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Reviewed in the United States on April 1, 2021
This book is full of practice questions to get ready for the Java 11 cert test. All the chapters have questions that look like they could be on the exam. They even tell you how many answers are correct like the exam does. And the questions are fun to read.

I noticed a bunch of errors on the online questions that were correct in the book. That seemed strange so I asked the publisher. They said an earlier version of the book was used when creating the online questions and they are working on getting it fixed. Funny that the printed book is the correct one.

I'm glad I saw the complete study guide first as this book assumes you know the material. I was confused for a minute because the complete study guide is for the 815 and 816 exams while this is for the 819. Then I remembered that Oracle merged and renamed the exam!

This book comes great second and I definitely recommend it.
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