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Reviewed in the United States on August 27, 2020
To be honest, the word "exercises" threw me off in this title. I always dread those books who have "things to do" at the end of the chapter, and then I feel guilty if I don't do them. Fortunately, there were none of those in Practicing. It is a more tightly edited version of The Power of Now. I would suggest this book for people who have read the original book, perhaps multiple times, and want a more condensed version of that book to use daily for meditative reading. This is also ideal for anyone who couldn't get though The Power of Now because they found it too repetitive or wordy. I'm a huge fan of the original book, and reread it regularly. It packs an energy that this version can't capture. However, I find Practicing to be a more concise, well-edited version that retains many of the core principles of The Power of Now. Highly recommended.
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