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Reviewed in the United States on November 7, 2015
This review is based on illustrations I use this paper for. Bear that in mind.
The paper is pretty pricey, but then again you're getting a full ream of 250 pages. So you won't need to source this for a while unless you're in the habit of tossing paper away on mistakes or what have you.

The paper is akin to smooth bristol from cannon or strathmore. It's slick, with a minimal amount of shine to it.
It takes pretty much any type of ink very well, and dries quickly without the need for a fan, like thicker watercolor papers sometimes need. (I'm also left handed so I tend to smear if the ink stays wet for more than a minute or two.)

I use a varying array of pens, sigma microns, Kuretake brush pens, etc etc, sometimes straight india ink and brush. The paper handles all of it very well. I can then pull out alcohol markers and get to work, and not worry about smeared lines. With bristol I usually have to heat gun/ fan the paper or wait for it to dry.

So if you're an artist that uses art markers, I totally recommend this paper, it takes marker very well.

It can have a tendency to feather ink or marker if you're really soaking the paper, also of note.
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