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Reviewed in the United States on July 21, 2021
John Legg – Colorado Territory Bk 3 – Colorado Renegade – Reviewed 7/21/21 – Read 7/11-12/21

Elias Prosper, a bounty hunter was heading north on the trail of an owlhoot that he had the paper on, he heard the sound of something. Riding a little further he heard it again, dang if that ain’t a babe. Well, he thought if that’s a baby then there will be a mother, and there will be others, most likely Indians! Continuing on towards a small lake, he realized he still heard the babe, but there was no one around. He dismounted and headed for the sound, finally, he saw the basket caught in the reeds in the water.

Well dang, the thought struck him as to what he was going to do with a baby? After a brief check, he found he held a little boy. With no other options around he mounted up and circled the lake and still headed north. The baby’s fussing started getting a little louder till it finally got the best of him. He dug around in his saddlebag and found his sugar. Putting a little on his finger he stuck it in the babe’s mouth. Ah, finally peace and quiet! A few miles around the lake he came upon what had been a small village, what he figured must be Utes. This must have been where the babes’ parents were.

He gave a little thought to what he could call the babe and finally decided to name him Solo, because of him being all alone. After a couple of nights on the trail, Prosper was running out of things to feed the babe, it’s not like he could find a cow around for milk. Shortly before noon on the third day, he saw signs of another village and this one had people in it. Then two warriors appeared waiting for him, when he got close, they asked what he wanted. He told them about the babe and that he figures he belonged to them. After a little palavering, one took off for the village. To make a long story short, they did not want Solo as they thought he was bad medicine or some such crap. He finally bullied the Chief into giving him a woman and supplies in the agreement that he would take the babe and leave. The only thought Prosper had in his mind was he had the woman, food for all of them, but where in Sam Hill would he find someone to give Solo a home???

Join Elias Prosper and Solo in the search for a home for Solo and how he would affect Elias in the future…

What did I like? This was such a wonderful read, so touching in the way that a hard man like this bounty hunter felt for this small babe. Then what he did to secure a loving home for him. Most westerns are filled with owlhoots, crime, and numerous shootouts. In other words, a ton of rip-roaring action. There are rarely any that include the softness that one tough hard bounty hunter can feel for children, or anyone filled with internal pain, and how he could not walk away from someone that helpless. He still goes on working at his profession, catching, and turning in the outlaws, but that soft touch stays there in his heart.

What will you like? Oh, not to say that there is no action, there most certainly is! I mean what western book does not have shootouts, owlhoots, bank robbers, and all of those action-filled activities. But definitely throw in a little love and romance for a man that needs to look forward in time for his future too. John fills our mind’s eye with his graphic descriptions and places us right in the middle of the action with his accurate details. Don’t miss this touching but action-filled read in the Colorado Territory series, “Colorado Renegade” is available today, July 21, 2021.

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• Publication Date: 7/21/2021
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