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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 4, 2011
Hot Gate: I always kind of resent the full blown review of plots and such. That is not a review. So I will give what I think a review is: The book is well written. If your a follower of Mr. Ringo writings then you know there is a balance betweew,"action and character," and it is in this book. The characters become more fleshed out as they mature in explanation from the author of background, movition, and plans of future developments., This is from all the character perspective, of course. As with any series, the characters and plot are evolving.

There are some plot twists. As we come to expect from the author, there will be battles. They are balanced now between the various sides. As they should be. Everyone does learn from the past.

There and interesting social/political aspect of the book I enjoyed.

So I give the book a five star. Is a stand alone.. well, perhaps, but I do not think so to many. It is number 3 in a series. I love this guy and read it in a day. It is not quick read, it is just I had a ton of time.

so, my advice, go back read the first two. perhaps they fall under by three and get forth one free offer, you have to check each book to see if it qualifies. if so, look into some of Mr. Ringo's books to complete the order.

As always, donate used books to your local library. Share your gift of a book, so others may enjoy the fun of reading


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