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Apple Wireless Keyboard with Bluetooth - Silver (Renewed)
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…It paired super easy with my Mac and my iPad and works great.

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Perfect for everyday productivity, and if you add the trackpad and Bestand tray, it can be used as its own mouse pad. Typing and pointing takes no effort at all. I didn't realize that the entire length of the mouse it touch sensitive, which makes long-distance scrolling easier.

10 others also recommend for Macs

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Perfect Addition

Perfect addition to my Mac keyboard

Nice 10-key

…It was very easy to connect via bluetooth with my mac and it works great!…

Great buy

Bought this for my Mac to help with number input, obviously, since I hate using the row of numbers at the top.…Very responsive and no problem connecting it to my Mac at all.…

this only works with mac? or can i use this for my samsung book?

Works with any PC. We use it with windows PC. If your device has Bluetooth it will connect.

Does this work with an IMac?

I use mine on a Mac Book Air. Works perfectly and easy to pair with Bluetooth.

Great Value, Holds a Charge, Stays Out of the Way

This is one of the few items I've ever found that works reliably with Mac Bluetooth. It does an auto shut-off if you haven't used it in a bit, but it alerts you on the Mac's screen that it's turning off.

Works well with my Mac

It connects and disconnects to the computer which is a little annoying. Other than that it works perfectly for what I need.

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Good wireless keyboard

Good wireless keyboard for Mac


This is s great keyboard for my Mac

Ease of use

Works very well with my MAC Book Pro.

Please tell me this keyboard has tilt capability? Apple Mac price tag should warrant a keyboard with "legs" and numeric pad!

The MacCally keyboard sits about a 16th" lower than the Apple magic keyboard and mimics the apple keyboard as far as contour goes. When I bought the first Mac a few years back, I resisted the flat keyboard to, but in a short period of time, I became used to it. Now if I have to use another keyboard and it kicked up, I don't like it all. It puts more pressure on my wrists & fingers. I want to add another note, I've had this keyboard over a week maybe two weeks at this time and the battery has not died. I wish there was an indicator level on it but the Apple keyboard doesn't have one either.

Can I use it with apple mouse pad?

I am not sure I understand your question but a mouse is a separate device so the better question is if your mouse is compatible with your Mac. Keyboard works brilliantly with Mac OS.

Easy to connect! Great size!

Easy to connect to my Mac.…

Perfect for MAC

This keyboard is PERFECT for Mac!…

Awesome Keyboard

i love this keyboard, purchased it for my home office to work with my Mac.

Does this work with the new iPad Pro 2018?

I don't know, I just know it works with my 2009 Mac Mini.

Does the cut, copy, paste shortcut keys work on Windows?

Yes they do, At least on my Windows 10 PC and Windows 10 for Mac & iPad Air 2, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 & iMac 27 all tested

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Great but!

Great buy if you’re a mac fan!

Five Stars


Thanks for the great delivery. My husband loves this keyboard that accompanies ...

…My husband loves this keyboard that accompanies his mac

Hi. does this work with mac laptops that have usb-c connections?

I use it with my Mac laptop and it works great via BT.

will this work with mac 10.7.5?

Yes. It’ll work with all Bluetooth enabled macOS and iOS devices.

so great!

love all the mac keys & how it connects via bluetooth.

... works very well on my Mac Pro and so easy to set up

This works very well on my Mac Pro and so easy to set up.

Mac keyboard a bit pricy but very nice

Very nice keyboard grows on u associates with blue tooth rapidly I like the tactile feeling not sure about the flat angle yet

Some people say that it does work with windows, i have a macbook pro running windows 10, i want to know if it does work with my mac running windows 10

Yes, it works perfectly in a Mac running Windows

I have an imac os catalina version 10.15.2 just connect on bluetooth? will it work correctly on my version of mac?

Yes, I it will work.

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A great little keyboard even for traveling since it pairs with iPads too

…It paired super easy with my Mac and my iPad and works great.

Good deal

Easy to connect to my Mac.…

Five Stars

…Would highly recommend especially to pair it with your Mac Mini.

Will this work with an apple ¡mac mc309ll/a desktop (old version)?

If it has bluetooth, which I believe it does, then yes.

Will the wireless keyboard work to type in my MacBook password to unlock it after it has been restarted?

Yes it will, I use it with my own MacBook and it works without any problems. The apple mouse will also work to wake up your mac.

Can't beat the price

Have only used a few times so far but looks and feels brand new, paired right away with my mac mini.…

So far so good...

…If you're looking for a replacement Bluetooth keyboard for your iMac, Mac Mini or other Mac, I highly recommend this refurbished keyboard over some of the other cheap options.

Works great!

…I love that it's lightweight, wireless, and has the same keys as my mac keyboard.…

Will this work with apple tv gen 3?

I'm using it with both my Mac Minis (new and old) and it works. I got two of them and they work great. I would check with the manuel for pieces of equipment for compatibility. Hope this helps.

compatible with hp?

Don't know but possibly. It's just a straight-up Bluetooth connection. Try the Mac User Groups. Terrific keyboard. I have two of them. One more thing: The "Apple Keyboard" has some specialty keys just like a PC keyboard does. They are "fn", "control", "option (alt)", and "command" keys. It does not have a traditional PC "Backspace" key but you can do the same function by holding the "fn" key and taping the "delete" key. The Apple specialty keys may be equivalents to PC specialty keys but I don't know that for sure one way or the other. Regardless, your HP would need Bluetooth capability to make it work in the first place. If you find an answer, please post back here so we all will know. Good luck!


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Makes Using a Mac a Whole New Experience

Perfect for everyday productivity, and if you add the trackpad and Bestand tray, it can be used as its own mouse pad. Typing and pointing takes no effort at all. I didn't realize that the entire length of the mouse it touch sensitive, which makes long-distance scrolling easier.

Perfect purchase

Works perfectly with my mac and laptop.…

Works perfectly and would buy it again.

This wireless mouse and keyboard is working perfectly with my Mac book pro.…

Can I connect these to a bluetooth dongle?

They connect to ur Mac via Bluetooth

Excellent Wireless Keyboard and Mouse!!!!!

…It is smaller than the original keyboard that came with my Older Mac Desktop but i love the way it is easier to move my fingers around the keyboard because of its size.…

Look nice but functionally pretty bad

…Only advantage is it's aesthetically pleasing for it to match my aluminum cheese grater mac pro.…

Great for Apple Cord Cutters.

Just remember to plug them in to USB to pair them to your Mac, or when their batteries get low. …I'm able to use HDMI from my Mac to TV and utilize the comfort of my living room couch for computing and to share content.

The charge on this keyboard and mouse lasts FOREVER.

I actually bought this keyboard to hook up as a satellite keyboard for my pc and mac laptop (both work machines).…

good performance hardware, elegant design.

nice design, light weight but do not feel cheaply made. good performance hardware to pair with a power machine. using this with an apple bluetooth touchpad on a mac pro (full tower) only downside is this does not have a dedicated numeric keypad.…

I got this for work and i am very happy with it so far

…I had purchased the earlier version of this from apple that takes double A batteries but i was not happy with replacing the batteries all the time and it often had problems connecting to my mac.…

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This Mac Pro rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard works great

This Mac pro rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard works great.…

Great Keyboard for Mac books and iMacs

This may be the best rechargeable keyboard for Macs and iMacs.…This is a perfect keyboard for Macs I use it for development/ office use and it’s perfect!!

Nice keyboard

…I like that it is a Mac keyboard so all the shortcuts I normally use are where I expect them to be.

I know it's a mac keyboard, but does it work with windows or ios at all?

This keyboard works with my Mac iPad and also with my Dell Inspiron PC!

Great condensed keyboard to save space, especially for the price.

…Very easy to connect to my mac.

Amazing battery life and connectivity!

…It has an amazing battery life and the keys are the same as on the Mac keyboard which helps a lot.…

Nice bluetooth keyboard

…This is a good bluetooth keyboard that works well with Macs, but was also able to connect to my HP laptop.…

Perfect keyboard

This is exactly what you’d expect, a compact wireless keyboard that is designed for your Mac.…

Perfect for mac peripherals

Perfect if you use a mac and need a mac/keybaord for when your laptop lid is closed and you're using a mouse/monitor set up.…

Good Keyboard But I miss the lighted keys

…I dont look at the keys often when I type but when I do need to look at the keyboard the keys are really dark compared to my Mac Laptop keyboard.…

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