripod may be able to balance your camera.…

Good For Small Cameras

Good little portable mini tripod for like an action camera or small point & shoot.

Great tripod for small cameras

I bought this for my Logitech HD C920 webcam and it gives me more flexibility on how I position my camera.

Will it hold my sony handycam (dcr-sx85)? My camera has the right screw-in part on the bottom, but is the tripod strong enough to support it?

More than likely that camera is pretty small it will hold my bug Nikon camera for a while before tipping.

do you need something to record with, or does the tripod record videos already and hold footage?

I use the tripod with my JVC camera. The tripod just holds the camera.

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Not bad at all. It is basic, but that's not a bad thing

…Overall, it is what I expected it to be, a decent inexpensive camera tripod that does what I need it to.…

Very good

…It will hold a normal camera and is not only for cell phones as one might think initially?

Strong Base, weak mount.

…The week spot is the part that holds the camera.…

can I take off the cell phone mount and connect my camera onto to it also?

Yes, it is the same as deluxe model only less cost and includes a cell phone mount. It has a 1/4-20 thread and a leveler bubble. I use mine to set up a projectile chronograph for ammunition velocity.

can I mount night vision gogles?

Not "goggles" per se since they go on your face. The military issue that mount on tac helmets may be adaptable with a different mount. To better answer the question. Look on the bottom of any real camera or other device that mounts to a tripod and you will see a hole with threads. If the mount or binoculars have a 1/4-20 thread hole then it can mount on this tripod. The cell phone mount that it comes with is removeable and the mounting stud (bolt) is left protruding up through the deck on the tripod.

Does this come with the cellphone mount?

Yes, it is visible in the stock photos. The mount is removable as well and there is also a leveling bubble. This is a really good tripod for the money or rather it is really low cost for what it does. Remember if you buy it that if you over tighten the locking screws it id likely they will break. I use mine for holding up an old school camera and a chronograph. Just snug them up...no cranking needed.

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3 legs

Works great and looks awesome works great for video camera and my 35mm camera I love looks and works great

Sturdy camera stand

This is sturdy, lightweight stand that I really like.


love this. matches my camera

Does this work with a cannon rebel eos t7i?

Yes,it suit for your camera

Work with Cannon m50 ?

Love it!

Inspired me to start making videos.

…I'll be using this with my camera and probably be encouraged to buy a newer and better camera for this tripod. Its nice with a level, cushion grips, extendable legs, and the mount that removes for easier convenience to mount your camera.…It's going to be great to use with my action camera too and with my new motor bike I built.

Best budget camera stand

Best budget camera stand (Tripod) In this price range.The build is metal yet feel light weight but also very sturdy.I just received mine today and so far loving it so much.


Fits great in my camera

Will this tripod work with my Nikon D5600 camera?

It works great with my Cannon Rebel. I'm not sure about the Nikon.

Does this tripod fit a sony cyber-shot dsc-h3?

I do not know for sure. I have a Cannon Rebel and it works great for that camera.

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Whether you’re an amateur, a professional photographer, or somewhere in between, the use of a tripod makes a big difference in your photographs. Used for both still and motion photography, they steady the camera to prevent camera movement and ensure images are sharp. They also support the camera so you don’t get tired, which is especially helpful when using long lenses.
The camera tripod, a three-legged stand used to mount devices for recording visual images, is a must-have for both novice and professional photographers. Since camera motion is any photographer’s enemy, the main purpose of the tripod is to hold the camera steady and eliminate vibration to boost the technical quality of images. While most tripods have a similar appearance, there are a bounty of brands, styles and variations to choose from.
Even the most experienced photographers have to worry about shots being ruined by shaky hands. That’s why most use a tripod, which can keep the camera steady or enable fluid motions depending on the model, whenever possible. These are some of the best we’ve found with integrated heads--which means you won’t have to purchase that critical part separately.