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Wow simply amazed at the reception we picked up over 40 channels are old antenna only picked up 26 so pleased and very easy to assemble

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TV Time

Works great, able to get station North and South of my location.

It free tv

Love it i

Free TV

Works great

Tube style tv?

This antenna works better with HD Tv.

I have 3 Tvs, this antenna support them?

Yes, we have a 4K tv, a 3D tv and an LED tv that our antenna supports with a very nice picture.

TV Antena

Works great. Picture quality is excellent. Was very easy to install

Over the Air TV is possible!

Works as expected! Works Great!!!

free tv

we are trying to cut back on unnecessary expenses such as cable, but are so far away from local stations, that when we saw it reached 150 miles we thought we would try. we were able to pick up 14 stations, all available local stations and a couple that we dont get with cable. very impressed with the ease of assembling and mounting, with just a little tweaking the pic can be adjusted by moving the antenna

how long is the wire for connecting tv #2?

That's up to you. You actually have to buy a splitter and extra coaxial cable. It only comes with one tv hookup. Hope this helps.

I have a 4k smart tv which outdoor digital antenna is best

We have a 3 tv it works very well. Worth the money.

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Best TV Antenna

This is simply the best TV Antenna.…

Great reception. Just wish the rotor had a remote control.

Very good reception even though I have obstacles between my location and the tv towers.…

Great antenna for the whole house

…I recently cut the cord and I attached the feed to the channel splitter and it works great for all the TVs in the house. Way better than a per tv antenna.

Does it works outside United States ?

Sure,this 150 mile outdoor tv antenna can work

Best decision.. no need for other hook ups

Just what I ordered, installed & our seasonal tv working just fine.

Has everything u need

By far the best money I’ve spent on tv in years works amazing

pick up good

I pick up TV and radio station will good it do a very good pick up to be so small.

Works Very Well on an HD TV

…Or use it by itself if you don't care about cable-based stations...works very well on an HD TV!

watching tv now

good product picks up all local channels found a common place to point it scanned and got 51 channels

Great picture, Must be powered to receive signals

…You have to know how to use your tv's remote in order to get everything to work!

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Swell Antenna

This TV antenna is SWELL!!…

East To Install and looks Great too!

As a former TV technician and antenna installer I can honestly say that this outdoor digital antenna is the easiest one I've ever installed.…

Great reception in urban area from transmitter 20 miles away.

…Built in preamp feeds about 50 feet of coax to serve 2 TV sets in my house.…

I do not have a smart tv, but mine are connected to wi-fi. Will this work?

Yes, it just plugs into the RF connector on the back and program the TV to antenna.

How can I speak with the technical suport for manufacturer/seller for purcase guidance; which antenna best for my area?

Unless your TV stations are local to your area, go with the one that provides the best range for the buck.

very good product

For receiving digital TV signals

Free TV is great

Main TV source throughout house

Free TV

I installed it on the old tv tower pole.…


I have s screened in area behind my garage with a TV.…

Very simple to install and use

Used for home tv during time of satellite or cable outage.

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TV antenna

Works very well .

Free tv

Works well

Free TV

Easy to install and I get 23 local channels.

Will a splitter work for a 3rd TV?

Yes. I have a splitter running to a 3rd TV and it doesn't interfere with the reception at all.

can it be used with a splitter for second tv

Yes, the antenna can be used on 2 TVs, not need a splitter, hope this help.

TV antenna

It work well came in right on time great item

Free TV

So easy to assemble and I get many channels.

True HD TV

this is a good product it picks up a lot of channels and they come in clear. thank you

2 tv's connected and powered on, works fine. Turn off main tv with controller and the 2nd tv will not receive signal. Is this normal?

As long as my antenna receiver box is on, either TV will work.

How does it attach to the second tv is it hdmi?

It has a 2' +/- coax attached that says 2nd TV, and a connection for you to run you own coax to primary TV. Me personally I screwed Short coax into primary tv so little box that connects remote to antenna for rotation in in front of me.

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No cost tv

Easy.great picture

Free tv couldn’t be better!

This long range antenna does the trick. It is easy to assemble. Only difficulty is getting It on the roof. I’m at 215 channels now!

Awesome HDTV Antenna Amplified Digital Outdoor TV Antenna

I have been looking for an antenna to get local TV channels and this one does the job! …I would recommend this HDTV Antenna Amplified Digital Outdoor TV Antenna to anyone looking for an antenna

Can I watch different channels off the one antenna on two different TVs at once?

Yes, outdoor tv antenna can connect two TVs at the same time, of course you can watch different channels.

do you need to purchase any other equipment for one TV?

No. I did purchase a Parts Express Cable TV in-Line Coaxial surge protector. It cost $6.99. I really think this is a great product. We pick up 38 channels.

TV Antenna

Received this antenna yesterday. We were both very skeptical regarding this antenna but were very amazed for the size and price how well it worked. We went from receiving 8 stations to a total of 18. Certainly far more stations then what we had expected from the product. We live in an apartment facing anther apartment.…

Very Powerful Antenna!

…I get 59 channels, and I'm in the country, Didn't know there were so many TV stations LOL, Got this to replace my $150 antenna, which only got 39 channels, but not the channel I was looking for, This antenna is great, Hope it last a long time


works great on 2 tvs, stood up to 50 mph winds on our roof get about 30 channels

By using a splitter, can I watch 3 different channels on multiple channels?

Yes,you can watch different channels on multiple TVs with this 4K outdoor tv antenna

Where is the surge protection from lightning strikes?

I hooked it to my existing tv distribution box

See what customers said about TVs

TV for free and so easy

Wow simply amazed at the reception we picked up over 40 channels are old antenna only picked up 26 so pleased and very easy to assemble

Excellent costumer service

Good antenna for TV reception

Problem with digitizing tv? Fade in or out? weak signal?

THIS was the problem solver!! Not only easy to snap together,and install, but OH MY! The pictures come in like cable quality! I am 75 miles from the metropolitan areas,and the terrain meant a tall (30') pole, but when I turned it on, it was like I was in town! And, scanning other directions brought in other stations,too!…

will my diect tv coaxial cable work ?

Yes but only from cable box to Tv, the 40 ft that comes with antenna must be used from antenna to control box to facilitate power for the rotary motor as well as tv signal

What type of wiring goes from control box to second TV, and what is max allowed lengrh for that run?

Not sure I ran it to my cable connection out side the house all my TVs work great I live on a lake down in a holler

Awesome tv antenna

Was easy to assemble and install

Much better tv reception

We cut the cord to cable due to the rapid escalations of their rates. Ordered this antenna so that we could get better reception of the over the air channels. We had trouble at first getting the antenna to work, but the people at ping.bing.ding were so helpful and patient. And, once we got it working we got fabulous reception on over the air programs.


This good TV antenna I got 39 channels with it we put it at main top of our roof on the house we still moving it around see what best spot to leve it at where every we turn this Tv antenna We still get TV Channels in any direction I may add a taller poll see what it can do still testing it out Great product

How many tv can you connect to?

As many as you want to. You will have to run the cable underneath your home and attach.

What is the TV antenna in wooded hilly area 125 miles from stations?

Probably can't help much, but if you put the antenna outside about 8 feet or more up in the air (or even in your attic or on top of your house) you should get several CLEAR channels. We are about FIFTY miles away from the nearest tower and get great reception.

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