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Reviewed in the United States on August 29, 2020
I love reading retold fairytale anthologies because I always find new amazing favourite authors. Once Upon series has been a delight and the Quest book in particular. Annie Bellet’s West of the Moon was a magical tale of sibling love with magical language. I loved Evelyn Snow’s Snow White rendition (yes, funny that), but sadly, I couldn’t later find her Castle Manhattan series to find out how the story continues (hopefully the books will be out soon). Anthea Sharp is always a delight and didn’t disappoint with her Mistress Bootsi, a tale told as a bedtime story to the kid of the miller’s daughter. I love Phaedra Weldon and her Snow Queen was certainly original with Kai as a girl demon. Alethea Kontis’ Goblin Treasure was a treat and I can’t wait to read on about Kira’s adventures and hopefully love story, not just questing. Alexia Purdy’s Oz retelling was unique with the tin man being in love with...oh, read it yourself, will ya. You’ll also find awesome lesser known tales like Rachel Morgan’s version of the King Midas myth and Julie Crane’s arthurian chalice of life myth. I particularly enjoyed the Irish version of the Little Red Riding Hood aka Bane and Balm by Jenna Johnson and TammLin’s and roman slavegirl’s love story by C.Gockel. Totally recommend for lovers of quirky retold fairytales, especially the lesser known ones and especially if you love questing where girls save boys.
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4.4 out of 5
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