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String Swing Home & Studio Violin Hanger

I bought 5 and my violins look great and are secure. I should have bought more. Well worth the money spent

10 others also recommend for walls

Product as expected for violin use.

10 others also recommend for walls

Gets the job done and looks nice on my wall

6 others also recommend for walls

These guitar shaped guitar wall hangers are great... decorative and sturdy... ordered 2 sets and they're great...!!!!

9 others also recommend for walls

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Solid wall mount for tenor uke

Works great. Uke us safely held and it looks great.

Five Stars

Perfect for my walls to hang up our guitars.…

Great quality! Great price! Great buy!

…. $6 for 2 guitar wall mounts and 5 guitar picks?…

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Wall hangers

I bought 5 and my violins look great and are secure. I should have bought more. Well worth the money spent

looks good on the wall

Well made, looks good on the wall.

Five Stars

Looks great on my wall with my violin :)

we have earthquaes where i live, would this still hold it during the esrthquake?

Nobody could tell you, unless one had a chance to test it during an earthquake :) The wall screw size is ~№10-14, as I remember.

Will this hanger hold a 1/2 size violin properly?

Easily. I have 5 up on my wall holding 3 full size, a 3/4 and a 1/2 size violin. I just squeezed the 2 points together about 1/2 an inch smaller. Absolutely secure. Regards

just right

perfect fit. stays on the wall and holds the instrument perfectly. no complaints.…

useful with simple design

…very good design and clean look on the wall.

Five Stars

cool thing to have. makes my electric violin look like a showpiece on my wall for everyone to see

will this also hold a cello?

The unit is strong and can be mounted solidly to a wall or similar. The V-shaped neck is tapered so a full size violin sets right against the rear mount so I think it will hold a cello but check the difference in neck size to be sure. I hope this helps Natasha

I have a 27" viola...I noticed in the description it said it could hold up to 17" violas. Is it strong enough to hold my 27"? Thank you!

The one in the picture next to what you wrote looks like the one I bought to hang a violin. If it's a vertical hanger, then it's the same. I can't say for certain so far as weight, but if they claim their hangers can hold a viola, my experience is it will. The one I have that looks like the picture has sheet rock anchors. It's as strong as you can get without using a wall stud. If you can put your hanger up so the mounting screws go into a stud on purpose, then you won't have any issues with your instruments weight. Good Luck!

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Find the wall studs or not , still works good .,resd instructions.

Works great simple

A great violin hanger

…It is very easy to put up on the wall and is very sturdy.

Beautiful and functional

…They are so beautifully made that they are also decor items on the wall of our living room.

Does the hanger allow room for the shoulder rest to stay on the violin?

Yes, it does. The holder suspends the violin far enough from the wall that it hangs straight down even with the shoulder rest in place.

Do they work good on drywall?

Yes, I have three of these on my wall (drywall) to hold our violins and violas.

Good hangars

I like having my viola and violin out where I can just pick them off the wall and use them at whim.…

Sturdy and appealing

…They look nice on the wall and are very sturdy.…

Third one is a charm?

Third wall mount from String Swing - this one for a violin.…

Is it practical for a violin which is used daily? Easy to get instrument and bow on and off?

For me, this wall mount is hugely practical. It's much easier to jump quickly into a short practice without having to haul out the violin case. My teacher recommended it. Just mount it in a safe place. I suppose the only real concern might be exposing the violin to very dry conditions in the house. But that's fairly easy to monitor. L. Davis

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wall mount

Product as expected for violin use.

Keeps violin on wall

Seems sturdy and hasn't fallen yet.

Simple and looks great on the wall

Simple design and comes with everything you need. Looks great and plenty of protection for the violin.

I have a bonmusica shoulder rest will i be able to leave it on my violin with this wall mount?

There are 2 inches between the wall and the violin when using this wall mount hanger. You can do the math!!

Does anyone have any trouble with their cat wanting to mess with the violin when you're not looking?

I have cats that really like to mess with things and have a collection of guitars and other stringed instruments on my wall within their reach. The cats haven't messed with any of it.

Violin Wall Hanger, Good One!

…It is very well made and I found it very solid for its use (Violin Version, Wall Mount). When installed correctly in a wall's sheet rock, it will easily support the heaviest of Violins, and a Bow with ease! I have not installed it yet in a wood stud within a wall.…JUST REMEMBER if you are going to wall mount it on sheet rock only, to pre drill pilot holes for the sheet rock screw anchor, doing the extra step is assurance, it will be a clean proper install, and will look good!…

Five Stars

Has a nice look, easy to attach to the wall, and are sturdy.

Great way to display & play more often

…It holds both my violin and bow, which look beautiful on the wall. Being able to just grab it off the wall instead of unpacking it from a case, I practice more frequently now.

Very pleased

…Easy to hang, sturdy, and looks nice on the wall.

Very sturdy; easy to install; just as advertised

…Just having my violin on the wall near me always encourages me to practice.…It looks great, is easy to install, and holds a violin up on the wall with no problems.

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Gets the job done and looks nice on my wall

Five Stars

Absolutely perfect for hanging my Object d Art violin on the wall!

Five Stars

…They look so cute on the music room wall.

I already have a wooden piece for my wall. Does the hanger have an integral screw so I can screw it into my existing wood?

The hanger comes with two screws and pre-drilled holes, one at the top and one at the bottom and you can screw it into anything you'd like.

Great mount!

…Looks great on the wall.


Finally got the two antique violins out from under the bed and on the wall.…

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These guitar shaped guitar wall hangers are great... decorative and sturdy... ordered 2 sets and they're great...!!!!

Nice instrument mount!

These look great mounted on our wall and are very sturdy for my husband’s guitars and ukulele.


…We LOVE the convenience of having them on the wall.…

for heavier loads get better drywall anchors - that's just the way I do things...I am a tech

…I bought drywall hangers that spread out more behind the wall for a heavier bass - -nice design

Great Product!

…Looks great with my guitars on the wall.…

Great purchase

…They look good with two guitar hanging on my wall.

Great Wall display

We got this to hang our guitars and ukuleles on the wall in a music section of our house.…

Great hanger

…If your wall is drywall, try to find a stud to make the holes and use the screws and plastic thingy.…

Great hangers low quality hardware

These wall hangers look awesome and hold my guitars securely. But, beware of the cheap hardware and wall anchors included with the purchase. …So if you are prepared with your own quality wall anchors and screws and these will serve you great.

Top Rated in Acoustic Guitar Stands

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