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Reviewed in the United States on April 29, 2019
Purchased three sets, each of three sizes, (nine pieces total) in early 2019. Last week was the first time used Coolife blue set and the top of the large case split about 1.5-2" in the area of the extendable handle. Case was only carrying about 40 pounds of clothes. Now I see that we are past the time to return the defective luggage. I use one of the other sets for extensive business travel and I'm now thinking this was a bad $450 decision. Luggage rolls well but a "first time use" split of the case is not a good indication of durability. More critically is the return policy. Apparently, after 30 days it is your problem.

UPDATE - The company contacted me within 24 hours and showed real concern for the problem - and they replaced the case that developed the crack. This year, we have purchased three sets of the luggage - each with three pieces - and all other cases have held up very well. Very happy with the company and the resolution.
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