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Worked well for my plants mixed with soil.

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General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Bloom, Micro Combo Fertilizer
$29.94 - $159.99

I am really happy with these Chemicals. My tomatoes are wonderful, I am starting strawberries right now. I would recommend.

10 others also recommend for plants

Loved it, killed a fungus gnat problem on some plants I had growing, would buy again if the need arises.

10 others also recommend for plants
Jobe's Organics Compost Starter, 4 lb

A must have for blueberry plants

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Garden Safe Rooting Hormone (93194), Case Pack of 1
Currently unavailable
10 others also recommend for plants

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Great for plants

Worked well for my plants mixed with soil.


Plants love it

Five Stars

My plant loves this

Upon ordering it gives the option for the size of your order. What can I expect to get for the .3 size that is listed around $20?

There was enough for my section of plants.

How often do you have to water the orchid with this medium? I recently switched and my orchid seems to be drying out. Flower bulb dried out.

We have raised orchids for years and had good success. Water the orchids once per week as a starting point. Flush water throughout the root system and do not get water in the crown (where the leaf grows off the plant).

Orchid mix planting

This is a great product for replanting orchids, since it is a composite of beneficial ingredients for orchids to keep them healthy.

Happy Orchids

My orchids and even air plants are so comfy, love this.

Appears to aid in growth and plant management.


excluding fertilizer, do you need to add anything else to repot an orchid, using this medium

Hi, I'm a newbie to growing orchards (I currently have 2, but my first one wasn't a success). My 2nd is now about to re-bloom! Yay! I find that the bark by itself is drying, so I did add some Sphagnum moss on top of the bark of my current orchid. But I don't think it's necessary to the plants success...hope this helps!

How do you water/feed the orchid with this potting mix? Do you still use ice cubes?

Hello, ice cubes are much too cold for any plant. I read online to soak the orchid pot 30 minutes for the mix to absorb the water. Orchids attach their roots to the mix as they grow. In nature bug waste is used as fertilizer by the orchids, I started using my fish tank water and my orchids are starting to bloom! I also have my orchid pots in a larger container with water, this helps the roots stay moist and grow toward the moisture. Best of luck!

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I am really happy with these Chemicals. My tomatoes are wonderful, I am starting strawberries right now. I would recommend.

food for plants

great product for the novice and pro i guess im not a pro thou easy to find not real exspensive i recomend using this product

Beautiful plants

Works great, definitely can tell the difference when you add these nutrients.

Is this the right fertilizer for indoor soil plants?

Hi Yes, this fertilizer is ideal for most if not all indoor plants plants. Regards, Peter Taraz Sales Manager

Can it be used on plants planted on dirt?

Oh yeah! That's what I use. You only have to use half of what they recommend. Mix it up in a gallon jug and then you can balance your ph level. Use it like water.

Plants like it

Versatile, easy to use, happy plants

SOIL and AEROPONICS - healthy plants!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this product and I've used them for aeroponics and SOIL as I have an above ground garden plus flowering plants along the wall on the north side; and herbs; and fruit trees. …Used in my vegetable garden; for flowering plants; gets rid of "yellowing"; keeps plants healthy; helping plants through the AZ winter and yes in my Aeroponics too.…

Plants grow like crazy.

Great nutrient package.

Can I use this for my miracle berry plant

Yes, I use it on alot of my plants. My strawberry plants really love it. They grow like crazy. Just a week before picking the fruit just use water to help flush out. It might change the flavors if you don't.

Can these of quart last till harvest for 4 plants of weed? And how much of each to put in?

Only 4? Yes! Follow the directions on the bottle carefully. And when the plants begin to mature make sure you PH balance and change nutrients weekly.

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Did what it was supposed to do

Loved it, killed a fungus gnat problem on some plants I had growing, would buy again if the need arises.

Non toxic way to kill insects in and around your home

Easy to use and effective for plant eating insects

Product works perfect for gnats in my plants!!

Works great!

how does this work on indoor plant gnats?

It works the same. I sprinkle a little on my plants about once a week to take care of the gnats.

Can i use this on my plants soil to get rid of the fungi gnats that lay their larve in the soil n destroy my seedlings?

I would water those plants with dish soap and water!! ( mix!) don’t worry suds won’t harm plant just the gnats-That will get rid of gnats!

Helped with fungus gnats on house plants.

This worked really well at curbing my house plants' fungus gnat problem.…

fantastic product

Product is keeping the bug population down around my plants, I couldn’t be happier with the ease of use and awesome results. I typically have an army of aphids among other pests attacking my plants, and since using this product I’ve had no issue with bugs eating my plants or otherwise harming their grow.

This product works

Use it on all my pets and plants and it works great have no problems with bugs or anything my plants and animals are beautiful

anyone use this for gardening? getting rid of bugs that feed on vegetable and fruit plants?

I haven’t used it for this purpose, but it is safe to use for gardening purposes. I’ve used it around the perimeter of the house outside. I use it inside as well. I use it on my pets, and in their food, also in their litter boxes for odor control. It’s safe for any purpose, only kills bugs.

When applying to plants in a garden, is it best to get the leaves wet before applying?

I just use the handy duster and apply to dry or dew covered leaves. I do not wet. This works well for me.

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a must have for blueberry plants

A must have for blueberry plants

Plants love it!

Plants love it, I also use it to help decompose compost

My plants are happy

Used this product this year and my plants are happy with it

Will this burn plant leaves

I did not observe any burning, of course, the quantity might matter. You don't need to use a lot. Does help the plants bloom with a lot of flowers.

Can you use this in with Calcium nitrate? I'm using it on tomato plants and pumpkins.

I don't see why not. Both are excellent products for growing tomato and pumpkins. Mixing the two products would only seem to enhance their usefulness symbiotically.

Works on our flowering plants.

I can't say I love it. I mean, who loves fertilizer? It does do the job on our roses and irises and amaryllis, and thats all I ask of it. We use it with timothy grass based rabbit pellets to keep 'em happy.


Plants love this stuff

Great for acid loving plants

I use this for my hydrangeas and gardenias. They seem to love it and are doing great. Makes soil acidic.

What Are The Benefits Of Using This Product?

stronger root formation and therefore plant growth for one. I use bone meal for planting and re-planting 100% of the time

How much to add to tomato in 18" container?

I just sprinkled a tablespoon on top and incorporated into the soil. I used blood meal too and my plants are really lush with a lot of tomatoes.

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Grow plants

Good stuff

Clone your plant.

Great for cloning the hardest, and most finicky cuttings. Just follow the instructions on the label. Great value. Great convenience. Amazon is awesome.

Cloning plants made easy

Love this stuff, it let's you take a fresh clipping and clone just about anything with leaves. I get great root growth within the first week. Remember to keep the clippings under light, warm to 70-80f, and the leaves misted 4 or more times a day and you should be fine. If your clipping is bigger than your finger, don't expect it to work.

Can this be used for indoor plant cuttings?

I use it for both indoor and outdoor plants

Will it boost the growth of a plant when sprinkled on the soil before you plant?

I believe this product works best when applied directly to an existing root of the plant or to the stem end of the plant you wish to take root & not to the soil itself. This is a good product & has always worked extremely well for me each & every time I've used it.

It works great.

I tend to kill plants and when I rooted some plant clippings, this stuff worked great. The new plants is flourishing and looks great.

Excellent Root Harmone

Root harmone is excellent for planting. Great for starting new plants.

Great for my plants

Love this, have used all my life and ordering is great, always know I will have it instead of running around town only to find sold out.

is this safe to use with edible plants and trees such as crab apples

I used it to transplant tomato plants. It worked well for the tomato plants and did not affect the tomatoes in any way. We did not have any problems with the tomatoes that came from the plants we used the Garden Safe Take Root Rooting powder.

Has anyone used this with succulent plants?

Thank you for your question. We can only advise that the product is best used to grow cuttings from your favorite plants, including African violets, roses, poinsettias, philodendrons, geraniums, coleus, woody ornamentals and most other popular home, garden and greenhouse varieties.

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