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Reviewed in the United States on July 29, 2020
I use these scissors at work to trim elastic bands that have burn marks for N95 masks made in the USA. The owners of the company bought a bunch of aluminum scissors with titanium coating. Within a week or two these scissor wear out and are almost useless which makes for a frustrating situation since the owner wants a lot of these masks made. I got tired of these ineffective scissors and am so happy with these new steel scissors which are a little harder to navigate since they are slightly thicker but are badazz sturdy and hold up and cut through the elastic like butter.

Update: Had these scissors a month now and no degradation of quality and they are now not so stiff, should I say broken in. I bought some for my co-worker friends and we all enjoy them and guard them from getting them stolen by others with our lives...haha. Excellent bargain, buy.
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