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Reviewed in the United States on March 31, 2020
I. Did. Not. Want. It. To. Ever. End.

I actually stopped reading a quarter of the way in and cried to my mom and to my husband because of how my heart won't be able to take it ending. I have fallen, head over heels, for each and every character in this book. When it started, I thought "oh basically a typical Bully Romance (which I adore, ragardless)" but BOYYYY WAS I WRONG.

When the tide turns, and Avery and Lips become best friends, it made my heart the happiest it's ever been. Fixing crowns all of 2020, instead of breaking them. I love it, I couldn't get enough. Their relationship probably excited me the most out of all of the,, even all of Starbright's guys. Though, let me tell you. WHOOOo I've never seen/imagined/loved/read about such sexy men. All of them. For their own reasons, in their own ways of course, but I ADORE THEM ALL. EVEN ILLI. Ugh Illi. I cannot wait for his book and I thank the gods every day that J Bree is giving us more of this world. I really was not ready to say goodbye.

The blood diamonds for favors thing, I couldn't get over how BA that whole thing is. This world is uniquely it's own, there will never be anything that compares to this ever ever ever. And I love that fact, that it shocked me it the directions it went. Also how dark it got, with the parents, and Joey, and Joey senior. The things that go down, make me sick to my stomach. But the descriptions, and emotion J Bree wrenches out of you, is just. Ugh, chills.

How much Lips has grown since book one is unbelievable. And you can see throughout, how Ash, Blaise, Harley, Avery, Illi, Doc, how they all heal her. You can see them holding her together and stitching her back up again. The character growth with them ALL, is so admirable and so real and relateable.

JFC, I can go on and on y'all, really. Can't you tell? I'm effing gushing over here.
Anyways, an all time favorite series. If my review doesn't do it, go look at all the others.

J Bree is a mad, evil, perfect, amazing genius, her pen and words her weapon to my heart. I'll never get over these books. I'll always reread them. I'll always reread anything J Bree writes.
Deserves a f ton more than 5 stars, more like a million and a half. But 5 if all I can give.
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