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Jumper cables are like an insurance that you hope you never have to use but are sure glad you have it when you need it. It is always important to have safe and reliable jumper cables in your vehicle, because you never know when your car battery may fail you. Here are our top picks for starter cables, to help give your car a boost and get you back home safely in case of battery breakdown.
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“These dependable and well-made cables work perfectly on a variety of vehicles including cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans, and SUVs.”
EPAuto 4 Gauge x 20 Ft 500A Heavy Duty Booster Jumper Cables with Travel Bag and Safety Gloves (4 AWG x 20 Feet)
Energizer Jumper Cables, 20 Feet, 2 Gauge, 800A, Heavy Duty Booster Jump Start Cable - 20 Ft Allows You to Boost a Dead Battery from Behind a Vehicle


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A dead car battery is a common problem. Like a flat tire, however, it’s a repair you can address yourself. Having a set of high-quality car jumper cables can get you back on the road quickly. This jumper cable guide will help you learn more about jumper cables and will point you in the right direction for purchasing your own set.
Vehicle emergencies come in all shapes and sizes, and they usually occur at the worst possible time. You can try to avoid them by keeping your vehicle in prime working condition. You can drive carefully. But you can’t be certain you won’t have a flat tire. Your best option is to prepare yourself as much as possible for emergencies. Carry a spare tire, flashlight, water, and blanket. And to prepare for one of the most common problems people encounter on the road – a dead battery – always carry a set of jumper cables. If you’re ready to buy a set of jumper cables, check out our five recommendations. For more information about jumper cables and what to look for, please read our shopping guide.
Never get stranded with a dead battery again, or be the good Samaritan for someone else, with a set of these high-quality jumper cables. Our selections for this category include budget models for occasional emergency use on small vehicles, and heavy-duty ones capable of the most demanding applications, such as regularly jumping farm equipment or boosting big rig trucks.
Owning a set of jumper cables is almost a necessity for every vehicle owner. It’s an important component to a car emergency kit as you’ll never know when you can get stuck with a dead battery. Having quick and easy access to a reliable set of jumper cables could save you or someone else from being stranded for hours.

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