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Reviewed in the United States on March 12, 2013
I used to be into Magic the Gathering (MTG) when I was in high-school, and I had a couple of these that have "(C) 2008" on the bottom, the plastic was thick and very durable.

I ordered a couple of these when I decided to get back into MTG for the new decks I was building and the quality of the material has gone WAY downhill, these are flimsy, and not as textured as the ones I've had for 5 years. They are by no means a bad investment for short term storage and travel, but It was just such a noticeable difference, I couldn't help but to take away a star.

Other than that though, these hold sleeved (Ultra-Pro and Dragon Shield) cards beautify and there is little-to-no room left with a full 60 card deck. The white marker-friendly patch on the top of the box is great if you have a few decks that you travel with. so you're not shuffling through cards looking for the correct deck.
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