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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 27, 2021
I saw a new book to be released in November by Ilona Andrews and of course I purchased without bothering to read anything about it. After all, Fated Blades is catchy, sounds dangerous and full of fun. Later I realized that it was from a series that I hadn't read before. My adventure with Ilona Andrews started with Kate Daniels.

I enjoyed the Kinsmen Universe, even as short stories, there was depth and decent plots. My least favorite was A Mere Formality although I did enjoy it. Silent Blade and Silver Shark gives a wonderful idea of this different world of the Kinsmen. I like how the characters from the first book appear in book 2 giving a glimpse of what happened to them.

The books are well written, I enjoyed the characters and the world building I think that Silver Shark is the best at describing the world of the Kinsmen and hence my favorite. I am definitely looking forward to Fated Blades.
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