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Reviewed in the United States on April 16, 2019
Dewey is John McClain, James Bond, Superman, Thor, "Angry Batman", and Aquaman all in one. I have read every novel written by Mr. Coes because I like the intriguing premises, but I found that you must suspend reality more and more with each book. This short novel is a disaster with bigger holes and leaps of faith bigger than what is usual in most of his novels. A good way to make some easy extra cash, but it lacks substance and the plot is thin, very thin and hard to believe. From the planning of the kidnapping (apparently they can foretell that the VP's kid is going to ditch the secret service and go to Mexico with enough time to plan the operation), to the skilled flying of the plane by someone who is not a pilot (must have done a lot of Microsoft Flight Simulator), to jumping into the ocean from the same plane, and on and on it goes. Bad, very Bad. I sure hope his next novel is a lot better than this thing.
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